Lunch At Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel, KL

After Alycia’s appointment with the orthodontist near KLCC on Saturday, we were hunting for a decent place to have something light.  Alycia and Cass suggested sandwiches, so daddy stopped by a few places to check out and in the end, we settled for Tapas Bistro & Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel.  That was our very first time dining in this decades old hotel and I was initially skeptical on the quality and choice of food. But I was wrong.  We were all very satisfied with this cozy place and the food was great too.

Hungry baby gulping down a bowl of creamy mushroom soup before walloping my luscious charbroiled chicken and daddy’s grilled chicken sandwich.  This pint size baby girl has a ravenous appetite!   As for those fat and oil-laden fries on our 2 plates of main course, they were only allowed a few sticks each and the rest – tapau back for our guards’ as snacks.

My luscious and tender charbroiled chicken. Very flavorful and meat was not dry and tough at all. Rating on HFM’s food scale is 9/10!

Daddy’s omelette on a bed of fries…

Hungry, happy girls before digging into the decadent food.  Sherilyn had to stay home as she had ballet class to attend.

Would definitely pay this cozy place a visit again after Alycia’s next appointment with the orthodontist in February next year 😀

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Miraku Japanese Restaurant @ G Hotel, Gurney Drive, Penang

On our first night in Penang, we had dinner at Miraku Japanese Restaurant at G Hotel, which was where we stayed at. We had Japs instead of Penang food as the skies looked gloomy and a heavy downpour was looming, so we thought that it would be safer to dine in instead of going out and get caught in the rain with 3 kids. The food was good, no regrets dining there.


My 3 girls love cucumber maki and they can polish off a big plate of maki in a jiffy, even Baby. For me, I just don’t fancy eating maki. I find that the combination of rice, seaweed and cucumber very weird 😛

Hubby’s assortment of sushi…

Udon specially for Sherilyn who is a great fan of noodles…

Unagi sushi and tempura…

My unagi set…

After dinner at Miraku, we walked across to Gurney Plaza, did some shopping and then headed to Starbucks to pack some coffee back to our room to savor.

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Spoilt For Choice

Bread lovers will surely go gaga when they see the wide range of breads, jams and bread spreads at the buffet breakfast at the Sudu Coffee House at Hilton Sentral Hotel, KL. 

There were over 20 types of bread…

…and over 20 types of jams and bread spreads from jam for the diabetics to Vegimite, Canola butter spread, peanut butter, marmalade, apricot, raspberry, strawberry, Nutella and much more.

But I was so stuffed after eating an omelette, some sausages, ham, dim sum and 2 huge cups of delicious hazelnut yoghurt with raspberries and apricot that I did not have room for even half a slice of bread.  When I dine in hotels, I rarely touch the bread as eating bread is such a ‘sai toa wai’  (a waste of space in the tummy), coz the space can be used to store other better food LOL!  The fresh-from-the oven, hot banana muffins with sunflower seeds were also very tasty and I managed to wolf down one muffin by myself.

Can’t wait for my next stay and breakfast at Hilton Sentral…. which will only be next year. It’s our yearly affair there with the kids for the past 3 years… cheap and nice holiday!

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Chunks Of Cheese

I am a butter and cheese lover. When I saw chunks and chunks of cheese on display at the buffet counter of Sudu Coffee House at Hilton Sentral when I went there for a buffet lunch on Sunday, I really couldn’t resist helping myself to all the different types of cheese except blue cheese (I hate the smell and still can’t acquire a taste for it)… though I was stuffed, really stuffed with so much good food.

I’ll bet anyone who is a cheese lover can’t stop laying their hands on those enormous chunks of cheese. It feels good slicing them and feels even better sinking your teeth into the cheese.

The cheese went so well with plain Meiji crackers and nuts.  Though high in protein and low in carbs, this plate of cheese, nuts and crackers are high in calories and sodium (cheese are loaded with sodium)! 

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Breakfast @ Hilton Sentral KL

Whenever I stay in a hotel, the one meal that I really look forward to is the buffet breakfast. On Friday, the hubs and I, together with Baby C checked into Hilton Sentral Hotel and stayed there for a night. That was our third time staying there and I must say that Hilton Sentral is one of the best hotels in KL. Love the design of the rooms and bathrooms, the cleanliness (which is most important to me), the facilities and amenities and the good food.

This is what I had for breakfast yesterday:

Hazelnut yoghurt with raspberries – very smooth, milkie and yummy! I likey!  I ate 2 cups – 1 with raspberries and another with apricot. Yums!

Ham, fried wantan, meat balls, spinach ham, turkey sausages, baked beans.

Different types of gourmet cheese with plain crackers, pecan nuts, walnuts, almonds and sliced almonds.

Omelette with tomatoes, ham and shitake mushrooms.

