Reunited Again

Jenn (pic below – long blond hair in black shirt), my childhood friend from Ipoh since kindergarten came back from Seattle for a holiday and we had a short meetup over lunch on Monday.  The last time we met up was in October last year.

The four of us pictured here have been friends since primary school, except for Jenn whom I’ve know since our kindy days in the mid 1970s.  Jenn is now one of the top photographers in Seattle and I’m really proud of her achievement. Since high school, she’s been one very creative, witty, smart and fun-loving  friend to be with. We’d spent many memorable and crazy days camping and traveling together. If only I could turn back the clock, I’ll choose the years 1987 through 1990. We had the most fun, laughter and mischief during those years❤️

Our lunch at Village Duck @ Bangsar Village:

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So Who Died Ah?

After the fatal heart attack incident at our apartment two days ago, many residents including me, were curious to know who the deceased was.  We only knew that he was a large size Indian man with a beer belly.  All the residents whom I bumped into asked me if the deceased was my opposite neighbor, an Indian bachelor who also has a pot belly; who is also a regular gym-goer; because rumors had it that it was him!  That got me and the girls really, really itching to know if it was indeed our neighbor! We hoped that it’s not him. He’s such a sweet guy, always surprising us with cakes that he buys from his Europe holidays. The latest gift from him was two months ago, a Marks & Spencer butter cream cake from London.

Then Cass suggested that I buy some fruits for our Indian neighbor before ringing on his doorbell to check on him. But puh-lease, that’s so not me.  And what do ya know? Two days after the incident, our Indian neighbor (like he could read my mind! Talk about the Law of Attraction!) rang our doorbell at 9 p.m. and gave us a big bunch of bananas!

When I was chatting with him at the door, I almost wanted to slap him on his arm and tell him (as if we were old friends) that I thought it was him who died at the gym but am so glad to see him at the door alive 🤣  And you know what, I think he had an ulterior motive too! Before he left, he asked me if I knew who died at the gym. I was so tempted to tell him “eh, everyone at our block thought it was you who died la!”   

Hubs quipped that maybe our Indian neighbor also had the same curious thought on his mind – is that my neighbor who died (my hubby)?  Maybe that’s the reason why he came over in the pretext of giving us bananas, just to check on us (hubby). 🤣

Sweet and juicy organic bananas planted by our neighbor’s workers at his land in Rawang.

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Our Good Friend, Alan Yun’s Wedding

Alan Yun, our close friend of over 2 decades finally tied the knot on 19 January 2019.  Hubs and I have been waiting for this day for so long!

The wedding was held at Zion Lutheran Church @ Brickfields. I was there with Cass and Sherilyn; Alycia had to be in school and was disappointed that she couldn’t attend Alan kor kor and Emily che che’s wedding.

Can you spot the hubs? The most ‘compact’ one haha!

ball gown prom dresses

When Alan Yun saw his beautiful wife Emily walking towards  him at the altar, tears swelled and he tried to control his emotion. But when he had to take the wedding vows before the pastor, he abandoned his attempts as he shed tears of joy at the vision of all the guests in the church. It was a very touching moment indeed. The hubs who was seated at the front seat along with the other ‘heng tai’ (‘brothers’) shed tears too. In fact, Alan Yun made everyone shed tears of joy and emotions. Told you he’s a very good actor!  Nah, this time it’s not crocodile tears but genuine tears.

Can you spot the hubby in the picture below?  No, not the guy wiping his tears. That’s Nelson, Direction of Pensonic, who is a good friend of both the Alans – Alan Yun the groom and Alan Yap the hubs.

A page snapped from the wedding album ~ the couple with Limapulo: Baba Can Cook executive chef John Tan.  Alan Yun and uncle John are the owners of this award-winning Baba & Nyonya restaurant. Limapulo serves one of the best curry laksa and nasi lemak in town. We all love the food there, especially the homemade sambal and curry laksa.

Article from 14 Feb 2019 Star Lifestyle papers featuring Alan Yun and Emily’s wedding:

Halloween Vinyl Photo Backdrops (backdrop roll)

The hubs had to bear the worst brunt of all the ‘chi mui’ (bridesmaids) during the ‘groom receives bride’ ceremony. It’s a Chinese custom where the bride’s ‘chi mui’ aka bridesmaids would set a long list of obstacles for the groom to tackle before he can lift the veil and kiss the bride.  And the groom’s ‘heng tai’ (best men) would come to the rescue by tackling the hardest obstacles.  The hubs, who was blind-folded was stripped off his shirt and had his tits zapped with masking tape by the group of pretty young things. The video of him being ‘tortured’ was uploaded on social media! 🤣

From a young teenager who worked part-time as a waiter for the hubs to a well-known model cum celebrity and now a successful entrepreneur and married man, we are so proud of Alan Yun. He will always be our good friend (the most humble and sincere one), though we are now all too busy with our lives to travel together again.

