Durian For Breakfast

Here’s what I had for my mid-morning breakfast today.

Two seeds of Durian ‘kampung’

And four slices of Meiji oat crackers slathered with papa’s delicious homemade pandan kaya.

Lately, I can only tolerate durian ‘kampung’ well without the adverse side effects that I get whenever I eat Musang King.  With Musang King, I am sure to get a burning throat within minutes of eating, thrown in with stomach discomfort and diarrhea as quick as several hours later.  The burning throat sensation would persist for a few days and I would feel sickly and heaty.  I can’t recall suffering from these side effects when I ate Musang King years ago.

Last week Sherilyn suffered from diarrhea and tummy ache for several days after feasting on a few seeds of Musang King. And the hubs is now nursing a sore throat after indulging in some premium Musang King early this week.

Creepy right?

Fans of Musang King, please don’t shoot me for being a party pooper!

See the trend? I’m pretty sure it’s the side effects of the chemicals and insecticide that these premium durians have been tainted with. A few fruit sellers whom I am very chummy with confirmed this recently. So no thanks. I am so done and over with Musang King and all the premium species.

I’m sticking with durian ‘kampung’ from my regular organic vegetables seller and from trusted fruit sellers who are upfront with me on which durians have high levels of insecticide.  With durian ‘kampung’, I don’t suffer from any side effects, except feeling a tad heaty when I overdo it.

Do you get similar side effects from Musang King too?

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Durian & Nasi Lemak Party

Two days ago we had Round #1 of  Musang King durian and nasi lemak party at home, specially for my visiting SILs, BIL, niece and nephews from overseas. Other local relatives came over as well and there was a mega party at home!

Nasi lemak was from Village Park Restaurant @ Damansara Utama. If you want to taste the best nasi lemak in the world, this is the place to go to!



Picture above credits of www.kuala-lumpur.ws/


Crispy aromatic chicken deep-fried to perfection – juicy on the interior and crispy and aromatic on the exterior with lots of deep fried ginger and spices.  The rice – oh my, if you are on a low-carb diet, best to avoid this restaurant. The coconut milk rice is very aromatic and every grain of rice is fluffy.

We bought 6 packets of nasi lemak and kept them warm in the rice cooker back home.

The Nasi Dagang with tuna fish curry was good too.

Warning – super addictive deep fried spiced chicken.

The girls and I feasted on these sinful fried chicken.

Dinner was Grade A+ Musang King durian party at home…

Gawd, with durian party round #2 on Sunday after my SILs return from Penang, I must check my cholesterol level already!

Check out the Grade A+ Musang King durian flesh – so yellow, so aromatic, so creamy and so soft!

See, the girls played like there’s no tomorrow though tomorrow they were to sit for 3 test papers!   No eye see! Hopefully they will still fare well in this exam. The girls have exams several times in a year but this rare reunion with their cousins and aunts in KL happens once in a few years. And I don’t want them to miss all the fun, which will forever be etched in their ‘happy memories bank’.

Thank God we did not get sore throat after our binge on durians, nasi lemak, fried chicken, yau char kwai (aka Malaysian Churro) and curry!  And I must thank Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein (I swear by them now!) for keeping heatiness and sicknesses at bay during this super hot durian season.


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My breakfast for the past 2 days…

Day 1 – homemade banana cupcake – made with almond flour, wholewheat flour, cake flour and reduced sugar (organic fine raw sugar).  A slice of crispy sprouted wheat toast with homemade nutty jam (almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and olive oil) and palm sugar (Gula Melaka) syrup.


Day 2 – a slice of crispy sprouted wheat bread with dad’s homemade pandan kaya.  Notice that on day 1, I ate 1 slice of toast and 1 cup cake and on day 2 only 1 slice of toast? That’s because I worked out 15 minutes lesser in the gym on day 2, thus input of calories should also be lesser – then you won’t give the extra calories the chance to attack your waistline.  Common sense 😀

And ahem… the dessert… I know it’s fattening and heaty but the durian season only comes several times in a year. So chow while they are in season! haha!

Musang King liu lian 😀

So how do we manage to keep ‘heatiness’ at bay from all these crazy durian binging?  With Izumio hydrogen water of course and I swear by it – for my kids and me!   During each durian season in the past, getting a sore throat is not uncommon for us.  Thankfully this time, we have Izumio to bring down the heatiness from the durians and crazy heatwave.  And we have Super Lutein to strengthen our immune system guards too 😀

Give me a buzz via email @ shireenyong@gmail.com if you want to find out more on Izumio and Super Lutein.



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Kunyit Durians For Breakfast

The hubs called last night saying that he will be late. He had to wait for his basketball ‘kaki’ friend to bring some superior durians.  Oooh, that was music to my ears!  He knows I love durians.  Durians is indeed the king of all fruits and food.  The other day, my girls asked me what was my favorite food. I thought about it long and then I remembered durians and told them that if they ever want to give me something that I really like, it has got to be durians 😀

This morning, I starved myself before I went to the gym. Then after gym, starved myself and took a shower.  After hubs fetched Cass to school, I quickly put the coconut milk, eggs and sugar into the slow cooker to make kaya.  Then I took my stash of Kunyit durian out from the fridge and whacked 5 segments.  Wanted to whack 1 more but, I did not want to torture myself till I  burp out half regurgitated durians the whole day *gross*!  The flesh of Kunyit is SO thick, creamy and sweet.  Nothing like kampung ones.   These days, superior varieties like Kunyit, Musang King, Red Prawn and XO can cost you a bomb, like around RM30 to RM40+ or even more for a whole durian.  If there are 10 segments in the durian, it means each segment costs RM3 to over RM4!  It is just as expensive to indulge in durians as it is on sharks fins soup or birds’ nest soup!

