Alycia’s Drawing vs. Sher’s Drawing

This is Sherilyn’s drawing, which is a copycat of Alycia’s.  Sher loves drawing and writing using pens.

And this is Alycia’s drawing.  The picture in orange color is her version of an elf.   Alycia loves drawing with color pencils and all her drawings are multi colored.  Luckily both the gals love drawing, coloring and writing and I don’t really need to coerce Alycia to do her homework.  She’s even more ‘kan cheong’ than me sometimes when it comes to completing her homework.  One time I had even forgotten to remind her to complete her Mandarin homework, shame on me mummy!

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That’s My PaPa

That’s Alycia’s drawing of papa (father in Mandarin). Don’t you think it looks like a scarecrow? 

I had a hard time teaching Alycia write the character papa in Mandarin.  Though I had dotted out the word for her, she still could not remember the order of the strokes.  Each time she does her Mandarin homework, I will have to watch her carefully and ensure that the strokes are written in the right order.  Towards the last few words, Alycia finally managed to follow the dots on the words in the correct order.    She has no problems writing words with simple and few strokes (even if they are without dotted lines) but when the word has more than 6 strokes, she tends to forget the order.  Alycia can now recognize a few Chinese words.

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Alycia Finally Understands

Alycia finally understands how to do this Math exercise :

and she did the entire exercise on her own with only a few mistakes made. Her writing has also improved by the leaps and bounds.

However, Alycia still could not do the exercise where she has to rearrange all the numbers from 0 through 30 in descending order, but I am confident she will be able to grasp the concept very soon.

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Alycia Has A Superb Memory

Alycia has a superb memory with things that she has seen, or done, with places that she’s been to and she is now my walking reminder.  She can even remember things that she had done with her mah mah and koo koo (my youngest sil) from as far back as 2.5 years ago.  She can even remember many things that she had done with me which I don’t even remember them myself.

I always ask Alycia to remind me to do things.  I will ask her to remind me to make important calls and to do many things and she rarely failed to remind me on those things.  On Tuesday night, I told her to remind me and herself that she’s got PE the next day and she’s to wear her PE t-shirt and shorts.  The next morning, the moment she jumped out from bed, she shouted this to me as I was in the toilet – “mummy, today is Wednesday. I have to wear my PE t-shirt”.  I had totally forgotten about it!  

If Alycia has such superb memory and can remember so many things so well, I am sure she can remember words pretty well too and I just hope she would take the effort to remember and recognize words.

Do your kids have good memory too?

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Chubby Alycia

Everyone is commenting that Alycia has put on a lot of weight lately. I don’t really notice it as I see her everyday. So today I went through my picture folder to go through her pix and omg, it’s true, she really gained some weight, especially on her cheeks and belly. Notice how chubby her cheeks are here?

Even our paed commented that Aly’s weight has shot up quite a bit. Her weight shot up from 15kg to 18kg in 4 months! I think it must be because she didn’t need to go to school for almost half a year, had enough sleep, slackened a bit in her exercise (we use to jog everyday when we were staying in Shah Alam) and she’s been eating quite a bit lately. I’d better make her exercise more in the evenings, else she’ll grow into a fatty bom bom in no time, LOL!

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