I had a few surprises last week and this week. Last week, a man rang the doorbell of my house and asked if I was Shireen. Then, he said his colleague has a gift for my baby. When I opened the gift, I was really surprised to see that the lovely gift was from Hui Sia and Chooi Peng. A few days later, the postman rang my doorbell and said there was a registered mail for me. This mum who is pregnant with twins sent a gift for Baby C and me. The next day, I saw a courier van outside my house. There was a parcel couriered all the way from Kuching for me. I was thinking hard if I knew of anyone from Kuching and when I ripped the box open, I was pleasantly surprise that the gift was from Elina.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Hui Sia, Chooi Peng, Chin Nee and Elina. Also thanks to Physiomom for the lovely photo album and gifts for Alycia and Sherilyn. You busy mummies are so thoughtful to have sent me these gifts.

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