Cass’ New Backpacks From Applecrumby & Fish

Last week, Cass got a very very big surprise!   When she ripped open the box of goodies, she could not believe her eyes.  Inside the box were 3 very pretty and colorful backpacks and they were for her and her 2 che ches!



Cass kept exclaiming this “mummy, they are so beautiful!!  Which one should I choose?  Which one huh?”  Even I had my OMG moments when I saw the Stephen Joseph Go Go backpacks as they  were really very pretty in sweet pastel colors.


The quality and workmanship of the Stephen Joseph backpacks are impeccable…


The backpacks are spacious and most importantly, the material is very easy to clean and is water-proof.  You can easily use a piece of wet wipes to wipe away dirt or stains.


The straps are adjustable too.  This backpack is suitable for kids 3 years and above.  In fact, I carried this backpack  to Cass’ lantern party at pre-school on Friday haha!

Wanna make a wild guess on which design Cass chose?


Cass told me this “mummy, I lost my Hello Kitty backpack at Pavillion but look, I now have 3 new bags!”   Her che ches told Cass that she can have the other 2 backpacks too!

My SIL from Hong Kong also bought Cass 3 new Hello Kitty bags as she knew about Cass’ loss.  Oh baby girl, you are so lucky!

So, Cass has 6 new bags now!  Cass added “see, you do good, you get good karma!”  To recap, after Cass lost her backpack in Pavillion last month, she told me that she will not blame the person who took her bag. She said that perhaps the person who took her bag was poor and needed her bag, so be it and she will forgive that person!

Cass was indeed over the moon over her new bags.  Thank you very much Applecrumby & Fish for the backpacks.  Cass and I love them very very muchie 🙂


Angry Birds Loot… Part 3

My daughters are very lucky as they have very indulgent grandparents and aunts, from both sides of the family – my side and hubs side. Knowing that they are Angry Birds craze, my mum bought yet another batch of AB loot for them, and have them sent to them from Ipoh through my younger brother.

Here you go, for the feast of your eyes:

AB panties, AB plasters, AB sharpeners, AB jig saw puzzles for my jig saw puzzle buff Cass and AB badges…

Alycia, Sherilyn and Cassandra say a big thank you to you, granny! And you can stop buying ABs. I can feel that the AB fever is almost starting to subside… and now they are starting to show signs of Smurfs and also Plants vs Zombies fever, sei for!

Guess What They Are Doing?

When daddy came to pick us up from Ipoh last week, he brought along the gals’ belated X’mas pressies. Here, daddy is having fun with the gals with their new toy and guess what they’re doing? Any idea?

My 3 gals were fighting to get hold of the gadget so that they could have the first view of a ‘creature’ inside the gadget.  Baby the cili padi got to view it first.  Whenever she screams “peeeeeeeash, I wan, I wan”, she gets it her way….


This is a toy magnifying glass and there’s a real worm inside. Daddy brought the gals to the garden to catch a worm to put it inside the gadget for the gals to have a magnified view of it.  Cool toy indeed!

Goodies From Hong Kong

My mil and sil from Hong Kong arrived yesterday. As usual, their suit cases were filled to the brim with pressies and goodies. These are some of the things that my sil bought for the girls:

Elle socks and Disney Princess panties.

Benetton t-shirt and shorts.

Benetton t-shirt

Disney t-shirt and blouse

Alycia posing with her new Disney blouse.

A Baby Disney shirt and Marks and Spencer tops for Baby C.

My sil also bought loads of mooncakes, chocolates, cakes from Hokkaido and organic snacks for the girls.  Hop on to my other blog to read more.

Lovely Headbands

When we were at Pavillion on Wednesday, daddy brought the gals shopping for clothes and stuff. When the gals saw this store that sells pretty headbands and accessories, they tried on almost all the headbands on display there.

My little vainpot Sherilyn kept putting on the headbands and running into the fitting room to look at herself on the mirror, and pose a little. After trying on almost all the hair accessories in the store, they finally chosed a headband each – Alycia chosed a white headband with pretty flowers on it and Sherilyn chosed this headband with 2 furry butterflies on spring.

Lots Of Disney Goodies From Hong Kong

Alycia and Sherilyn received lots of Disney goodies from sil and mil from Hong Kong today. Let me parade some of the items:

A Princes blouse and pants with a matching tiara cum headband in sweet baby blue.

Princess Arial blouse for Sherilyn and Minnie Mouse t-shirt for Alycia with a matching Minnie Mouse headband.

Stickers, Chip n Dale wallets and a Barney sticker book.

A huge Disney shopping bag.

A very BIG thank you and big hugs to koo mah and mah mah from Alycia and Sherilyn!