Mini Bloggers’ Meet

We had a mini bloggers’ meet at Paik Ling’s house today.  Initially, only Wen, Jaclyn and I were confirmed going and we did not plan to have a bloggers’ meet there, not at all.  We just wanted to see Baby Bradley and pass a gift to Paik Ling.  But as it turned out, there were 7 of us, minus the kids and my hubs.  Jazzmint and Sue (the 2 bloggers cum photographers)  were there for the newborn baby shoot for Baby Bradley.  We had a lot of fun yakking and yakking away and we made so much noise, we almost brought the house down lol!   Wen the leng lui and sexy mama was so kind she helped Paik Ling mop the floor coz Paik Ling’s maid had recently ran away. 

My tummy was rumbling away as Paik Ling’s house was filled with the aroma of ‘jue keok choa’ (pig’s trotters in black vinegar) and red dates water…. and it was lunch time! I so wanted to try the jue keok choa but malu lar, hahahaha…..though Paik Ling kept offering me a bowl and some to bring home to eat.  We could have continued yakking but then it was lunch time and we did not want to disturb Paik Ling.

Left to right on the couch : Jazzmint, Sue, Jaclyn, Wen, Paik Ling and Baby Bradley
Left to right on the floor : Ginie (this leng lui doesn’t want her pretty face shown to the world wor), Alycia, Chanel, Sherilyn, moi, Baby and Faythe is behind playing.

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16 thoughts on “Mini Bloggers’ Meet

  1. shireen, its our first time meeting face to face and nice to meet u. hope to have more gathering and yik yak longer!
    aiyoh, all my malu-ness bocor edi la!!! u all very bad leh!!

    i kesian her ma, no maid and with 3 boys to jaga and still under confinement…so help lor.. if bungalow hse, she wait la! hahahaha!

  2. this really made me *laugh*, LOL
    1st at ginie’s ‘make-up’…the sunglasses suits her well leh 😀 then the lipstick & hairband made her sweet too…hahaha
    2nd ly…promoting our dear motheringly wen…she is indeed a sexy mama with a caring & loving mind 😀
    finally, yr secretive beauty was revealed…am glad to meet you, yr princesses & finally managed to hug-hug baby C !!
    yes, i thought we were REALLY loud & noisy lor, hehe

  3. It is forever never enough for us when we meet up..
    I think Paik Ling pening with noisy hi hi…
    Paik Ling, thanks for having us and it was great meeting all of you….

  4. Aiyah….I shy only lah….host but Shireen beat me to posting this up!! Thanks all for coming to give me cheer (which I really needed!!!!!!). You guys are simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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