Bravest Girl In The Whole Wide World

The award for “Toughest and Bravest Girl” has to go to Cass!

All my worries about how Cass will cope with the pain and fear has been unfounded. My baby girl was as brave as ever yesterday during the Urodynamics Test, without shedding a tear when the nurse prodded the two catheters into her urethra and rectum. I was holding her hands and comforting her. She did say that it was painful and ticklish but was very cooperative throughout the procedure which lasted for about 40 minutes.

As usual, I had to don on the ‘heavy armor’ coat as X-ray was involved.   Photography is not allowed in the Urodynamics Suite but I managed to convince the staff to let me take just 2 pictures…

Below showing Cass while the procedure was on-going…

Right after the procedure, she was her usual naughty self again, prancing and hopping around the hospital floors.

And she certainly deserved a good meal after the procedure…

She chomped down almost the entire bowl of Soba noodles at Kirishima Japanese restaurant after the test before we returned to the hospital for another half a day of waiting just to get another appointment but alas, I was told to go home as the doctors needed to discuss and review her case first. Abuden, this was what I had expected from a Government-run hospital.

And the good thing about Government-run hospitals is that we don’t have to pay a single sen if you are a citizen of Malaysia.  The procedure yesterday would have cost me over a thousand Ringgit if done in a private hospital. Having said this, my hubs and I plan to make a trip to GMC Penang to consult Cass’ surgeon as there are certain procedures recommended by HKL which we are just not comfortable with.


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Waited In Vain

See this fearless rascal?

Monkeying away with zilch fear within her today. I so LOVE her confidence and bravery!!

She knew just what she had to go through in the hospital today. She kept thinking that she had to go for an operation today, though I kept reassuring her that it was only a procedure with ‘a little’ pain. And she was the least disturbed or worried.  She knew that there would be 2 catheters to be inserted into her down under.

In the hospital while waiting for her turn, she kept bugging me to give her some subtraction sums to do (with 3 figures). She’s a Math wiz this girl and I am so proud of my 6-year old.

Outside the Urodynamics Suite, she kept hopping and prancing away, with NO FEAR of what was going to await her inside the suite. Wah, SUITE sounds so glam but inside is a tension room.

It was freezing cold outside the Urodynamics Suite and Cystoscope Suite. I was quivering in the biting chilly room and in nervousness too. While the rascal pranced away and kept irritating me (tugging my dress, flipping my hair, sitting on my lap), I was worried sick.  Perhaps, it was through monkeying away that she kept her nervousness away, if indeed there was any.

Then came the bad news! The dang X-ray machine konked out! Why la must it konk out after we had waited for 2.5 hours??? Shiats, so we were given another date to come again…  WTF!! And I now have 2 more weeks of anxiety. And the anxiety and worry that I had for the past 2 months were in vain.  And my migraine today was in vain too. Nothing was achieved today and I wasted my precious time in the hospital.  The only thing I got was the quick peek inside the Urodynamics Suite. At least now I know what Cass would have to go through in 2 weeks and how long the catheters would be inside her  *faint*

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