Would You Go Under The Knife Just To Look Beautiful?

Would you ever consider going for a liposuction so that you can have a tummy and figure that you’ve always dreamed of? I won’t say no to it coz I am quite a vain pot and I am willing to try anything that is proven safe. Take for example the varicose veins on my legs. Both my legs are ‘infested’ with ugly bulging varicose veins as a result of my pregnancy. Though I am now wearing a pair of special tight stockings to alleviate the symptoms, I don’t really see any improvement. My legs look so horrible that I am really contemplating going under the knife to remove those varicose veins next year.

Coming back to the topic of liposuction. According to the US News and World Report / Premium Health News, liposuction has a proven track record, so most experts think liposuction for now, is the better option. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction is the third most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the US after breast implants and nose jobs. Have you watched the episodes of Kate And Jon Plus Eight on Astro’s Home & Health? It’s about the life of a couple with 8 kids. The woman gave birth to twins the first time and the second time, she gave birth to sextuplets. She’s a very attractive woman but after the birth of her 8 babies, her tummy was unbelievably flabby. She then went for a liposuction and a couple of weeks later, she was up and running and looking flab-u-less again.

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