Heartiest congratulations once again Ah Lun and Emily!  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. And may the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together. We can’t wait for you and Emily to have a baby soon!!

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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Today I managed to steal a few hours in the afternoon on my busiest day of the week to meet a couple of friends.  My childhood friend, J has come from Singapore and the last time we met was exactly 13 months ago when I was in Singapore to visit my newborn twin niece and nephew.   I cancelled Cass’ Mandarin tuition class and piano class so that I could meet up with J & SP.  Thankfully hubs could help to fetch Drama Queen to her taekwondo class.

I could not join my friends when they had lunch in Shah Alam as I had to fetch Drama Queen back from school and settle the girls’ lunch. Took Grab to Happy Mansion @ S17, PJ later to join them for dessert at Kwong Wah for the best cendol in town.

If you’re staying in the Klang Valley, you’d have probably heard of the cendol at Happy Mansion.  The very addictive cendol is served in petite bowls piled sky-high with ice so finely shaven, it almost resembles the texture of ice-cream.

Tucked away in a quaint little shoplot in Happy Mansion flats in Section 17, Petaling Jaya this tiny shop is a family business that has been going strong for 60 years now.

It’s currently run by the third generation of the family, with their signature cendol and ice kacang offerings being the main attractions. The waves of customers streaming in and out of the shop all day long is testimony to how much of a delicacy their desserts have come to be.

Hubs brought us to this shop several weeks ago to try Kwong Wah’s cendol but we had to detour when we saw a long beeline outside the shop.

The cendol (RM5.50) is one of the best I have tasted in the Klang Valley thus far.  It is a rich and creamy concoction of fresh santan (coconut milk) and Gula Melaka. The pandan-flavoured, green jelly strips that sit atop the mound of ice shavings are firm yet smooth with a hint of pandan aroma.

My first round of cendol with my friends:

The assam laksa is undeniably very toothsome as well.

Later when the hubs came to pick me up, I had another round of cendol, which is really very addictive!

While waiting for the hubs to pick me up, something interesting caught my eyes.  Just a few shops away from Kwong Wah, I saw a swarm of people queuing outside the shop; on the floor outside the shop were tubs and tubs of CNY cookies wrapped inside huge red plastic bags, ready to be picked up by customers.

Never have I seen so many types of CNY cookies housed inside a shoplot for sale. The entire shop sells only festive cookies and dried meat. After CNY, the shop would be selling Hari Raya cookies followed by Deepavali and Christmas cookies. I later found out that the shop, Milky Way Cookies is a manufacturer of festive cookies. They supply their cookies to hotels and shops  as well. The shop was super crammed with last minute shoppers like me hunting for their favorite cookies. Choosing the cookies can be a headache as there are close to a hundred type of cookies and homemade snacks to choose from!

As there were no more shopping baskets left for me to place my cookies, I could only cope with no more than 3 tubs of cookies with my hands. Everyone was buying at least 5 tubs of cookies and I had to queue up for about 15 minutes just to pay.

Friends since primary school, SP (on my right) used to swoop the top few positions in the entire standard all through her primary school days.  The man opposite me is her hubby, who is a doctor.  J (on the left) used to be my sidekick and we had a lot of fun making fun of people’s names and just about anything.  Yeah I know we were mean and we still are and we can only be this evil when the both of us get together.  We’re very good in gossiping too 🤣, right J?  I know you’ll be reading this.  Can’t wait to meet up with you and everyone else again when Jenn comes back from the US of A in December this year.


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Meet Up With Old Classmates

It’s been a while since my last meet up with my ertswhile classmates from MGS Ipoh. If not for Jennifer who is back from the US of A, I think there would not be a meet up so soon.  After I dropped off my car at the service center, I took Grab to Tasty Chapathi for lunch.

