Yucky Bath Time

This is the pail of brown herbal water that I have to bathe myself with everyday. The water is brewed from a concoction of Chinese herbs. My CL boils the herbs for 1-2 hours everyday and sometimes she adds ginger into the concoction to brew. It really does feels yucky, not to mention the stinging sensation you get on your private part (caused by the ginger) when the hot water is being poured down your body. The herbal concoction is supposedly good to prevent body aches after the birth of a child. Though we are not supposed to rinse our body with clean water after the herbal bath, I still rinse my body clean with warm water. Otherwise, I would smell of herbs the whole day and night. BTW, I still have a very quicky warm shower (without herbs) at around 8:30pm every night. I did this during both my previous confinements too. Without the shower, there’s no way I can nurse my baby with a stinky and sweaty body. There’s also no way I can fall asleep with so much sweat and body odor from my body. I really salute those who can tolerate not washing their hair for 1 month and only bathing once a day with the stinky herb water. My tolerance to dirt and heat is practically zero!

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17 thoughts on “Yucky Bath Time

  1. I bathed in this sort of stuff every evening right b4 dinner time. Colour looks pretty similar too.

    I was lucky during confinement, it was the rainy season. The night’s were bearable but without the fan, there’s no way to stop the sweating.

    Earlier in the night, when the room is still warm, I sleep in a lazyman’s recliner. Way way cooler than sleeping on the bed. I couldn’t imagine my confinement without my lazyman’s recliner.

  2. wow, you bath at 8pm daily? is that too late? better take good care of yourself because my mum told me that will easily get wind into our body. and do drink some hot milo after bath, can warm up your body.

  3. MommaDiary… Lazy chair? Wouldn’t your back ache sleeping on this chair? But it’s definitely more cooling than sleeping on a bed.

    Vivian and Barb…. wiping with a cloth is not cooling enough and wiping cant get rid of the BO! I just hate the BO during confinement. BO from eating too much ginger, onions, turmeric, etc. !

  4. the weather is really bad these days….it would really good to do confinement on cool weather then we probably could skip daily showering, otherwise no way!

    Shireen, wat i did was to dilute the herbal bath water. Hate the smell too…..as if not showered at all!

  5. i only bathe in the afternoon after my lunch, and wiped my body with warm water in the evening. as for bf, i oso used warm water to wipe my breast area.. hihi.. i rather not take the risk to bathe at night..

  6. I had this stuff before..but prepare i myself.u lucky got C.L. I do wash my hair once a week and hair dryer till dry. bathing twice a day was a must for me.but not at night..agree with Wen. Also used mustika ratu barut to warm my tummy and ikat my hip and abdomen area. Take care.

  7. yaya me too reli kennot stand din take bath …. but with the herbal bath is better than nothing…my 1st confinement i din reli bother much but my 2nd i onli bath wif herbal bath

  8. I didn’t bath in the herbal water only used warm water to sponge myself, didn’t really know about it then.. I remember well that sticky feeling…

  9. ya ya..bathe with this herbal water..hahahhaha..everytime when i bathe is like drinking the herbal tea, and the CL always boil so little for me..i always add more warm water into it..hahahhaha.

  10. Oh..they have ready made herbal baths packages on sale now….mine many years ago were of fresh creepy green leaves branches if i can remember …..with an awful smell..brew in a big pot….I a;ways rinse after that….the yucky and greenish smells makes me uncomfortable too…

  11. I didn’t go through that, i mean bathing with herbs. i just remember using the leaves of a guava tree to wash my private part. The olds say that the wound easily dries up. Well I had normal delivery.

  12. I used Amway Post Natal set which my frens present to me. They have bath bag to soack in hot water. After all the bath bag and herb finished, MIL boil serai and ginger for my bathing. This is much better then the herbs one.

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