Funky Skins For Gizmos and Gadgets

My Christmas shopping list is still expanding by the day. I now have 15 people on my list which include my family members, hubby’s family and relatives and our friends. I have already written what I intend to buy for these people. I’m always at a loss when it comes to shopping gifts for hubby’s cousins who are in their late teens. I really don’t know what teenagers like these days.  What I used to like may not be what these kids like now. Perhaps I should get them some Xbox skins, PDA skins or laptop skins that I’ve seen at the other day. These unique colorful  skins for gizmos and gadgets are rather new in the market and they protect devices like mobile phones, calculators, laptops, PDAs, Xboxes and gaming devices from getting scratched whilst adding style and funkiness to the device.  Even I like them and I bet those kids would love to be seen  holding their PDA or Xbox with a funky Skinit skin on it.

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