Reunited Again

Jenn (pic below – long blond hair in black shirt), my childhood friend from Ipoh since kindergarten came back from Seattle for a holiday and we had a short meetup over lunch on Monday.  The last time we met up was in October last year.

The four of us pictured here have been friends since primary school, except for Jenn whom I’ve know since our kindy days in the mid 1970s.  Jenn is now one of the top photographers in Seattle and I’m really proud of her achievement. Since high school, she’s been one very creative, witty, smart and fun-loving  friend to be with. We’d spent many memorable and crazy days camping and traveling together. If only I could turn back the clock, I’ll choose the years 1987 through 1990. We had the most fun, laughter and mischief during those years❤️

Our lunch at Village Duck @ Bangsar Village:

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2 thoughts on “Reunited Again

  1. Nice to see Jenn’s photo here. I used to follow her blog when she first moved to the US. Does she still blog? It’s great to meet up with childhood friends eh?

    1. Hi Barb
      Jenn doesn’t have the time to blog anymore. Her business is eating up most of her time. Yes it’s always great to meet up with childhood friends, talk nonsense and laugh like we used to 🙂

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