Frozen Durians

We were back in Ipoh at my parents last weekend.  I saw a stall selling durians and being the durian fanatic that I am, I told hubs and my mum that I wanted to get some durians to feast on. When I see durians, my weight-watching plan is immediately thrown out of the window!  And I normally gain a kg or two during the durian season. My mum stopped me from buying from that stall as my brother from Singapore got conned by that stall the last time he bought them.  The stall owner told my brother that the durians were some superior Musang King species but when they got home to try, bull shit, it was just some kampung durians.

Anyway, when we reached home, my mum whipped out a box of frozen durians from her freezer. They were surplus durians from Cameron Highlands which a friend gave them recently.  After allowing the durians to defrost for about 15 minutes, I tasted the durians.  The flesh on the outside was slightly hard and crunchy and freezing cold on the inside and it tasted exactly like durian ice cream, minus the cream and added sugar!

Now I know what to do during the next durian season. I am going to squirrel away some extra durians and stash them in the freezer, to be savored during off durian season haha!

Frozen durians anyone? Give it a try and I’ll bet you’ll love ’em!

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