Grandma’s Back

A month flew past us like a gust of wind and grandma’s back from Hawaii two days ago…. with lotsa goodies as usual 😀

The girls look  forward to ransacking grandma’s huge suit cases upon her return from overseas each time to dig for  ‘treasure’!!

And they fished out lotsa treasures from within the heavy suit cases that grandma lugged back…

 photo Hawaii1_zpsaa8309ab.jpg


GAP hoodie jackets, GAP tees, GAP pants, colorful Aloha bags that Sarah ku ku (my SIL) hand made for them, seashells from the shores of Hawaii and….

…. lotsa macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, pine nuts and chocolates.  Omaigawd, so much goodies to eat! I’m going to have to push myself even harder in the gym now! We still have lotsa chocs that grandma brought back from New Zealand and Hong Kong early this year and now there is a new supply  :O

 photo Hawaii3_zps5d0c166e.jpg


 photo Hawaii2_zps5461179f.jpg



Here’s wishing Sarah ku ku thank you very much for all the goodies 


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5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Back

  1. Gawd! So MUCH (uncountable, haha) goodies ! Your loot really looks so syiok !! Healthy goodies.. You said you still have a lot of chocolates stocked up.. I seldom see you bake cakes/cookies, maybe can try? I look forward to all your simple and wholesome recipes, if you can post up on simple baking, I lagi sukak!

    1. Hi Princess Ribbon, I don’t bake at all haha! Coz my girls dont really fancy eating cakes and cookies. Plus they have so much supply of cookies and chocs fr overseas, no time to eat my bakes. When my MIL is around, she’ll do the baking 🙂

  2. If u can’t eat them all, nuts freeze very well. Another thing to do which does not involve baking is to melt dark choc over clumps of nuts. Yummy treat and not as calorie laden, still just a guilty pleasure.

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