Sunday, 27 January 2019

My hyper neat-freak hubs who has the most annoying OCD of being neat was on the loose on Sunday! Coz CNY is around the corner.  He is one who will start to be the neat inspector before CNY  each year and before his mum, the Queen returns from overseas 😆 When his OCD is unraveled, I will stay far, far away from him, for him to do his annoying deed as he is not one who will quietly discard, clean and re-arrange without hollering, criticizing (about how untidy we all are) and demanding for things from wet wipes to plastic bags, staplers, pen, etc. etc.  Wait till he is in my shoes with a full-time job of managing his 3 demanding kids on top of being his PA, his mum’s PA and driver, the kids’ driver, the cook, the accountant, the maid with no pay and the wife.  I’ll wager he won’t stay in this one-leg-kick job for more than 2 days.

From 7:30 a.m., this neat freak sat next to the filing cabinet to re-arrange all the files, went through every file and removed documents that are no longer necessary / important, wiped the shelves and re-arrange the files, all the way until 1:30 p.m.!  This is insane OCD!


Thankfully this time his temper wasn’t flying everywhere. I left him to do the job alone and went to the church with the girls. When we got back, he was still sitting there, wiping and polishing the shelves 🤣


Now, this filing cabinet which I’ve always hated to open for fear of files tumbling down is super neat with sparkling clean shelves too! The files are now pleasantly easy to remove and are not bursting with documents.

Who needs Marie Kondo when I have my very own Marie Kondo at home?  My hubs’ modus operandi of tidying is pretty much the same as MK, which is throwing most things out (he loves throwing things!) and keeping things that spark joy to him. But he’s annoying coz sometimes he throws my things and keeps them at different places without telling me! When I ask, he says “I don’t know” or “I forgot already”  This always makes me rip-snorting mad.

Tsk tsk, if you ever need a professional tidier like Marie Kondo, you can engage my hubs. You will surely be 100%  super pleased with this Mr Neat OCD tidying up your mess.  He actually has friends and relatives willing to pay him to do the shit job of clearing, cleaning and tidying absolutely unimaginable cluttered store rooms. But no, he has no time to take up this side job 🤩

In the evening, we went to the hubby’s uncle’s house to have an early Yap family CNY reunion dinner as some relatives had to return overseas this week. It was a great reunion with traditional Hakka dishes, lots of meat, lots of photography and a traditional ang pow giving ceremony.

Below: our girls with their pretty aunt W who is the hubs’ cousin and the same age as Alycia  (16yo this year) and  granduncle #2 from New Zealand.

With  aunt W and uncle R (hubs’ cousin) from New Zealand.

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Molding and Sculpting With Blue Tac

The hubs is hooked on blue tac sculpting! Since Saturday through today, he has been molding  fruits, pastries, flowers and cartoon characters out of blue tac whenever he had the time. And Cass is the happiest kid in town to have daddy playing blue tac with her! 🙂

Check out what he churned out from Cass’ colorful blue tac, with strips of colorful blue tac, a blade, a toothpick and a ruler.


Check out the green rose with intricate details. Can you see the ‘stalk’ spiraling all the way down so neatly to the end of the toothpick? And the garoupa fish too. It looks so real with curves at the right places and has patterned fins and tail.


In case you missed my ancient time posts on hubs, let me tell you again that he is one very creative bloke who is artistically talented. And one of the reasons why I fell for him was his bunch of cards, art and crafts that he made to woo me many, many moons back, when I saw still a teenage mui mui jai, 😀





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Our Thursday – 4 April 2013

This is hubby’s and my breakfast at Ficelle Boulangerie today.  After dropping Cass at school, we had our ‘only us time’ enjoying our breakfast before our long daily grind begins. In fact, we have been doing this for the past four mornings, where it’s just the two of us having breakfast.  When I told the girls about it, rascal #2 gave me a cheeky grin and said “mummy, you had a DATE with daddy?!”  LOL!! The main reason why we are doing this is because I am getting refresher driving lessons from the hubs. Yep, there has been a hiatus in driving for me for  6 long years and finally, he has gotten me a car (in my favorite color, PINK!) for my 40th birthday this year so that he can tai chi  the Ah Mat chauffeuring job back to me!

Breakfast at 8:30am followed by shopping at Guardian Pharmacy and groceries shopping today 🙂

There was also a plate of tuna croissant combo and another bag of pastries and Danish pastries which are not shown in this picture. While I enjoy our “only us time” together, this is not good on my weight-watching plan! With such lovely breakfast everyday for the past 4 days and for another week, it is definitely good on my lips but a sure disaster on my hips!!

