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Imgur, my free photo upload site is down today. So I Googled ways to upload photos into my WordPress blog without utilizing my limited bandwidth and space storage and found a video on You Tube that teaches noobs like me how to do it.

Before I can declare that it works, can someone please let me know if you can view this InstaWeather picture below?

By the way, it’s pretty chilly today as it’s been raining all day. Love it!

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Thank you dearies!!


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Long Silence

Hellooooo everyone! Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been spending days fixing the unloadable photos in my blogs AGAIN.  Darn it, this is happening too often. As I was fixing one of the old posts, I  read that the last time this happened was on 20 August 2016.  I then checked back my most recent pictures and found out that they are all not loading in my blogs too! In total, I have to fix the photos for 17 months (Nov 2015 through March 2017) for my 3 blogs totalling thousands of photos! I am fuming!!   This confirms that I cannot upload the pictures in Facebook and copy the pictures to my blogs.   Pictures uploaded in Facebook are not compatible with blog settings. Thus, I am now using another way of uploading the photos before importing them to my blogs.  Miss Cheapskate here ain’t going to pay photo hosting sites, thus going through all these trouble.  Since Monday, I have been putting the photos back into each post, one by one.  So much precious time has been wasted doing this!

Anyway, I am trying hard not to stress myself too much over this disaster, though it will take me weeks to resolve. Stress is only going to mess up my body and spur the growth of the fibroid. I’m going to chillax, drown myself with Izumio, enjoy my cuppa ginger + lemon grass + green lemon tonic, enjoy a body massage on my Osim uJolly massage chair while I am at it and walk down memory lane reading all my old posts again 🙂

Below – my cup of pure Bentong ginger powder + ginger brown sugar cube + organic lemon grass powder + organic green lemon powder health tonic.

Can you view the 2 photos?



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Butadon (Pork Bowl Rice)

It’s been a busy 2 days for me.

Two days ago, I discovered that 99% of the photos in  my 3 blogs from the period November 2015 – May 2016 were not loading!  That’s one of the worst nightmares to happen to a blogger. It’s tragic! My blogs mean a lot to me. I started them in 2007 as an online journal and diary on my girls.  I spent all my time since yesterday putting the photos back into each and every post. I am only 90% done with my main blog. I have 2 more blogs to rectify. This is such a waste of my precious time.

In between fixing my blog, I met with a few customers to pass them Izumio and Super Lutein that they ordered from me and explained the products to them.   Also had a lot of work to do on the computer and processing of membership application.  Before I even realize it, it is time to cook dinner already.  Dang it! How I hate cooking when I don’t have the time.

Yet, despite my busyness, I managed to whip up a new dish – Butadon (pork bowl rice).  Also whipped up a sauteed organic French bean with fish paste and julienned carrots.

My pork bowl rice was YUMS!  Almost like the real thing from Japanese restaurants. And the 5% of not tasting identical to the authentic Japanese ones is because I did not use sake, mirin or dashi.  These sauces are all very costly and I don’t use them often.  I replaced sake, mirin and dashi with Teriyaki sauce and organic shoyu.  And cooked it with 3 large big onions, which added so much sweetness and flavor to this dish.  My girls are big fans of onions, garlic and scallions.

I also grilled 4 super huge Portobello with minced garlic. They were so juicy and yums!  Portobello mushrooms are great as meat replacement for vegans.

Thinly sliced pork or beef – get those thinly sliced meat for steamboat / Korean BBQ
Carrot, julienned thinly
3 large onions
Chopped garlic
Teriyaki sauce
Shoyu sauce
Chopped scallions
1 tablespoon sugar (I used organic brown sugar)

Directions for Butadon:
1) Marinate pork slices with a little corn flour and teriyaki sauce and leave in fridge for a few hours.
2) Heat oil in non-stick pan.
3) Brown the onions and garlic.
4) Brown the pork / beef slices
5) Add julienned carrot
5) Add water, sugar and shoyu and simmer for about 15 mins.
6) Check doneness of meat.
7) Add the chopped scallions.
8) Plate up and enjoy!

I used pork belly purchased from De Market Supermarket and asked the pork section assistant to slice them thinly for me.  De Market has a very good choice of fresh pork that are free from growth hormones and antibiotics. I can’t remember the brand name of the pork but I shall let you know in my next post. Yup, the pork is branded and not overly exorbitant.  I always get the guys there to mince or slice my selected meat. I even request them to wash the meat for me before they mince the meat.