Everyone of us has been busy with our children, jobs and family respectively. It’s pretty difficult to set a date where everyone is available.  Yesterday’s lunch meet up at Tasty Chapathi @ PJ was just the six of us. And it was a great one.  Our yackety-yak was really loud (like teenagers😁 ) along with thunderous guffaw  kept making heads turn towards our direction.  🤫 🤭  We certainly didn’t appear to be a bunch of 45 year old aunties 🤣

Jennifer (on my left) and I have been friends for exactly 4 decades, since we were five! Jennifer is an accomplished photographer in Seattle. I am really proud of her achievement.

Our droolicious North Indian cuisine:



I loved all the dishes but didn’t eat much as I was too busy catching up with my classmates. Plus my throat was still a tad scratchy. There will definitely be a second time at Tasty Chapathi and this time with my family.

Love this Punjabi Chai tea so much. It’s my first time tasting it and I’m totally hooked on it now!

Tasty Chapathi
UNIT C-13A-1 & C-15-01 PHASE 3
NO. 2, Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 016-330 2762

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A Card From USA Received Via Snail Mail

A couple of weeks back, I received a surprise in my letter box.  It was a birthday card all the way from San Francisco, USA.  My friend of over 3 decades posted it to me.   I can’t even remember when I last received a card by snail mail from a close friend.  So this birthday card came as a big surprise to me.


Jo and I got to know each other when we were twelve. She was transferred from another school. We were besties the following year, when we were in Form 1 and remained good friends until we left school after Form 5.  We did many crazy things together, along with our other crazy classmates and laughed like crazy everyday.  We went on school trips together and cycled round our neighborhood together every evening.  We even went to school together everyday since we lived near each other.

One of my best memories with Jo was our many camping trips to Pangkor Island and Pulau Kapas in Terengganu when we were 13 and 16.  We also attended a 10-day Wilderness Adventure Camp in Lumut (similar to Outward Bound School) together when we were 16 years old.

Our friendship took a breather when we went our separate ways after we left high school.  She is now residing in the US with her hubby and baby girl.  Late last year, we met again in Ipoh and our friendship rekindled 🙂


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Lovely Visitors

I had some lovely visitors over at my place last Saturday. Annie and her twin boys, Elaine Tan and her cute Amber and Barb and her bubbly Ashley popped by. Elaine and Annie were here to collect their loot from me and ordered some more 😀

It wasn’t easy getting 7 kiddos to sit still and behave themselves for the group pic… Can you recognize who is who?

Barb bought my kids these colorful santan jellies which they absolutely loved….

Elaine baked these sugar-reduced chocolate chip cookies and they are really really delicious.  I gobbled up almost the entire bottle myself sei mou!!  Elaine, you are a fantastic cook and baker!

Annie also bought some cute stickers for the girls.  It was great having them over to my place and I hope that we can do this more often, yes ladies?

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There Indeed Are Kind Souls Everywhere

I am deeply touched, so touched that I am choking with emotions now. A few days ago, one of my blog readers sent me an SMS. She told me that she had read about Baby’s latest UTI attack. She was so concerned for Baby that she sent me a pack of supplements costing close to RM200 for free, in the hope that the supplement can strenghthen Baby’s immune system, thus she will have no more UTI attacks.

Two days ago when I placed my order for Baby’s anti-UTI supplements from an online store in London, the owner who read about Baby’s latest UTI attack told me that whatever I order from her, she will double up the order for me for FREE! This owner had previously sent me 3 tubs of anti-UTI supplements (D-Mannose) for free when she read about what Baby had gone through. I had ordered 2 tubs of D-Mannose from her and she will be shipping 4 tubs to me, 2 of which will be given free!

There indeed are kind souls in this world, people who give with no intention of getting something back in return. They give with the sincere hope of helping. When Baby was lying in the hospital after her 2 surgeries in May last year, many people from near and far had chipped in to help my hubs and I settle the bill which cost over RM50k. A few blogger friends contributed between RM500 to a four-figure amount. Some sent gifts to Baby. I am deeply moved. May God bless their kind souls and their loved ones.

To those of you who have helped me and are reading this now, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Our Sunday

On Sunday, we attended my friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday party at Mc Donald’s.   Yi Yi is my childhood friend since we were in nursery back in Ipoh and I’ve known her for over 3 decades!  Her daughter is 1.5 months older than Alycia.  Yi Yi is also the sil of Paik Ling.  She told Paik Ling about my blog 2 years ago and since then, Paik Ling and I have been good friends as well.  What a small world eh?

It was the first time Baby attended a kids’ birthday party and she grew wild when she saw the indoor play area. She didn’t want to eat her food that I’d brought for her. She kept clapping her hands and rocked her body to the blasting music that was being played. She went down the slide countless times and didn’t want to go home!

