Dilated Kidney and Ultrasound Scan

I consulted Dr Patrick of Fetal Medicine and Gynaecology Centre today upon recommendation by my gynae to consult a fetal specialist. After a thorough ultrasound scan and some calculations, I was told that my chances of having a ‘Down’ baby is low, i.e. risk is about 1 in 300. Apart from the dilated kidney, everything else looked normal. The baby has a nasal bone and the back of the neck wasn’t thick. Heart and brain looked normal. It was such a relief to hear that.

Dr Patrick said that in most cases, the dilated kidney would resolve by itself either in utero or after delivery. Close monitoring of the baby’s kidney is important throughout the pregnancy. The worst case scenario would be the baby having kidney reflux and only in rare cases would the kidney be damaged. So he had left the option of doing an Amnio test to hubby and I. We have decided to go for the test to get some peace of mind which is scheduled for in around 2 weeks’ time, i.e. at 16 weeks of gestation. A normal waiting period for the results to be out is 2 weeks and costs RM1,800, of which the amniotic fluid would be sent to Singapore. An express one would be done locally in KL and costs RM2,300, of which we have opted for.

Alycia and Sherilyn were very expensive babies and looks like this baby too would be very expensive. Well, as long as the baby’s fine and healthy, money is secondary and I shall continue to pray that this baby will be absolutely healthy and perfect.

And oh yes, my first gynae has told me the gender of the baby and I’ve seen it too on Tuesday. Today Dr Patrick told me that it is still not clearly visible yet. Well, to me girl or boy is not a concern anymore. It never was a concern to me. It is already a big gift from God if the baby is born healthy without any defects.

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