Boxing Day Breakfast

On Christmas day, we were out shopping at Mid Valley. Hubby bought some bacon and sausages from Cold Storage and on Boxing Day, he woke up early to cook them for us for breakfast.

The gals didn’t like scrambled eggs (and I ended up finishing half the plate) but loved the salty cheese sausages. I seldom buy deli meat like ham, sausages and bacon as they are loaded with sodium and preservative but eating them once in a blue moon is alright.

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5 thoughts on “Boxing Day Breakfast

  1. Hui Sia… hubby only does this once in a blue moon!

    Barb…. hubby & i love these too but they’re kinda unhealthy when eaten too frequently.

    Diamond… thanks for visiting my site. I bet you Americans can even whip up a better breakfast 🙂

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