Recognize this handsome boy? He’s Paik Ling’s Bryan.

My lil’ missy really looked like a little aunty here, with the McD party bag over her left hand and with the same hand clutching on to some french fries!  See, forbidden food always taste so darn good.  She was so busy sipping her chilled Ribena and munching on her french fries that she didn’t play much.

The sweet little girl behind Sherilyn is Leanne, the birthday girl. And oh yes, the dress that Sherilyn is wearing here is actually Alycia’s.  My sil bought it for Alycia from Pumpkin Patch but my tomboy Alycia prefers to wear jeans *slaps forehead*.  Sherilyn was grinning from ear to ear hearing that her jie jie didn’t want the dress!  When it comes to girlish dress and Princess stuff, I can pass them all to Sher and she’ll receive them with her hands wide opened.

We had to leave the party early when I received a call from Barb. She was on her way back from Ipoh and she wanted to pass something to me. This pretty mum from Ipoh had baked some cookies for me. Though we had just known each other through blogging and Facebook, she had baked me this box of very scrumptious chocolate chip cookies with almond bits and cornflakes cookies.

My girls and I were so hooked on the cookies and we finished the last piece yesterday! There goes my diet again, off the track again! Thanks Agnes once again for the delicious cookies.  That was so very thoughtful of you.  I really think you’ll make it if you venture into a cookies-and-cakes-baking homebased business coz your cookies taste soooo good!

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Mini Bloggers’ Meet

We had a mini bloggers’ meet at Paik Ling’s house today.  Initially, only Wen, Jaclyn and I were confirmed going and we did not plan to have a bloggers’ meet there, not at all.  We just wanted to see Baby Bradley and pass a gift to Paik Ling.  But as it turned out, there were 7 of us, minus the kids and my hubs.  Jazzmint and Sue (the 2 bloggers cum photographers)  were there for the newborn baby shoot for Baby Bradley.  We had a lot of fun yakking and yakking away and we made so much noise, we almost brought the house down lol!   Wen the leng lui and sexy mama was so kind she helped Paik Ling mop the floor coz Paik Ling’s maid had recently ran away. 

My tummy was rumbling away as Paik Ling’s house was filled with the aroma of ‘jue keok choa’ (pig’s trotters in black vinegar) and red dates water…. and it was lunch time! I so wanted to try the jue keok choa but malu lar, hahahaha…..though Paik Ling kept offering me a bowl and some to bring home to eat.  We could have continued yakking but then it was lunch time and we did not want to disturb Paik Ling.

Left to right on the couch : Jazzmint, Sue, Jaclyn, Wen, Paik Ling and Baby Bradley
Left to right on the floor : Ginie (this leng lui doesn’t want her pretty face shown to the world wor), Alycia, Chanel, Sherilyn, moi, Baby and Faythe is behind playing.

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Who Visited Us

This mummy who is heavily pregnant with her 3rd baby paid me a visit on Thursday. This lady who is one helluva friend gave me a big surprise when she presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers. She said I needed someone to pamper too and boy was she right, I felt so pampered when I received the flowers!

She also gave my gals these goodies :

The pack of animal biscuit on the right was a hit with my 3 gals and they have all been snapped up now. The pack of biscuits on the left is curry-flavored biscuits, though they are not spicy.

Cute and pretty colorful animal-shaped jellies which she bought from Pavillion, which my 2 older gals went gaa gaa over.

My 2 older gals, especially Sher had a great time playing with aunty Paik Ling who was really sporting and was patient enough to listen to them talk nonsense.  Sher was playing doctor with her and she used her toy stethoscope to listen to every part of aunty Paik Ling’s body lol…

She also used her toy power saw and said she wanted to saw off aunty PL’s stomach to bring the baby out muahahaha….. and the fun thing was aunty PL played along with her.

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Thank You

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for baby Cassandra throughout our 3-week ordeal here in Penang.  I especially want to thank Paik Ling for going all out to help me organize a fund-raising drive to help ease our financial burden arising from the ginormous medical bill.  You’re really a God-sent friend! Hubby and I were informed earlier that the cost of the entire hospital stay  would be in the region of RM10k+ and never ever did we imagine that our baby would run into complications and required another major surgery which caused the bill to escalate to over RM50k. 

