Sweet Memories

As promised, when I was back in Ipoh, I’d taken pix of hubby’s love cards to me during our courting days. Most of the cards were DIY cards by hubby who, I must admit is quite an artistic person.

This is my very 1st Valentine’s Day card from hubby, received when I was barely 14 years old.

Hubby made this card himself to send me his best wishes for my SRP exam when I was 15 years old.

Hubby made this Valentine’s Day card for me, which was my 2nd Valentine’s Day card from him, when I was 15 years old.

Another DIY Valentine’s Day card from hubby to me, when I was 16 years old.

I’m sure many of you would be curious as to when I first met my hubby and when we first started dating. He met me in my old house in Ipoh when he came to visit my big brother (they were classmates) and it was love at first sight for him. I was only 12 years old then and he was 13+ years old. We only went out for our first date when I was 17 yrs old and we got married 10 years later.

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16 thoughts on “Sweet Memories

  1. That is so, soooooo romantic. I don’t know many childhood sweethearts that have lasted. Mine ended after 7 years when I got itchy πŸ™‚

  2. Wow..! very romantic..! and very thoughtful of your hubby..!!
    Love at first sight..?? yer donch hear this anymore these days.. πŸ™‚

  3. wow so sweet & such a long and faithful love affair…WOW!!! i love hand made stuff.

    wah u ipoh mali no wonder..u so lang lui..he see already pengsan!!

    i tag u phat phat phat

  4. awwww..he’s so romantic ;D love at first sight when he was 13?? He must have frequented your house very often eh?

  5. It is really romantic ler…till my saliva also drooling lor….that time, you must be really happy + ‘show-off’ to your friend lor – got nice boyfriend…
    p/s: you only date 1 guy throughout your teenage life?? And, later become your hubby?

  6. wow! im tongue tied…really at age 12? he’s very romantic…and he waited for quite long…beautiful love story

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