This dish is pretty easy to prepare and ain’t very messy to the kitchen. My 3 fussy-pots loved it. Even the one who’s the hardest to please gave it a double thumbs up.  Do give it a try!


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HFM’s Back But Still Not Out Of The Woods Yet!

Hey peeps, Health Freak Mommy is back after being in the pits for 2 days!   But she is not 100% out of the woods yet.

My domain host has already cleaned my blogs of virus. So the blogs are safe to visit now.  However, my site is still flagged by Google as my host has just only cleaned the site today.  We have already notified Google to whitelist the site but this  will take several days for Google to review and to whitelist my sites.

When you hop to my blog, you will still see the red Malware notice, as shown below. Click on details and click on ‘Visit this unsafe site’. No doubt it says unsafe, but it is now clear of virus.  It seems that the virus stemmed from the blog theme which we have now removed.



SIGH!!  This is the umpteenth time since late last year that my blogs have been injected with spam, virus, malware and possibly hacked.  I cannot even recall how many times my blogs had been compromised.

Enough of  my blogs being hacked.  See my kitchen below.  It was hacked today!  Hacking continues tomorrow. We have to engage a contractor to hack down all the kitchen wall tiles as the tiles are starting to bulge out from the wall, no thanks to the contractor who did a very shoddy renovation job to our unit 6 years ago.  Everything done by the contractor had to be redone by us at our own expenses now from the bathrooms and now to  the kitchen.  If we do not do anything about the tiles now,  the tiles will one day collapse onto someone unlucky who is in the kitchen. We definitely do not want that to happen.  And I. Hate. Renovations!  Our kitchens are in a mess and very, very dusty now.


So yup, my situation is one of messy now.   Blogs are in a mess. House is in a mess.  And my mind is in a mass of mess with too many issues to straighten out.   My non-stop emails with the domain host (my mind is boggled reading so many IT jargons), messages to customers and suppliers, cleaning up the mess in the house and groping in the dark in the kitchen as the light switches are all yanked out too.  But I am certain that this low point is just a passing phase.  Life is a roller coaster.  I will surely reach the top again 🙂




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Sweet Captcha To Prevent Spam Comments

Lately, I have been receiving tons of spam comments in my blog posts, like hundreds of spam messages in an hour!

To counter these spammy comments, I have just installed a Sweet Captcha plug-in in my blog.

Hence, from now onwards, after you have typed in your comment, you will need to do a very simple and fun puzzle like jig saw puzzle, which takes you just a few seconds 😀

Below is a print screen of what you will see when you comment in my blog post.  You will see at the bottom of the blog post after you have clicked ‘Leave A Comment’ or ‘xx Thoughts’ a box on ‘Verify your real existence’ .  Here there will be an easy puzzle for you to solve each time you leave a comment (different puzzle each time).  All you need to do is to drag the correct picture to the puzzle box on the right side.  Easy peasy only 😀


print screen


Thank you for taking the time and effort to read my blog and to leave your comments.

Here’s sending you lotsa virtual kisses and hugs *muack muack*


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Blog Revamp

For the past 2 weeks, I have been facing infinite number of issues with this blog and my Health Is Wealth blog.  According to the host, my blogs have been infected by some malware. Both the host and I have been doing a lot of checks, trials and errors and no permanent solution could be found for my blogs.  You know, I treat my blogs like my children.  They chronicle the daily happenings of my 3 girls.  My blogs are 6.5 years old and I created them when Alycia and Sherilyn were toddlers and Cass was not even created yet.  Last night, the host finally told me to uninstall the WordPress from my blogs and to reinstall them.  When that was being done and I could not see my blogs anymore, I felt like my kids were kidnapped from me.  They finally came back a few hours later but the blogs were in haywire… I felt as if my kids were severely hurt after their ordeal!  This blog only has some pictures – which were uploaded from  Photobucket and Facebook and then previously copied to this blog.  The rest of the pix that were uploaded in this blog were all gone!  I felt like a part of me has been ripped off.  The host is still working to salvage all the pix. If this fails, I will have no choice but to upload them all over again.  One. by. one!  Gawd, this is like a nightmare to me.

You will also notice that I have no choice but to install a new theme.  And this time, I finally have the chance to upload the latest picture of my 3 girls on the header. Yay to this!

The blog host and I are still working round the clock to salvage as much as possible from the old blog. So do stay tuned for more updates 🙂  Oh yes, yesterday Cass went for her first electromagnetic accupuncture to fix her bladder issue. I shall blog about this soon.


