Lousy Mood

I’m in a real lousy mood now coz I have lost almost 100 posts from both my blogs.  Most of them are sponsored posts that are unapproved and unpaid yet.  If I can’t retrieve my post,  my heart will really ache.  It’s like loosing something costly that you’d put in so much effort, time and sacrifice into.   I’ve also wasted a lot of time today checking which posts I have lost.  I haven’t replied to any of the comments that I’d received today for my blogs and I haven’t visited any blogs yet.

The problem started after my computer came back from the computer shop.  I’d spoken to the Assistant Manager of the shop and of course, he said he didn’t delete anything or format anything, save for installing the new version of Internet Explorer into my PC.   Yeah, yeah,  he can wash his hands clean and tai chi everything back to me but if he really did something which caused my posts to vanish,  then God bless him.  God will bless me too.

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8 thoughts on “Lousy Mood

  1. first time i heard of such incident. tot everything is saved into your blog/ftp or whatsoever? how can it just dissappear like that? Do they have password to your blog? still cannot understand how this could happen….

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