Yummy Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

Two days after Maid M resumed working for me, the lump in her neck began to nag her with pain again. Today, she sent me a text message informing me that she has to stop work and that she will only resume work again after her surgery. The last time she took a break from working part-time for me, she took a half-year break. Thankfully at that time, I found another wonderful part-time maid, but she never came back to me after she went back to Indonesia for her holiday. This time round, I guess I will be left with an even more cruel fate. I can sense that my back-up part-time maid does not wish to continue working. But I am not about to panic just yet. When life throws lemons at you, catch them to make lemonade!

So what if I am maidless?  I can cook 3-4 times a week and  eat out on the rest of the days.  Hubster who is super anal about how his clothes are ironed will have to send his clothes to the laundrette for professional ironing. He has no problem with this.  The rest of the chores, I will find a way to settle them myself with the help of the girls, whether they like it or not. When there is a domestic crisis, everyone has to pull together and pitch in.

So yesterday, I dished up something really easy-peasy yet yummy to the max! It was my first time cooking chicken rice in a rice cooker and it turned out so well! I could not believe how something so easy and fast to prepare could taste so good. My girls were pouring out praises on the chicken rice, which tasted better than Nam Heong chicken rice ^^

In the morning, I marinated the chicken with some sea salt, ginger wine, sesame oil and garlic + onion oil.

Put uncooked rice in rice pot and add water like you would to cook rice.  There is no need to increase or decrease the water.  Then, add in the marinated chicken into the rice pot.  Add in more fried garlic and onion together with the oil.  The fried garlic and onion oil will impart flavor and an oily texture to the rice, just like those oily rice from chicken rice stalls.

Rice pot chicken rice 1

This is how the chicken rice looks like in the pot after it’s cooked.

Rice pot chicken rice 2


Dish it out and serve with cool cucumbers and a veggie of your choice.  We had stir-fried cabbage.

I used low GI Basmati rice to cook this chicken rice, so that I could chomp some down without the fat guilt 😀

Rice pot chicken rice 3


The unfinished portion was kept in a glass lock and lock container to be frozen and reheated for lunch next week.

Rice pot chicken rice 4

This one-pot meal is so going to be repeated in days and weeks to come until the MIL returns.  I am so glad I finally tried out this dish after procrastinating for months since last year.





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8 thoughts on “Yummy Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

  1. Looks yummy! Have done something similar, also with chopped up pork ribs, and also a version with tomatoes/ tomato paste/ onions/ green peppers etc and boneless chicken or even cut up sausages (longaniza, from the Phil) is very yummy. If your girls like that “westernized” version, a sprinkle of Parmesan takes it to a new level.

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