Harry Potter Fanatic

Cass turned into a Harry Potter enthusiast early this year. It all started when her classmate loaned her a Harry Potter book. She was instantly hooked to the thick novel.  Since then, she was determined to get her hands on the entire Harry Potter series, which consists of 7 books!  That would cost over RM300 for the entire series.  In her collection is now 3 books; two books were her reward for her last exam and another a gift from her Hong Kong aunt.

Last Friday, she chanced upon a very old Harry Potter book in her school library. When she alighted from the school van, I saw her holding an enormously thick book which resembled a dictionary. I thought she was reading one until she  told me that she found an old Harry Potter book in her school library. She was ecstatic. But the book is without a cover and a broken spine.  The book is easily 15 years old with yellowish pages and stains.

This JK Rowling fan spent her long weekend getting herself lost in the old HP book. She brought the book along with her everywhere that she went. When she was at the kopitiam and restaurant waiting for her food, she got lots of double takes from strangers.  They must be wondering what a book worm this girl is, engrossed in such a thick book with super teensy words.  But I’m not too proud of Cass at all as she is neglecting everything else that’s more important.  Besides sleeping, Cass is spending 80% of her time on the HP book. Final exam in 3 weeks? This girl is totally lost in her Harry Potter books! I shudder to think of her grades this time.

Within four days over the long weekend, Cass is almost reaching the last few pages of the Harry Potter book today (Monday).

Yesterday we were at Popular bookstore to get Alycia some revision books and Cass saw selected Harry Potter books with a 20% discount. She went berserk over the HP books! She begged me to get her one but I told her NO as her exam is 3 weeks away. She promised me that she would use her birthday angpow given to her by her koong koong and granny to pay for the book. She promised me that I could keep the book and release it to her after her exam.


The new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book is now kept at the highest cupboard in my room. In a month’s time, the book shall be released to Cass.



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Geronimo Stilton Craze, Still

After all these years, after a collection of so many titles from many other authors, their first love is still the strongest. I wonder what is so captivating about the lives of a bunch of eccentric rats that make kids from all over the world go head over heels over them?!

Ger Stilton craze

Alycia and Sherilyn’s collection of novels and story books are enough for me to open a mini library for kids, I kid you not!

Is your kid a Geronimo Stilton fan-see too?



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Surprise For The Girls

It was a day of revision for the girls  on Saturday. They are sitting for their final exam starting today for a whole school week. After all the monotonous book stuff, which tired and bored them to the bones (that’s always the case when it comes to pre-exam revision), a surprise unfolded when the door bell rang.  It was daddy and he had brought back bags of goodies!  They were stacks of original Disney magazines, books, stationery, stickers,  Japanese manga comics translated into English and BM, girls’ accessories and snacks!  He had bought them from a church carnival and the goodies were worth a few hundred Ringgit.  Alycia who was napping on the couch darted up to unravel the bags of goodies when he heard the excited  “OOOHS”  and “WOWS” from her sisters.

Stress buster — Alycia reading a very interesting Princess magazine in Malay language.  I never knew that these magazines come in BM version too and it’s a perfect discovery as I can now buy these mags for them to read to improve their BM language.  My girls love reading story books and newspapers but somehow, story books and dailies in BM would just bore them to sleep.

After spending over an hour checking out their goodies, we went out for dinner. I prefer to eat out during the exam period so that I can spend my time revising with the girls instead of cooking and doing the dishes which can take up to 2 hours.

Good luck girls! Dear God, please guide Alycia and Sherilyn’s mind, eyes and hands and help them to read their questions carefully. Please guide them to choose and write the correct answers to all the questions, Amen!

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