Feeling Thankful

Yesterday evening as I was at the playground with the gals, I saw a boy who’s around 4-5 yo on a play equipment behaving very well. He wasn’t jumping or running around and screaming like most kids there. He just stood on top of one of the play equipment with his dad watching over him closely. At one glance, he looked rather normal but on a second look, I noticed that his fingers were slightly turned inwards and his actions were rather slow. He also couldn’t really talk. I think he must be mentally slow. When I saw him, my heart felt for him and his dad. I then suddenly felt so thankful that I have 2 normal kids who are ever active, mischievous and naughty. I then realized that sometimes many of us have taken what we have for granted. It’s only when we see other people’s misfortunes that we are thankful and grateful to God for what we have.

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