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Unable To Post Comments, Sorry!

To all my valued blog readers, you will be unable to post comment in this blog temporarily while my website host is trying to resolve a slight technical glitch right now. Thanks to Submerryn, my blog friend, who told me late last night that she was unable to post comment in my blog, else the error would have gone unnoticed.  Thankfully I am still able to upload new posts.  Be patient, we will be up and about again! 😉

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A Big Scare

I got a big scare this morning when I could not access both my blogs.  After my blog was downloaded, I got a message stating “Internet Explorer cannot open the internet website https://www.healthfreakmommy.com.  Operation aborted“.   When I checked my blogspot blog and got the same message, I quickly checked other blogs. Nope, I didn’t see that message in their blogs. I was so sure someone was trying to attack my blogs with some malicious virus.  I really freaked out when mamapumkin emailed me to tell me that she could not access both my blogs.  Chumsyashley also told me she couldn’t access my blogs.  I quickly reported the problem to my blog host and called the computer guy over to my place.   Minutes later, Chumsyashley SMSed me to tell me that she saw the same message appearing in a few other blogs too.  That gave me a tad relief….. that my blogs weren’t the only blogs who got the message.

About 2 hours later, the problem was finally resolved by itself.  Phew…. thank God my blogs were not hacked or attacked by some jealous freaks. 

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Haywire No More!

Got to thank Samm who has taught me how to reduce the size of my image.  Pretty simple, just edit the image by dragging the right bottom side of the image.  However, since it’s my first time doing it, the image went all over the place and I had to readjust it.  I just hope I did not mess up the codes as that particular post has soooooo many codes and requirements.  Praying hard that my post won’t get rejected by 3p.

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My Blog Has Gone Haywire!

After I had copied some codes to form an image in my blog post from the 3P website, my blog has gone haywire!  The image is incredibly huge  and the presentation of my blog would normal go haywire if an image that’s too huge is uploaded.  Oh dear, can anyone tell me how to solve my problem?  My blog looks so awful now! The left sidebar widgets are now all pushed to the bottom right side of my blog.  Please help….

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Lost Posts

I finally managed to retrieve my lost posts for my Blogspot blog from BlogBackupOnline.com, a website which currently provides free back-up service.  The response to my email and customer service were very good and prompt and they managed to guide me to recover my lost posts.  I had worked until 1am to recover my posts.  They even offered to call me to guide me through the process to restore my blog. I am impressed with this company.

However, I am totally disappointed with the host of my blog.  My lost posts were not saved in their system.  Just don’t understand how this can happen and I am really dissatisfied with their service.  I have now also backed up my own blog at BlogBackupOnline.com.  Even if they decide to implement a back-up service fee in future, I will be willing to pay.

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Lousy Mood

I’m in a real lousy mood now coz I have lost almost 100 posts from both my blogs.  Most of them are sponsored posts that are unapproved and unpaid yet.  If I can’t retrieve my post,  my heart will really ache.  It’s like loosing something costly that you’d put in so much effort, time and sacrifice into.   I’ve also wasted a lot of time today checking which posts I have lost.  I haven’t replied to any of the comments that I’d received today for my blogs and I haven’t visited any blogs yet.

The problem started after my computer came back from the computer shop.  I’d spoken to the Assistant Manager of the shop and of course, he said he didn’t delete anything or format anything, save for installing the new version of Internet Explorer into my PC.   Yeah, yeah,  he can wash his hands clean and tai chi everything back to me but if he really did something which caused my posts to vanish,  then God bless him.  God will bless me too.

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I’m In Deep Shit

Yes I am coz all of a sudden, a handful of my posts have vanished from both my Blogspot blog and this blog.  Most of them are paid posts by Digivate (recent unapproved ones all gone), Blogsvertise (recent unapproved ones all gone),  Blogging Ads (old gone), PU2B (recent unpaid ones all gone) and God knows what other posts have vanished.  Blogsvertise has already sent me an email stating that they can’t locate the URL of my post.  I don’t know how much I am going to loose if I can’t retrieve all my posts. 

I’m praying that after I have re-installed the old version of Internet Explorer back to my computer,  the vanished posts will re-appear again.  Else, all my hard work, lost of sleep, time and effort will vanish in thin air too and I’m going to be really upset!  I’m already very upset now.  God please help me salvage my lost posts!

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