Durian For Breakfast!

Alycia enjoying every bite of the durian whilst Sherilyn was enjoying her perssimon and grapes for breakfast.

It’s the durian season now and since I love durian so much, DH would buy me durian from the pasar malam every Friday. It’s not only DH and I who love eating them but both Alycia and Sherilyn have also developed a strong liking for the king of the fruit.

Normally DH would buy enough durian for me to savour for 2-3 days and I would keep them in the fridge and eat them for breakfast for 2-3 straight mornings, without any signs of boredom. Yesterday, I decided to give 1 seed to Alycia and she enjoyed every single bite of the flesh. I just hope she won’t get heaty after eating them as she had also eaten some petai the day before.

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8 thoughts on “Durian For Breakfast!

  1. i love durian so much too. but hub doesn’t like buyin it, he said its too heaty. cheh.
    anyway, just wonderin why is it that everytime i come visit your blog, my pc always get the spyware ads.adbrite warnin leh? you have any idea??

  2. If I do that to my daughter, she will kill me! I just love durians. She didn’t get the “durian” gene from me.

  3. Ohh….I LOVE DURIAN as well. But can’t eat now coz I am 8 mths pregnant and eating durian makes me soooo hot at night!

    Do I have to wait till next year?

    Maybe I will freeze some up and eat for my confinement! High protein after all! 🙂

  4. Abel… tks 4 visiting my blog.

    Ann…i ate durian during my pregnancy. It shd be ok as long as u dont overeat them.

  5. We went for our 3rd round of Durian feast yesterday. This time we had a buffet! Next time u must come up to Penang lar!

  6. Shern’s mom… no idea why. In fact, I’ve recently upgraded my anti-virus software. Hhmmmm… funny.

    Angeleyes… i know, i’ve just read your blog. RM10/pax eat till u drop durian buffet is dirt cheap!!

  7. I love durian so much!! The smell and the taste, especially Thailand’s durian. Too bad they are not too healthy 😀

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