Bad Case Of Being Stung By Cili Padi

Baby was weaned off my breasts about a month ago. But she had a relapse of the boobies! Though she no longer needed the boobs to help her fall asleep at night, funnily she still needed them to lull her to sleep in the afternoon. Then the addiction started to intensify and she would climb up onto my lap and touch her comfort tools whenever she felt sleepy or bored. When I could no longer tolerate the ‘fondling’, I took out the cili padi again. Though she saw me rubbing the cut cili padi on my boobs, that hardcore boobies addict went ahead and licked them and then the burning sensation began to torture her tongue and her mouth. She did not cry (as she knew she asked for it LOL!!) but she ran to the kitchen, pulled an Ikea stool to the counter top and kept pouring water into her cup to drink… she gulped down cups after cups of water muahahahaha! After that incident, whenever the addiction kicked in, she would run to me, tries to touch my boobs and then she would ask “your breast got cili?” I would give her a resounding YES and show her some dried up cili padi left on my computer top. This has never failed to stop her from laying her mouth on my boobies again LO!!

Caught in action!!

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Withdrawal Symptoms

One of Baby’s boops weaning withdrawal symptoms is that she would refuse to nap in the afternoon. We used to nap together in the afternoon and she would latch on to her comfort tools for comfort sucking and would easily drift into lalaland. Ever since she was weaned off my boops, she would refuse to nap, in strong defiance. She would spend all her time playing and eating till no end!! By evening around 6pm, her batteries would be flat and she would doze off on the couch while watching TV with her 2 jie jies. She hardly naps on the bed anymore now.

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Day 6 Cassandra Is Weaned Off The Breasts

The withdrawal symptoms were still pretty bad on Day 6. Baby refused to nap in the afternoon and for the first time in her life, she skipped her afternoon nap. By 9pm, she was so dead tired that she fell asleep on the couch with a bottle of Vitagen in her hand, only half a bottle drank. In the afternoon when she should be sleeping, she screamed murder each time I tried to bring her into the bedroom to nap. She spent all her time in the afternoon nibbling on snacks – biscuits, bread, banana, cherry tomatoes and Vitagen as if nothing seemed to be able to satiate her hunger, in front of the tellie… watching old videos taken of her 2 jie jies with mummy, daddy and her grandparents. She’s also resisting going to the bathroom to pee or to shower. Despite skipping her nap yesterday, Baby woke up at 5:50am today, sigh!! Whenever she’s up at this ungodly hour, my plans will be thwarted. So no gym for me today. Shortly after she woke up, rascal #2 also woke up at 6am. Both rascal #2 and #3 were entertained by the idiot box while I completed some work on the computer.

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Bad Case Of Withdrawal Symptoms — Boopless

It has been about 5 days Baby is weaned off my boops. While she does not ask for my boops anymore, the withdrawal symptoms are pretty awful. From an angelic toddler, Baby has transformed overnight into a screaming, vengeful rascal, as if to get back at mummy for confiscating her comfort tools . She is resisting sleeping with me in the afternoon, resisting going to the bathroom to pee and shower, wants to munch on snacks the whole day and is very whiny. She’s driving me up the wall with her temper tantrums, so much that I am SOOOO tempted to offer her my boops again to placate her BUT I must stick to my gun. If I give in, the whole cycle will start again and she will never be weaned off my boops. Praying that things will eventually get better and she will be a cute, angelic and lovable Baby again.

A hungry 2.5yo Baby, eating non-stop to get over mummy’s boops LOL!!

Cassandra is exactly 2 years 7 months old today. Happy 2years 7 months old baby girl. Mummy will love you always, unconditionally…

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Withdrawal Symptoms

Baby has been having withdrawal symptoms on the 3rd day she’s weaned off my boops. On day 2, she was alright as we were out shopping at Mid Valley Megamall for 5 hours. The withdrawal symptoms appeared since yesterday (3rd day). She kept asking to munch on snacks – biscuits, organic crackers, cherry tomatoes, biscuits again, kuih, fish balls and ice cream even though I had just given her a cup of fresh milk with a scoop of Dutch Lady chocolate formula. Nothing she ate seemed to satiate her burning hunger. Is she that hungry? Her mouth just had to move. Before she was weaned, her mouth was always moving as she was always latched on!

In the afternoon, she refused to lie down with me on the bed to take her nap. When I went near her, she closed her mouth tight with both her hands! She thought that my boops still have red chili on them muahahahaha! But I really miss nursing her. I miss looking at her cute face while she’s enjoying her fix. I have been giving Baby more hugs and kisses for the past 3 days to compensate what she’s losing. But my Baby is growing up.

Yesterday when I was at the baby department at Jusco, I missed shopping for baby stuff. I told myself that very soon, I may not even walk pass the baby department anymore. Suddenly, I felt emotional. My 3 girls have grown up. Though the first few years of taking care of small babies are very very taxing, stressful mentally and physically, I am already missing my 3 girls’ years as babies and toddlers. Cassandra will be my last baby and 3 days ago was the last day I had a baby to nurse. Very soon my 3 girls will be teenagers and the house will be quiet again, devoid of screams, whining and cries. I will not be a screaming mummy anymore (I hope so!). I will be able to enjoy my dip in the pool or work out at the gym at any time of the day I fancy for I need not have to worry anymore that my girls are alone with the maid at home. I don’t have to worry about their fingers being pinched by doors, that they will fall off the chair or get scalded by hot water. I will have a next set of worries to tackle then. That’s motherhood.  And yes, I am also having withdrawal symptoms now!

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Finally, Baby Is Weaned Off My Boops..

…and it was a red cili padi that managed to scare my own little cili padi and prevented her from going near my boops.  Today is Day 3. Hooray!!

I had wanted to wean Baby off my boops when she turned 2yo but just did not have the heart to do it as she seemed to have so much comfort whenever she had her comfort tools.  But lately, her addiction to the boobies were getting worse.  Whenever she is bored, she will come to me and ‘harass’ me with her suckling and fondling LOL!!!  Can you imagine being fondled the whole night?  I had been loosing sleep because of this.  So 3 days ago, when I could no longer tolerate it any longer, I just took out a cili padi from the fridge and rubbed it on my boops in front of Baby and voila, it worked like a charm, like magic.  Baby was terrified of going near by boops.  She was reluctant to have her shower with me and even wanted to sleep with her mah mah and jie jies muahahahahaha!!!   Bad thing is gosh, my boops now hurt from engorgement.  Can’t believe I am still having engorgement after 2.5 years!

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