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Would Your Man Shop For You And Your Kids From Online Stores?

NO, my man would never buy clothes, bags and other stuff for me and my kids from online stores. But yes if it’s done at a physical shop. My man never buys anything online. Well, none that I know of. Ever since I started an online shop 3 years ago, my clothes and my kids clothing are sourced mainly online – from my suppliers – 95% of them. Why not since they are at wholesale price and it’s so convenient for busy mums like me? Even my shoes and some lingerie were purchased online from my suppliers. I have even purchased supplements for Baby from a shop in the UK since 3 years ago and still do.

Anyway, back to the topic of my post. The majority of my customers are female shoppers. But when I get a male customer inquiring about a product, I feel doubtful of their intention. How many men will actually comment in a public social networking site to inquire about a ladies wear or a girl dress, right? His comments will be visible by the eyes of the entire world!  My doubt will quell when they have paid for the goods that they had earlier asked about. And that’s when I start to feel bad that I had qualms about them earlier.    I must also admit that I have a slight feeling of envious of the customer’s wife. How lucky is she that her hubby takes the time and trouble to shop for her and her kids from online stores.  Recently I had a male customer who went through all the albums in my online store in FB for about a week, made over a ‘hundred inquiries’ and spent a few hundred bucks worth of clothes and kids accessories for his daughter and wife. About a month later, he bought from me again and went through the same process again. And he did not even ask for a discount though he bought so much from me. Out of gratitude, I gave his daughter a free gift. Oh, how I love customers like this 😀 I know my man will never ever do that and I know many men will not do that either. But I admire those daddies and hubbies who do that for their kids and wife out of love.

Would your man do this for you and your kids?

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Valentines Day 2012

I never expected to get a bouquet of flowers from my dear hubs this Valentine’s Day. Ever since the girls came along, our Valentine’s Day came and go without much fanfare, except for a cake. And we normally get a cake just so the kids could have fun cutting, blowing the candles (1 candle each for the girls to blow) and eating it, while we capture the occasion on camera and camcorder. No more exchange of gifts from the both of us anymore for I think it is a waste of money. So getting a bouquet of flowers from him this year came as a big surprise, albeit I still do think that it is a waste of money to be spending over RM50 on a bunch of flowers and leaves which will go to the bin a few days later. Yep, I am this unromantic but down right practical… ever since my girls came along! Ever single sen and ringgit we spend unnecessary matters a lot to me now. It ain’t easy to bring up 3 kids in an expensive city, what more sending them to university. Anyway, I am very glad that he took the trouble to try to “sweep me off my feet” again hehe. Actually I had forgotten all about Valentines Day until early this morning when he gave me a peck on the cheek and said “happy Valentines Day”.

The bouquet of flowers from my man…

How did you celebrate your Valentines Day?

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Early X’mas Pressies For Moi

I received 2 early X’mas pressies from the hubs this year!

A X’mas Tree flash drive for me to burn my pictures and documents

A pair of Nike running shoes in my favourite color PINK, striking strawberry pink some more, nice moe? iLike it so much and only wearing it indoors in the gym…. for the time being until the ‘newness’ wears off 😀   For outside running, am still wearing the old electric blue Nike shoes that he bought me last year. Next year, I will ask for a striking purple or yellow Nike shoes haha!

Last night, he wheeled back another really huge and heavy pressie on the trolly!! The girls thought that it was their X’mas pressie but no no, it’s mine mine mine too muahahahaha!! I am guessing that it is a piece of furniture that I have been telling him to buy. Hmmm, 3 more days to unwrap the pressie 😀

Today my mum and dad received an early X’mas pressie too. My eldest brother in S’pore and his wife welcomed their first child. It’s my brother’s biggest b’day pressie too (his b’day falls tomorrow, which is Kor Doong every year). Looks like everyone in my family has presents that they like this X’mas 🙂 If only we could receive presents that we truly like every year.

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Boxing Day Breakfast

On Christmas day, we were out shopping at Mid Valley. Hubby bought some bacon and sausages from Cold Storage and on Boxing Day, he woke up early to cook them for us for breakfast.

The gals didn’t like scrambled eggs (and I ended up finishing half the plate) but loved the salty cheese sausages. I seldom buy deli meat like ham, sausages and bacon as they are loaded with sodium and preservative but eating them once in a blue moon is alright.

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X’mas Pressie From Hubby

Want to know what he gave me for X’mas?