I thank God for giving me so many good friends who have helped me out.  I would also like to say thank you to Michelle ( who came to the hospital to visit me last Saturday and passed me some wonderful toys for Baby C and to hand me the contribution.  Also thank you to Vivian for dropping by to say hi to me.  Thanks also to Rachel (Phillip’s mum) for the beautiful hamper and Pooh Bear for Baby C…. all the way with love from KL.   Thanks to my cousin Jamie for visiting me and for the beautiful hamper.

Also thanks to all those bloggers who had emailed me privately to offer financial help to help ease my burden. You know who you are. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your offer.

I would like to officially say a big thank you to all the bloggers and non-bloggers who have contributed to the fund-raising drive for Baby Cassandra’s hospital bill. THANK YOU!

Once again, I want to thank YOU (you know who you are 🙂 ) for the earlier donation.  Though I did not accept it and you had donated it to a charity organization as requested by me, I have no regrets for it as you had pledged the amount on behalf of Baby C.  

Thanks also to Barb, Chin Nee, Sue Low, Elaine Tan, Montessorimum, Chanel, Samm,  Shir Lin and Jeff, Joyce, Michelle again who have been keeping in touch with me throughout my ordeal and giving me words of comfort. 

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to my wonderful parents and sil in HK for their never-ending moral support and also financial support during this very difficult time.   Thank you also to my mil for helping me look after Alycia and Sherilyn single-handedly in KL throughout these 3 weeks.

Though the hubs and I have been caught in this nightmare that never seemed to end, with support from friends, my parents and bloggers (though we have never met, yet you helped), we feel really blessed. Baby C is really blessed to have grandparents, parents,  koo mar, friends, godfather and kind samaritans all over the world who are so concerned for her well-being and sincerely wish to help save her life. 

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.   If I’ve inadvertently left your name out, thousand apologies.  Last but not least, thank you to YOU who have been reading my 3 blogs, for your comments and words of comfort and keeping in touch with baby Cassandra’s progress.

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I had a few surprises last week and this week. Last week, a man rang the doorbell of my house and asked if I was Shireen. Then, he said his colleague has a gift for my baby. When I opened the gift, I was really surprised to see that the lovely gift was from Hui Sia and Chooi Peng. A few days later, the postman rang my doorbell and said there was a registered mail for me. This mum who is pregnant with twins sent a gift for Baby C and me. The next day, I saw a courier van outside my house. There was a parcel couriered all the way from Kuching for me. I was thinking hard if I knew of anyone from Kuching and when I ripped the box open, I was pleasantly surprise that the gift was from Elina.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Hui Sia, Chooi Peng, Chin Nee and Elina. Also thanks to Physiomom for the lovely photo album and gifts for Alycia and Sherilyn. You busy mummies are so thoughtful to have sent me these gifts.

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Blessed With Wonderful Friends

I’d like to say thank you to two of my great blogging buddies for helping me today. This mummy has always been a great supporter of my blog from day one and I really appreciate that support shown. You should visit her blog too, it is awesome! I love her writing – she has such flair and great talent in her writing and I just love the way she thinks and her style of writing. This other mummy has also always been a great friend to me, always going all out to help me and I can feel her genuine warmth and sincerity though we have never met before, save for talking with her over the phone a number of times. I’m really blessed to have found such wonderful friends.

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New Theme For My Blog – You Like It?

Finally managed to choose a theme for my blog that’s widget-ready, has a feature for links to be colored and wouldn’t cause my sidebar and posts to go haywire and distorted. This theme also comes with a font that’s just the right size and there is spacing between my paragraphs now.  You like the new theme?

Once again, I’d really like to thank Elaine for being super patient with me. I know my lacking in IT knowledge can easily irk some people but Elaine has been understanding. She’s been such a great help to me. Despite her having a difficult time with her pregnancy now and busy with 2 demanding toddlers, not to mention being tied down with her sponsored posts, she has never failed to answer each and every query of mine.  She’s really a very wonderful friend. Thanks Elaine!

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Notice Any Difference In My Blog?

Notice the difference in my blog?

It’s the new beautiful pink header that I’ve been wanting to put in my blog for a long time but just didn’t have the time or knowledge to get about doing it. I have to say a BIG thank you to this wonderful cheery mom who has kindly offered me her help in creating this lovely header for me. She had offered me her help quite some time back but I only had the time to go through my pictures folder yesterday to select 2 pix to email to her today. I must really commend her for acting so promptly and I was really surprised that she managed to get the header done for me within hours!

Thanks Anggie for your help and for your very prompt replies to all my emails. I really appreciate your help.

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