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For the past 2 weeks, I have been facing infinite number of issues with this blog and my Health Is Wealth blog.  According to the host, my blogs have been infected by some malware. Both the host and I have been doing a lot of checks, trials and errors and no permanent solution could be found for my blogs.  You know, I treat my blogs like my children.  They chronicle the daily happenings of my 3 girls.  My blogs are 6.5 years old and I created them when Alycia and Sherilyn were toddlers and Cass was not even created yet.  Last night, the host finally told me to uninstall the WordPress from my blogs and to reinstall them.  When that was being done and I could not see my blogs anymore, I felt like my kids were kidnapped from me.  They finally came back a few hours later but the blogs were in haywire… I felt as if my kids were severely hurt after their ordeal!  This blog only has some pictures – which were uploaded from  Photobucket and Facebook and then previously copied to this blog.  The rest of the pix that were uploaded in this blog were all gone!  I felt like a part of me has been ripped off.  The host is still working to salvage all the pix. If this fails, I will have no choice but to upload them all over again.  One. by. one!  Gawd, this is like a nightmare to me.

You will also notice that I have no choice but to install a new theme.  And this time, I finally have the chance to upload the latest picture of my 3 girls on the header. Yay to this!

The blog host and I are still working round the clock to salvage as much as possible from the old blog. So do stay tuned for more updates 🙂  Oh yes, yesterday Cass went for her first electromagnetic accupuncture to fix her bladder issue. I shall blog about this soon.


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  1. i’m sure with your host expertise and also your determination, your blog will be back in shape very soon. don’t worry. but i do like you blog’s new look.

    Hi Cass, you are a brave little girl, I’m sure you will get well very soon too. God bless you.

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