Sweet Captcha To Prevent Spam Comments

Lately, I have been receiving tons of spam comments in my blog posts, like hundreds of spam messages in an hour!

To counter these spammy comments, I have just installed a Sweet Captcha plug-in in my blog.

Hence, from now onwards, after you have typed in your comment, you will need to do a very simple and fun puzzle like jig saw puzzle, which takes you just a few seconds 😀

Below is a print screen of what you will see when you comment in my blog post.  You will see at the bottom of the blog post after you have clicked ‘Leave A Comment’ or ‘xx Thoughts’ a box on ‘Verify your real existence’ .  Here there will be an easy puzzle for you to solve each time you leave a comment (different puzzle each time).  All you need to do is to drag the correct picture to the puzzle box on the right side.  Easy peasy only 😀


print screen


Thank you for taking the time and effort to read my blog and to leave your comments.

Here’s sending you lotsa virtual kisses and hugs *muack muack*


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