Just In Case We Need Them

Know what Tamiflu is? It’s the antidote for bird flu.  Nope, none of us have bird flu, knock on wood, choi!  Hubby bought a box of it at the height of the bird flu epidemic last year when supply of Tamiflu ran low.  My slaphappy and easy-going  hubby can be quite far-sighted sometimes. 

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4 thoughts on “Just In Case We Need Them

  1. What are the symptoms of bird flu? We are still eating chicken like nothing happened. I guess if the chicken are properly cooked and you don’t have chicken as pet in your backyard then everything is okay.

  2. We got 10 boxes to distribute to my inlaws; 3 are in our fridge for a long time now, just when the world was starting to sit up and listen…

    Dr Pixie’s suggestion.

    I better check the expiry date!

  3. Hi there ur hubby so lucky able to get tamiflu.I remember how difficult to get this product during the SARS times.Even our co. distribute this product on behalf of Roche (the manufacture) it was always out of stocks.

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