A Complete Guide For Parents To Find Private Tutors In Malaysia 

These days, it is very common for students to have tuition for additional knowledge and guidance outside of school. In Malaysia, especially in large cities such as Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, parents are always on the look out for the best tutors for their children so that they can learn and perform academically well. Students usually face problems in subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Higher level Mathematics and language subjects such as English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

With the advancement of technology these days, it is easy to look for private home tutors through a Google search. In Malaysia, one of the most popular home/online tuition providers is My Quality Tutor Malaysia. The website, www.myqualitytutor.com has a database of more than 10,000 qualified and experienced tutors across Malaysia. The tuition provider will match the right private tutors for you and this is usually free-of-charge. Parents or students will first submit their home tuition requests on their website, which will then be received by the tuition provider.  Following this, suitable and qualified tutors’ profiles will be sent to the parents/students for review. Then, parents or students can pick their private home tutors based on the qualifications and experience in the subjects. Usually, experienced private tutors in Malaysia would be able to teach syllabus such as PT3, SPM, STPM, IGCSE, IB & A-level. In addition, the website also consistently uploads free learning resources for the students via t.me/myqualitytutorparents.

Another way to source for home tutor in Malaysia is through word-of-mouth such as school teachers, neighbours, friends’ parents and so on. In Malaysia, it is a norm for parents of students in both government and international schools to create Whatsapp chat groups and Facebook groups as a platform to discuss anything about educational information. Through these groups, parents or students would be able to source for top and experienced tutors in the subject that they wish to have tuition for.

After you have picked your private tutors at My Quality Tutor, the next step is to get prepared. Students should first prepare the topics that they have problems with and send them to home tutors before the private tuition class starts. For instance,  if a student has an English essay for his assignment, the student can notify the private tutor about the topic in advance.  The first class is usually a trial class; after the first lesson, if the student likes the private tutors’ teaching, then he or she may continue, else a change of tutor is also possible with the tuition provider. 

In conclusion, finding private tuition classes in Malaysia via online means has become a norm due to the convenience of not having to leave the house. Online tuition started to gain popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. By having tuition classes consistently, students are expected to learn and study better, thus perform better in school.

For more information about online/home tuition:

Whatsapp: +60195698912

Website: www.myqualitytutor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/myqualitytutor

Instagram: www.instagram.com/myqualitytutor

Free learning resources for parents: t.me/myqualitytutorparents

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Google Translate Mobile App For Education – Very Useful For Banana Parents!

Today I discovered something very, very useful for banana mummies like me who always try in vain to guide their kids in Chinese.  For someone with very, very limited knowledge of the Chinese language, I get really, really frustrated when my girls run to me and cry for help on days when the Mandarin tutor does not come.

Thanks to my good friend, Mumsgather who is ever so willing to share what she knows with us in her Facebook page, she shared this Google Translate app with us today.

I immediately downloaded this app (on my desktop computer) onto my Samsung mobile phone and within a minute, the app was successfully downloaded.

I quickly snapped a photo of one of Cass’ Chinese story books using the Google Translate app by following the very detailed step-by-step tutorial in the app itself and voila, within a minute, the page was translated from Chinese to English with Pinyin too.  Wait, there is even icing on the cake!  You can even tap on the audio to hear the translation in Chinese!!  This is too good to be true and it’s so easy and convenient to translate any reading material in any language to a language that you want! This is even better than Line Dictionary and Pleco.  I can’t wait for my girls to come home today, so that I can teach them how to use this wonderful app!


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