When There’s Only 1 Left For 3 Hungry Mouths

On the Saturday that we were home without kakak, the girls and I had a bit of fun. After roping them to do some house work where everyone enjoyed, I wanted to reward them with Magnum ice cream. However there was only 1 stick of Magnum left and all 3 girls wanted the part of the ice cream that’s stuck to the stick. So how? I created a little excitement by getting them to draw lots. Alycia was in charge of preparing the papers for the cast and I put the papers into a container for them to draw lots.

The girls with their cast! WHO, WHO, WHO got the stick??

The sole Magnum almond ice cream cut into 3 equal portions.

Who do you think got the stick? Make a guess, haha!

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10 thoughts on “When There’s Only 1 Left For 3 Hungry Mouths

  1. I guessed Cassandra too… hee hee, looks like I’m right huh :-).

    Your girls are really expressive… just look at their facial expressions will know they are very distinctive in their personality 🙂

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