Durians For Dinner And Breakfast

My 2nd sil from Hong Kong was here in KL recently. She, like anyone of us in the family is a big fan of durians. Everyone in our family loves durians, even Baby. We had a durian party for dinner when she was here and spent a few hundred bucks on premium durians!  Our favorite is ‘Musang King’ and ‘Red Prawn’.

There was a surplus of durians and after she had returned to HK, I had durians for breakfast 3 days in a row! But I wasn’t sick of durians just yet. In fact, 3 days ago hubby bought durians again and I had them for breakfast 3 days in a row again hahaha!  But if you don’t exercise or have health problems, don’t play play oh, too much durians will cause your cholesterol level and sugar level to shoot sky high wor!

The fridge stuffed with durians placed in containers…

Durians galore… for those of you from overseas, sorry… didn’t mean to make you salivate ;P

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17 thoughts on “Durians For Dinner And Breakfast

  1. goodness ! no wonder the aroma is so strong and I can smell it from here … 😀
    eh.. aren’t you worried all your other food will absorb the durian smell ? I’m very paranoid, will double and triple bag those tupperwares of durians when I chill them.

  2. OK… I’ll make sure I have durian soon… but my young one still coughing and sick. and big one just recovered, they will surely ask for some if they see me eat durian…. must be PATIENT first…

  3. wow..that’s really a lot leh. I think whoever reading this post will sure feel like eating durian (of course I’m talking about those durian lovers like myself).

    Normally after taking durian, I’ll drink some salt-water as some people say this way will prevent from getting heaty.

  4. Make sure you don’t take it with Sup Kambing – like what the infamous Parliment member did in the recently… he gorged at the durian feast right after he had Sup Kambing for lunch and then TA DA!!!! he fainted and was hospitalised… Geeezzzz….he could have died of stroke man! what happened to the word “moderation”????

  5. Just got back from a 3.5 week trip to KL/Pg/Malacca/ Viet/HK! Great times and great food! Did a 12 hour trip ard Pg which included durian! 10 of us and we ate what we wanted..ang-hae, ganja, wu-loh, 104 and D24. All great esp the price..only RM120 total!! Also had rambutans and mangosteens. For folks who live for durian, certainly worth the drive to Pg!!

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