I’m In Deep Shit

Yes I am coz all of a sudden, a handful of my posts have vanished from both my Blogspot blog and this blog.  Most of them are paid posts by Digivate (recent unapproved ones all gone), Blogsvertise (recent unapproved ones all gone),  Blogging Ads (old gone), PU2B (recent unpaid ones all gone) and God knows what other posts have vanished.  Blogsvertise has already sent me an email stating that they can’t locate the URL of my post.  I don’t know how much I am going to loose if I can’t retrieve all my posts. 

I’m praying that after I have re-installed the old version of Internet Explorer back to my computer,  the vanished posts will re-appear again.  Else, all my hard work, lost of sleep, time and effort will vanish in thin air too and I’m going to be really upset!  I’m already very upset now.  God please help me salvage my lost posts!

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