A bottle of green tea perfume from L’occitane.  Well, I was quite disappointed coz I still have 2 big bottles of Elizabeth Arden green tea perfume in my closet.  Now, I have 3 huge bottles of perfume of the same fragrance!  I have a total of more than 20 bottles of perfume in my closet collected over the years when I was still employed.  I hardly use them ever since I became a SAHM.  Now, just tell me what I am going to do with them?  Dab a little on my neck and body before I go to bed every night to seduce him?  Could this be a hint from my man? LOL!

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Couples Tend To Think Alike?

When my Sikh neighbor gave us a hamper last week, I told hubby that we should give her something back in return.   We didn’t discuss what we should be getting our neighbor but the next morning, when I reminded hubby about it, I suggested getting them a cake.   Hubby was surprised that I gave this suggestion coz he had also thought of getting a cake.  Oh well, I told him great minds think alike and couples tend to think alike too.  Though there are many differences between us, but we think alike in many ways.

We got our neighbor a green tea layered sponge cake with layers of red bean and fresh cream and fresh fruits on top.

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Sweet Memories

As promised, when I was back in Ipoh, I’d taken pix of hubby’s love cards to me during our courting days. Most of the cards were DIY cards by hubby who, I must admit is quite an artistic person.

This is my very 1st Valentine’s Day card from hubby, received when I was barely 14 years old.

Hubby made this card himself to send me his best wishes for my SRP exam when I was 15 years old.

Hubby made this Valentine’s Day card for me, which was my 2nd Valentine’s Day card from him, when I was 15 years old.

Another DIY Valentine’s Day card from hubby to me, when I was 16 years old.

I’m sure many of you would be curious as to when I first met my hubby and when we first started dating. He met me in my old house in Ipoh when he came to visit my big brother (they were classmates) and it was love at first sight for him. I was only 12 years old then and he was 13+ years old. We only went out for our first date when I was 17 yrs old and we got married 10 years later.

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So Much For Just 1 Week

When my hubby does grocery shopping or marketing, he loves buying in bulk. Instead of buying 5 oranges for 1 week, he’d normally buy 20 oranges. This is how much he bought from the pasar malam several days ago. He does our marketing once a week at the pasar malam but with this much fruits and vegetables that he had bought, they can last us for 2 weeks.

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Hubby’s Car Got Hit

2 nights ago after a game of basketball, DH went for supper with his basketball mates. After supper, as DH was about to make a right turn at a corner, a drunkard hit his new car and the bugger wanted to escape. There were dents and scratches across the left doors. Fortunately DH’s basketball mates are all lanky and muscular and they jumped out from DH’s car and tried to prevent the drunkard from escaping. The drunkard whose breath smelled heavily of alcohol got intimated by the group of muscular guys and without any coercion admitted his fault, gave his identity card and business card to DH and agreed to pay the repair cost and end of story. Now, DH got to get his car fixed. Sigh, DH seems to be unlucky driving MPVs… his first MPV was submerged in flood water last year, then when the MPV was fixed, it got stolen and now the 2nd MPV got hit pulak. Really freaky!

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Tag – 10 Things I Hate About My Hubby

Got tagged by Karen Yiau today. This tag is rather straight forward, no need to add pictures whatsoever. Though I really don’t like to badmouth my DH to the whole world, nonetheless, will still accept this tag as part of the game of the blogosphere. Darling, if u read this, no offense k, it’s just the plain truth 😉

Now the 10 things that I dislike about DH :

1. He is a neat freak, loves to keep and hide my things without telling me where he kept them. When I need those things and can’t find them at the original spot where I placed them, I get really peeved.

2. Loves to eat lavishly and at classy expensive restaurants and hotels all the time. This is unnecessary extravagance.

3. He leads an unhealthy lifestyle… eats at odd hours, eats unhealthy food and loves to drink soft drinks (loaded with sugar!!)

4. Does not initiate to look after the kids so that I can rest and have my day off. I even had to look after the kids when I fell ill and he happily went to play basketball.

5. He spends too much time playing basketball and too little time for me and the kids.

6. He works late and comes home late.

7. He sometimes uses vulgar words and swears in front of the kids.

8. He is not the lovey-dovey romantic kind of hubby.

9. He is impatient with me but SUPER patient with the kids.

10. He snores.

Now, I’m going to pass the baton to :

Leena (Baby Shern)

Elaine (Montessorimum)


Sweetpea (Bubba Stuff)

Scribbles For My 2 Angels

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