Throes of Motherhood… Worrying About Your Unwell Child Who’s In School

Alycia was feeling a tad under the weather yesterday. She kept asking me to touch her forehead. If my girls ever ask me to touch their foreheads, I know that they feel feverish and unwell. Alycia was having a runny nose and a productive cough. The sound of the phlegm in her throat each time she coughs is a sign that she’s got a throat infection. She must have gotten the bug from her daddy who is also down with throat infection. In fact, #2 and #3 are also recovering from a cold. Alycia’s lips, which are already naturally very rosy since birth were crimson red and her eyes were watery. Her temperature was 37.4, which normally is a sign that a fever is looming. I told her to skip school tomorrow but she was very, very adamant in going ahead to school. Alycia is one girl who hates missing school. Though I scared her a wee bit about brain damage as a result of having too high a fever, she was still steadfast in her decision. She then bawled and said “MUMMY, I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!” When I said “OK, you can go to school if you have no fever tomorrow morning but you cannot stay back for extra curricular activities”, she bawled again and said “MUMMY, I WANT TO STAY BACK!!” To pacify her, I told her that she could go to school tomorrow (today) on condition that she has no fever tomorrow (today) morning. That managed to placate her. That evening, she was very diligent in gulping down cups after cups of water, popped Esberitox, swallowed a teaspoon of thick Manuka honey without water, chomped down a plate of fruits and ate loads of veggie during dinner! Thank God she woke up this morning without any fever and off she went to school this morning and only came home at about 4:30pm. Only God knew how worried I was for her the whole day and kept thinking about her and wondering if she was OK or otherwise. Oh well, this is just a part of motherhood and the infinity list of worries will never end.

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13 thoughts on “Throes of Motherhood… Worrying About Your Unwell Child Who’s In School

  1. Worrying is something which will never end as long as we are mothers. She really likes school huh? Although she is not well she still wants to go to school. My girl likes to push her luck and she’d efficiently tell me that she has a blocked nose – hoping that she can skip school! :S

  2. I understand how you feel. I feel the same way. I give my boys Esberitox when they are sick too. I also give them 100Plus to drink when they get sore throat/ tonsilitis. My boys are prone to tonsilitis since young.

  3. despite very worrying but on the other hand, you must be very proud of Alycia becos she is so different from other kids which I believed normally kids will opt for a rest at home instead of going to school.

  4. Even my 3yo and 5yo, wouldn’t want to skip school when they are under weather.. They love school, and unless daddy mummy is home to accompany them, else they rather go school to play wif frens!

  5. Granny is proud of you, Alycia. You love to go to school and can take care of yourself… Mummy was like you too, when she was little. She didn’t like missing school…. very hardworking, very focussed and ‘kuai’. BUT if you’re really sick, it’s best to see a doctor to get well sooner , and also not spread your sickness to your friends in class.

  6. My kids were nvr that keen on school! My dtr once dipped the thermometer into a glass of warm water and told me she was having a fever of 40C!! I had to stop myself from laughing! My friend’s kid did the same and she told her dtr to call for an ambulance as her fever was too high! Normal temp is 37 – 37.5C; I also used a US thermometer that did Fahrenheit so the kids never knew which was which and so had no idea what the reading was supposed to be!
    Even if the child got sick, doesn’t the school call u to pick her up? Once I got called that my dtr had “pink eye”(conjunctivitis). Turned out she had been outside during recess picking dandelions and then rubbing her eyes. I told the school off!

  7. Good that Alycia listened to you. She does love school which is great. Imagine if you had the opposite, even worse I think. If she is sick at school, will the school secretary ring you to take her home?

  8. Chris & Charmaine, not sure if the school will ever call. Our government schools here are not as efficient as those in your country. I guess they will only call if the child has fainted or involved in an accident.

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