Nasonex Nasal Spray

Because of her sensitive and allergic nose, Alycia is now on 1 month of Nasonex nasal spray. It’s a real battle every single night when it’s time for me to spray this into her nose. A lot of power struggle is involved. I’ve tried coaxing, sweet-talking, hugging, kissing, bribing and threatening but nothing would make Alycia want to have this sprayed into her nostrils. She would run, hide under the covers, cover her face with her hands, toss and turn, kick and struggle to avoid me. My maid would help me to hold her body down whilst I would have to use my left knee to hold down her hands before pressing the spray into each side of her nostril at lightning speed, lest she kicks me on my tummy. Seconds later, she would cough and pretend to puke and I would quickly put the bin in front of her and force her to drink some water. She would then scream in defiance and demands for tissue paper to blow off the spray from her nose. Such is the battle scene in my room every single night. Last night, daddy sprayed for her but she puked after that. For those of you with kids on nasal spray too, do they put up such fuss too?

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