Also gulped down a glass of freshly blended apple + celery juice and a glass of plain green apple juice (all sugar-free).

Pretty much a high-protein, high fibre, low carb breakfast eh?  I was so stuffed that I only had a light lunch consisting of multi-grain crackers with peanut butter and some almonds back home. 

Do hop over to my other blog to check out our dinner at Iketeru fine dine Japanese restaurant.

Thank goodness I didn’t gain any weight after an eating spree for the past 2 days.  I had wanted to go to the gym at the hotel yesterday morning but just as I was about to leave my hotel room, my sweetiepie woke up and gave me her most pathetic “mummy, don’t go away pleeeease” look.  How to go you tell me?    There was another eating session at Hilton Sentral again today.   Really fei sei lor.  Must work out harder tomorrow.

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Our Saturday

We had all-you-can-eat dim sum for lunch at the Chinese restaurant at Sunway Lagoon Hotel today. There is a promotion on-going now where HSBC credit card holders are entitled to a 50% discount off the total bill. The lunch cost around RM56 per pax and half price for kids aged 4-12 yo.

Apart from the regular dim sum that we have to order from the menu, these are some of the food on the buffet spread:

Chilled cooked prawns. There were also smoked salmon, raw oysters, salad,

stewed duck, chicken, vegetarian meat,

Peking duck wrapped in egg sheets.

stewed lamb, stewed duck, herbal eggs,

a whole spread of Chinese desserts…

The view of Sunway Lagoon Water Park from the Chinese restaurant at Sunway Lagoon Hotel.

After I am done publishing this post, I have to do some revision with Alycia as her pre-school is having an exam for 5 and 6 yo students next week. I am feeling the stress and anxiety for her now…

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Our Hari Raya Holiday

We treated our maid to a buffet lunch at the coffee house @ PJ Hilton today.  Many families were seen treating their maids to the buffet lunch too, in celebration of Hari Raya.

Kids being kids, Alycia and Sherilyn attacked the crackers, keropok, sausages and ice-cream.

I filled up a bottle of water for Baby C but she hated the bottle and gave me the ‘I almost want to puke’ look when I let her suckle on the teat. She also didn’t want to sit in her pram and kept whining and fussing till we brought her out and carried her round the coffee house.

After lunch, mah mah discreetly  brought Alycia to the car park with koo por (hubby’s aunt) as they wanted to go  shopping at Giant. Hubby and I tried to distract Sher and brought her to our car.  Alycia had wanted to follow mah mah and koo por shopping but mah mah can only handle 1 kid, so she told Alycia not to let Sher know.  It’s always not easy to handle Sher as she can be very wayward and would run wild in the shopping mall, touching everything that she sees. Even I can’t control her.  In the car, Sher kept asking “mummy, where is cheh cheh?  I love my cheh cheh. She’s my good friend.  Why is she in koo poh’s car?  Where are they going?”  Hubby and I told some white lies coz if Sher found out that they had gone shopping without her, all hell would break lose until they return home!

How did you spend your Hari Raya holiday?

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Dinner At Prince Hotel

We had dinner with hubby’s relatives at the Chinese restaurant of Prince Hotel last night.   There is a 50% discount off a-la-carte menus on-going, which will end soon. We ordered one whole Peking duck, stir-fried venison, a very tasty cod fish, a unique dish of grilled eel, chicken, 2 plates of veggie and some gastronomical desserts.

While we were eating, the kids played ‘choot choot train’ and London Bridge Is Falling Down

Alycia and Sherilyn with their little aunty (hub’s 5 y.o cousin)…

Baby C with daddy.  She fussed big time throughout dinner and I had to nurse her in the toilet, which had such strong air freshener that I almost suffocated…. and I had to quickly nurse her and bring her out of the toilet!

This is one of the best desserts I have ever tasted – white almond milk double boiled inside a whole coconut, served with ‘lui sar tong yuen’ (black sesame filled glutinous rice balls). Everyone loved this dessert. I love it too and I am now dreaming of gorging on another round of this sinful carbo!

Do check out my other blog tomorrow to see pix of the other dishes and gastronomical desserts that we ate.

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A Chocolate Affair

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we had our dinner at Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri La Hotel. The food on the buffet spread was really aplenty and what I really loved the most were the seafood and sashimi. Too bad I couldn’t touch those stuff.

There was also a very ‘chocolately affair’ at the chocolate desserts counter.  There was a wide selection of dainty pralines,

hot chocolate pudding, chocolate lollipops,

chocolate pizzas,

all types of chocolate cakes, chocolate tarts,

and of course a chocolate fountain. 

Luckily I am not a die-hard chocolate lover, else I will surely not be able to resist the temptation to gorge on those sinful treats.

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