Finally, Baby Is Weaned Off My Boops..

…and it was a red cili padi that managed to scare my own little cili padi and prevented her from going near my boops.  Today is Day 3. Hooray!!

I had wanted to wean Baby off my boops when she turned 2yo but just did not have the heart to do it as she seemed to have so much comfort whenever she had her comfort tools.  But lately, her addiction to the boobies were getting worse.  Whenever she is bored, she will come to me and ‘harass’ me with her suckling and fondling LOL!!!  Can you imagine being fondled the whole night?  I had been loosing sleep because of this.  So 3 days ago, when I could no longer tolerate it any longer, I just took out a cili padi from the fridge and rubbed it on my boops in front of Baby and voila, it worked like a charm, like magic.  Baby was terrified of going near by boops.  She was reluctant to have her shower with me and even wanted to sleep with her mah mah and jie jies muahahahahaha!!!   Bad thing is gosh, my boops now hurt from engorgement.  Can’t believe I am still having engorgement after 2.5 years!

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14 thoughts on “Finally, Baby Is Weaned Off My Boops..

  1. Is she not feeling restless without it out of a sudden? Probably soon you will notice she find something else to comfort herself, a toy or a pillow may be?? hahaha..

  2. kekekeekek….look at her smiling at the chili padi 🙂 i said earlier, i cannot imagine being fondled the whole night because it has never happened to me..muahahahahahahhhhaahah

  3. Wow…congrats to you!! I am planning to wean my baby too when she turns two and not sure if i have such luck. But will try your method. Thanks a lot for sharing. Btw, what formula are you planning to give her?

  4. OOh so sad but at least you are “Free frm harrasment ” now. How do you feel? For me it was like a mix feeling !! Feel em seh tak to wean my twins n the girls but I was felt like gaining so much freedom aftr that! About the engorgement ..oh yes even aftr 2 years breastsfeeding them without formula! But i just nid to express more during bath time..took 1 hour to bathe everyday.Hehe!

  5. Agnes, she’s having withdrawal symptoms. You can read about it at my health blog here :

    Barb,it’s terrible being fondled the whole night, very frustrated as you can’t get to sleep at all, lol!!

    Elaine, she used to drink Pediasure. Then when she started to eat more, I stopped Pediasure. Now I’m feeding her with Biogreen’s organic 7x DHA more soy bean milk powder, Unisoy soy bean milk powder, fresh milk, Dutch Lady 123 chocolate formula (mix with fresh milk) and E. Excel’s Nutrifresh.

    Irene.. yup, I had mixed feelings too – sad and happy!

  6. u actually rubbed the chilli padi or pretend to? coz wont it burn your boobs? 😉

    happy that the weaning is a success but i can relate as to how you’re missing the bonding. as much as i love my girls being babies, i also cannot wait till the get out of the house! lol!

  7. hehe…talking about harassment, my boys still fondle me as of today when they lie beside me. It is either the nipples or my protruded belly buttons 🙁

  8. Lol! Fondling you the whole night, hahahah! But, you are cruel. Rubbing the chili on the breast infront of her. Some peopel told me, they put minyak angin kapak on the nipple.

  9. it is easier to wean off once they are more than 2 because easier to explain….
    i wean Ariel after she was 2 plus too…
    Well done to you for breastfeeding her more than 2 years…

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