How Are Shark Babies Born?

Rascal #2 was doing her Science in Mandarin homework (Standard 2) today and she came to a tricky question. The question asks which animals give birth to babies the way a human is being birthed, i.e. without being hatched from an egg. I could help her on most of the animals until I saw the picture of a SHARK, aha!

So what else, GOOGLE search of course! And here is the answer:

Baby sharks are called pups. Just like there are many types of sharks, there are also different ways that sharks come into this world. There are THREE ways that sharks are born (boy I never knew!):

1) eggs are laid (like birds)

2) eggs hatch inside the mother and then are born

3) pups sharks grow inside the mother (like humans)

Sharks can have from 1 to 100 babies at a time, depending on the type of shark. The ones with pups that grow inside the mother have fewer babies at a time than sharks that lay eggs outside the body.

Sharks do not care for their babies after they are born, but they do search for a safe place where they can lay their eggs or give birth.

Now, this means that the question in Sherilyn’s workbook can have 2 answers *scratch head* The person who set this question had not done his/her work thoroughly, shame shame! I hope there will not be such both-ways-questions in their Government exams in future.

I never really gave a thought on how sharks are being born. And I’ll bet you do not know too eh?

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