Simple Bento Lunch Boxes For Cassandra

Cass has grown terribly fed-up of having bread and buns for recess in school, or even to have them as breakfast at home. She loathes at the sight of buns now. She used to love bread but I guess she’s had enough of anything that’s doughy from the same bakeries most of the time.  She prefers to eat a proper meal consisting of rice and noodles. But the food from her school isn’t my ideal choice of meal for her. Yet, I can’t muster up the energy and enthusiasm to cook for her at 4:30 in the morning.  So the best that I can prep for her that’s fast and still nutritious is to heat up the food that I cook for dinner the previous evening.

These are some of the bento boxes that I prepped for Cass:

Penne pasta bolognese with blanched broccoli and a packet of Izumio.

The bolognese sauce is made from scratch with tomatoes, carrots and pumpkin puree blended using my powerful Blendtec blender + lots of onions, garlic, dried rosemary, Italian herbs, celery, shimeiji mushrooms, minced pork and a little  salt and palm sugar syrup to taste.  The pumpkin puree gives the sauce a very creamy and rich texture.

Canyon Japanese kids curry (curry roux) with chicken drumsticks and sweet potatoes and sauteed mustard greens with shimeiji + garlic. The mil bought the curry roux from Hong Kong.

Fried salmon + steamed minced pork with ‘mui choy’ + Japanese rice.

I keep a small portion of food for Cass during dinner on most days for her bento box. Sometimes she brings porridge. Even a simple blanched green tea noodles or buckwheat noodles seasoned with soy sauce, sesame seed oil, toasted sesame and seaweed is more appealing to her than bread, cake or buns now. She doesn’t even mind eating them cold right from the fridge ala Japanese.

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Gardenia Butterscotch Bread

The other day, I read from Elaine’s blog how delightfully delicious the Gardenia Butterscotch bread is. So off I went to get a loaf the next day. While Baby C and I loved it, Alycia found it yucky. She even gave me a ‘I want to puke’ look when she saw this in her lunch box yesterday:

I had spent so much time trying to make the Butterscotch bread look as enticing as possible by making cheese sandwich with the bread and cutting them with a Hello Kitty bread/cookie cutter that my sil bought from Hong Kong. But she hated the Butterscotch bread.

From left : Butterscoth bread with cheese wrapped with cling wrap, organic animal biscuits, Pooh Bear shape honey plum and oranges.

The set of Hello Kitty bread/cookie cutter that my sil bought from Hong Kong.

So am I going to buy the Butterscotch bread again?  Maybe not maybe yes. I actually like it and it’s quite addictive when you start eating a slice. You’ll end up nibbling on it non-stop and it’s really fei sei lor!

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