Why Did Alycia Do That?

Yesterday, Alycia did something that’s unimaginable and absolutely gross. After she had finished her milk before her afternoon nap, she went to drink water from her cup. She then picked her nose, dug out some ‘gold’ and flicked it into Sherilyn’s cup of water. I did not see her doing that but after her mischievous act, she ran to me feeling guilty yet thinks it’s funny and said “mummy, I put my nose poop into Kay Yi’s water”. I was fuming mad and asked why she did that. She just giggled and brushed the incident aside and took it with a pinch of salt. This is not the fist time she had done something so mischievous. She had previously done something similar like putting her ‘gold nugget’ into her her sister’s mouth. I just don’t understand why she had done something so gross and naughty as she absolutely knows that it is not right to do.

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12 thoughts on “Why Did Alycia Do That?

  1. She’s just being a child and it’s not guilt that prompted her to tell u – it’s curiosity. She wants to see what you’re going to say. I’d say gently but firmly tell her what will happen if her sister eats boogers. I’d then dig a piece of my booger out and ask if she’d want to try it. Must be very serious. The hard part – and u know it – is to make it very serious but not scold her. hehe.

  2. adoi..what a genius. shern’s cousin, marcus used to dig it and eat it. what makes them little kids think its a kinda ‘food’? eeeww..

  3. Hi, first time dropping by.

    Kids sometimes want to attract attention, so I think that explain why Alycia choose to tell you every time she did something mischievous….

    Anyway, It’s kind of normal, don’t take it too seriously.

  4. ya quite gross but dun worry she’s a girl surely will grow out of it!

    quite normal to be curious of all your bodily “outputs”

  5. this is not the first time i hear “booger” stories, i guess it’s kinda normal…i know it’s gross…eewwwwww, maybe next time she won’t do it again coz you already scolded her.

  6. muahahaaa…it’s funny reading it but I understand how you must have felt. I like Jenn’s advice ;D

  7. Guess it’s not gross to them… yet. Some things that we regard as “common sense” need to be taught to kids. The world through their eyes are really different from ours. I’ve even heard of children playing with their poop.

  8. Oh yes, i think to them, it is fun and not gross. My dear grace also love to dig her gold and when i told her not to, she will said “itch itch, mommy” 🙂

  9. Sometimes.. i noticed.. chloe does things.. because she thinks it makes us laugh.. or she wants attention..!

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