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This mummy who is heavily pregnant with her 3rd baby paid me a visit on Thursday. This lady who is one helluva friend gave me a big surprise when she presented me with a huge bouquet of flowers. She said I needed someone to pamper too and boy was she right, I felt so pampered when I received the flowers!

She also gave my gals these goodies :

The pack of animal biscuit on the right was a hit with my 3 gals and they have all been snapped up now. The pack of biscuits on the left is curry-flavored biscuits, though they are not spicy.

Cute and pretty colorful animal-shaped jellies which she bought from Pavillion, which my 2 older gals went gaa gaa over.

My 2 older gals, especially Sher had a great time playing with aunty Paik Ling who was really sporting and was patient enough to listen to them talk nonsense.  Sher was playing doctor with her and she used her toy stethoscope to listen to every part of aunty Paik Ling’s body lol…

She also used her toy power saw and said she wanted to saw off aunty PL’s stomach to bring the baby out muahahaha….. and the fun thing was aunty PL played along with her.

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9 thoughts on “Who Visited Us

  1. so i guessed correctly…hehehehe. very nice and thoughtful of paik ling. i don’t know where she gets all the energy from. the saw idea from sher is really funny 😀

  2. I had a superb time too! Sherilyn was really creative with her saw and Alycia was so sweet in parting with her precious stickers! I’ll come again soon to see baby C again 🙂 Thanks also for the green tea cake – I polished 3/4 of it off the next day!!!

  3. ya ya…she is a nice friend indeed..and organised the fund raising for u…

    one thing i realised..from looking at the pix…ur gals really had thick black shinning hair…!!!!*envy*

  4. such a nice pal she is heh….flower was such an awesome gift, hey we don’t often get to receive this at this age right? the goodies & jokes really made yr kids looked happy!!

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