Would Your Man Shop For You And Your Kids From Online Stores?

NO, my man would never buy clothes, bags and other stuff for me and my kids from online stores. But yes if it’s done at a physical shop. My man never buys anything online. Well, none that I know of. Ever since I started an online shop 3 years ago, my clothes and my kids clothing are sourced mainly online – from my suppliers – 95% of them. Why not since they are at wholesale price and it’s so convenient for busy mums like me? Even my shoes and some lingerie were purchased online from my suppliers. I have even purchased supplements for Baby from a shop in the UK since 3 years ago and still do.

Anyway, back to the topic of my post. The majority of my customers are female shoppers. But when I get a male customer inquiring about a product, I feel doubtful of their intention. How many men will actually comment in a public social networking site to inquire about a ladies wear or a girl dress, right? His comments will be visible by the eyes of the entire world!  My doubt will quell when they have paid for the goods that they had earlier asked about. And that’s when I start to feel bad that I had qualms about them earlier.    I must also admit that I have a slight feeling of envious of the customer’s wife. How lucky is she that her hubby takes the time and trouble to shop for her and her kids from online stores.  Recently I had a male customer who went through all the albums in my online store in FB for about a week, made over a ‘hundred inquiries’ and spent a few hundred bucks worth of clothes and kids accessories for his daughter and wife. About a month later, he bought from me again and went through the same process again. And he did not even ask for a discount though he bought so much from me. Out of gratitude, I gave his daughter a free gift. Oh, how I love customers like this 😀 I know my man will never ever do that and I know many men will not do that either. But I admire those daddies and hubbies who do that for their kids and wife out of love.

Would your man do this for you and your kids?

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8 thoughts on “Would Your Man Shop For You And Your Kids From Online Stores?

  1. MP – it’s too time consuming isn’t it? Hopefully he’ll have some jobs with better rewards that ain’t too time consuming. I’ll look for you again!

  2. LOL @ Mommy to Chumsy!! If that guy can cook and clean bathrooms, I will marry him!!
    My husb is forbidden to buy anything for me! Joke is that he used to buy me scarves that had every colour in it that would match everything in my closet! He also used to buy me shoes half a size too small and I wondered if he was trying to tell me something. These days the kids help him pick out stuff *phew*. The good thing is ard here anything u buy esp for Xmas, they can be returned up to mid-Jan!

  3. Barb, good eh? But dont know if these kind of men will wash toilets and cook or not, like suggested by Chris haha!

    Chris, wow, do all the stores in Canada hv a return policy like this?

  4. your man is already very good ok. he still buys you and your girls stuff. maybe he’s not into online stuff. same goes to my hubby. he will search online but prefers to buy from the brick and mortar. i’ve no complaints here coz he still buys for the girls and me. actually, if ever there is a complaint on my hubby is that he spoils my girls a lot. hehe.

    but it’s very sweet of that male client of yours. i wont blame for doubting him too coz he’s a rare jewel. 😉

  5. I know what you mean! I was incredibly surprised when a man enquired about my Medela Freestyle breast pump LOL

    He even tried to bargain for a lower price but I stayed firm. In the end, I told him how lucky his wife is to have a husband like him!

    Of course, the Hubs got a long lecture from me after that…

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