So this was my breakfast this morning and I ate nothing else but 5 large and thick segments of the rich Kunyit durian, which filled me up up until now and it is lunch time now.  Do check out the bright yellow color of the Kunyit durian, as yellow as turmeric, hence the moniker.

I think I will just settle with just 2 slices of wholewheat crackers to go with my hot from the pot homemade kaya for lunch today.  The girls will eat lasagne that their grand uncle baked.

Do you splurge on durians from the ‘superior’ breed too? Or regular ‘kampung’ ones can satiate your crave?

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Frozen Durians

We were back in Ipoh at my parents last weekend.  I saw a stall selling durians and being the durian fanatic that I am, I told hubs and my mum that I wanted to get some durians to feast on. When I see durians, my weight-watching plan is immediately thrown out of the window!  And I normally gain a kg or two during the durian season. My mum stopped me from buying from that stall as my brother from Singapore got conned by that stall the last time he bought them.  The stall owner told my brother that the durians were some superior Musang King species but when they got home to try, bull shit, it was just some kampung durians.

Anyway, when we reached home, my mum whipped out a box of frozen durians from her freezer. They were surplus durians from Cameron Highlands which a friend gave them recently.  After allowing the durians to defrost for about 15 minutes, I tasted the durians.  The flesh on the outside was slightly hard and crunchy and freezing cold on the inside and it tasted exactly like durian ice cream, minus the cream and added sugar!

Now I know what to do during the next durian season. I am going to squirrel away some extra durians and stash them in the freezer, to be savored during off durian season haha!

Frozen durians anyone? Give it a try and I’ll bet you’ll love ’em!

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Durians For Dinner And Breakfast

My 2nd sil from Hong Kong was here in KL recently. She, like anyone of us in the family is a big fan of durians. Everyone in our family loves durians, even Baby. We had a durian party for dinner when she was here and spent a few hundred bucks on premium durians!  Our favorite is ‘Musang King’ and ‘Red Prawn’.

There was a surplus of durians and after she had returned to HK, I had durians for breakfast 3 days in a row! But I wasn’t sick of durians just yet. In fact, 3 days ago hubby bought durians again and I had them for breakfast 3 days in a row again hahaha!  But if you don’t exercise or have health problems, don’t play play oh, too much durians will cause your cholesterol level and sugar level to shoot sky high wor!

The fridge stuffed with durians placed in containers…

Durians galore… for those of you from overseas, sorry… didn’t mean to make you salivate ;P

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Spring Cleaning My Closet

When Baby C was asleep during her afternoon nap yesterday, I did some spring cleaning of my closet. I have not gone back to my parents’ home for almost 1.5 years and my closet is pretty messy. I found some old baby clothes wrapped inside plastic bags, all chucked and squeezed inside my closet. They once belonged to Alycia and Sherilyn. I am glad I found them because Baby C can wear them now. I also found some unused diapers but I dared not let Baby C use them as the diapers are more than 3 years old. I am not sure if it’s going to cause a baby any harm for using expired diapers. Moreover, Baby C is so prone to getting UTIs and her diaper area has to be kept sterile all the time.

I also found my old love letters which hubby (then boyfriend) wrote to me. There were also some old greeting cards that hubby handmade and drew them for me more than 2 decades ago, when I was just 14 years old! Also found a bag of items that looked like some NFL Merchandise which belonged to hubby. No wonder hubby kept telling me that he could not find some of his clothes and toiletries. He must have left them behind at my parents’ some time ago. I also fished out some of the sexy XS size tops that I wore during my pre Baby C days. They still look very new but too bad I can’t squeeze into them anymore and I don’t think I will ever be able to squeeze into them again.

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Durian For Breakfast!

Alycia enjoying every bite of the durian whilst Sherilyn was enjoying her perssimon and grapes for breakfast.

It’s the durian season now and since I love durian so much, DH would buy me durian from the pasar malam every Friday. It’s not only DH and I who love eating them but both Alycia and Sherilyn have also developed a strong liking for the king of the fruit.

Normally DH would buy enough durian for me to savour for 2-3 days and I would keep them in the fridge and eat them for breakfast for 2-3 straight mornings, without any signs of boredom. Yesterday, I decided to give 1 seed to Alycia and she enjoyed every single bite of the flesh. I just hope she won’t get heaty after eating them as she had also eaten some petai the day before.

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It’s The Durian Season Now

Woohoo…. the durian season is back again. I love the durian season and I love durian terribly. Each time i pass by a roadside durian stall, i’ll ask DH to get me some durians. Yesterday, DH bought me 1 BIG plastic bag of durians (6 styrofoam boxes)… and that only cost him RM50. This includes 2 whole durians that he and his cousin ate at the stall and 1 styrofoam box that he gave to his friend…. all these for RM50, not bad. I ate so much durian that I felt so bloated and couldn’t even eat my dinner. I even gave 1 box to my maid to enjoy. I still have 1 big container full of durian in the fridge. That will probably last me for another 2 days. I am satisfied….burp…. stinky 🙂

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