Durian & Nasi Lemak Party

Two days ago we had Round #1 of  Musang King durian and nasi lemak party at home, specially for my visiting SILs, BIL, niece and nephews from overseas. Other local relatives came over as well and there was a mega party at home!

Nasi lemak was from Village Park Restaurant @ Damansara Utama. If you want to taste the best nasi lemak in the world, this is the place to go to!



Picture above credits of www.kuala-lumpur.ws/


Crispy aromatic chicken deep-fried to perfection – juicy on the interior and crispy and aromatic on the exterior with lots of deep fried ginger and spices.  The rice – oh my, if you are on a low-carb diet, best to avoid this restaurant. The coconut milk rice is very aromatic and every grain of rice is fluffy.

We bought 6 packets of nasi lemak and kept them warm in the rice cooker back home.

The Nasi Dagang with tuna fish curry was good too.

Warning – super addictive deep fried spiced chicken.

The girls and I feasted on these sinful fried chicken.

Dinner was Grade A+ Musang King durian party at home…

Gawd, with durian party round #2 on Sunday after my SILs return from Penang, I must check my cholesterol level already!

Check out the Grade A+ Musang King durian flesh – so yellow, so aromatic, so creamy and so soft!

See, the girls played like there’s no tomorrow though tomorrow they were to sit for 3 test papers!   No eye see! Hopefully they will still fare well in this exam. The girls have exams several times in a year but this rare reunion with their cousins and aunts in KL happens once in a few years. And I don’t want them to miss all the fun, which will forever be etched in their ‘happy memories bank’.

Thank God we did not get sore throat after our binge on durians, nasi lemak, fried chicken, yau char kwai (aka Malaysian Churro) and curry!  And I must thank Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein (I swear by them now!) for keeping heatiness and sicknesses at bay during this super hot durian season.


Kazoku-Ai Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen @ 3rd Mile Square, Old Klang Road

This is yet another food post, sorry, can’t help it 😀   In our household, celebration and good food go hand in hand… coz I’ve got a foodie hubby who is in the food line and we’ve produced kids who obviously appreciate and love good food too!

Dinner on Mother’s Day Eve yesterday was celebrated at Kazoku-Ai Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen @ 3rd Mile Square, Old Klang Road.   Distancing itself from run-of-the-mill, mall-based teppanyaki joints, Kazoku-Ai specialises in premium Japanese fare that’s satisfyingly well-executed & reasonably priced.  This is our second visit to this restaurant – the first time being 4 months ago on hubby’s birthday.

Shake sashimi – salmon belly was oh so fresh and yummy!!   A platter was just not enough to satiate me.

On the foreground is crispy and aromatic fried chicken on a bed of luscious Japanese potato salad – superb combo and delish.  This dish gave me an idea of what to dish out for the kiddos soon since it’s pretty easy to prepare.  Sherilyn who knows how to whip up the potato salad can help me with this dish.

Grilled cod fish…

Teppan assortment of mushrooms and veggie combo…


Tempura Morinase, featuring deep fried prawns and veggies in Japanese batter…

Signature Maki and spaghetti Mentaiko…


Edamame beans…

Teppan combination seafood (scallops, prawns, fish, plump and juicy oysters and a bowl of crispy garlic).

The ever friendly and efficient owner gave this heart-shape sushi to us on-the-house as Mother’s Day gift…

Signature Killer Brownie, served warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and whipping cream. Super addictive and sure way to kill your diet plan!



Kazoku-Ai Modern Teppanyaki Kitchen
3A-G, 3rd Mile Square (151 Old Klang Road), 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7983-1919

The next day, on Mother’s Day – which is today, we went on our food hunt again and came back to this place. This time, to Gyutaro Yakiniku for yakiniku (grilled meat) of course.  Kazoku-Ai and Gyutaro are located just a few steps away from one another. I shall blog about Gyutaro Yakiniku in a separate post.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful ladies!  To my mummy dearest – happiest Mother’s Day and wishing you a very blessed trip to Hokkaido with dad and Roy today. 😉


Health Freak Mommy is 42!

A year older but a year wiser.  I turned 42 yesterday!   Sometimes people think I am at the wrong side of 40 (and even 30 at times!) and I feel flattered.  You can be as old as the hills but as long as you feel young at heart, age is nothing but numbers.

The best gifts that God has ever given me are my 3 angels and to be able to celebrate my birthday with them is the best gift I can ever ask for.


“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”
― Audrey Hepburn

The girls made me birthday cards days before my birthday.  In the morning, my drama queen prepared breakfast for me.  Later, Cass played a birthday song for me on her keyboard, followed by Alycia on her guitar and Sherilyn dedicated a dance move to me.  You can view the video of her dancing to Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Moving by hopping to my other blog :)




Cheongsam Girl

Cass this afternoon – just back from school in her CNY outfit for  CNY performance in school today…

Can you guess how old this cheongsam is?

Alycia wore this cheongsam only once when she was 3 years old!  I think Sherilyn never wore it.  And my soon-to-be 7YO baby girl can still wear it!  And no, Cass is not petite, in fact she is quite chubby. Now this reminds me that Alycia was a pretty big baby and toddler!  And she lost all her baby fat when she was about 8 years old 😀

Still looking like brand new, this cheongsam is almost a decade old!  That’s the wonder of cheongsam – evergreen and versatile.


Every Friday ever since Cass started Primary 1, she would say this to me “mummy, I wish tomorrow would be Monday. I hate holidays. I love going to school. OH WHY DID GOD CREATE SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS, WHYYYY??!”  That’s how much Cass loves going to school!



Happy eve of the eve of CNY to all those celebrating CNY.  To those who are driving back to your hometown, remember to drive safely. To those staying behind,  enjoy your holiday!  If you want to binge on your favorite CNY goodies, goat ahead but remember to exercise ya!

Drama Queen Turning 10

Our drama queen will turn 10 tomorrow! Also known as the social butterfly, what makes her happiest is being with her besties. She pestered her dad to allow her to bring along 2 besties for lunch today.

We had brunch at Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village.

The girls played with each other more than they ate.


One of Sherilyn’s friends is allergic to mushrooms and another friend is allergic to eggs.  So the only dish that they could agree on was this grilled salmon aglio olio spaghetti, which they loved to bits.

This pan seared chicken dish with mushroom sauce was top notch and very flavorful.


Grilled veggies on toast with pesto sauce…

Beef bolognese spaghetti…


A meal at Nutmeg would never be complete for me without indulging in my favorite flour-free orange almond meal cake (ice cream for the girls).


Hubs said he specially ordered this red velvet pomegranate cake that comes with a heart shape food pick for us as we did not have dinner with each other last night   Image result for heart image



We  had a hearty meal and enjoyed every single dish and dessert at Nutmeg. What I like about Nutmeg is that I almost never leave this restaurant feeling disappointed with the quality of their food.

Hubs then brought the girls to have dessert of ice-creams at Haagen Dazs.


Next, we stepped into Aldo for hubs to shop for leather shoes. We asked B, Sherilyn’s bff of 7 years to choose a gift as today is her birthday. Not only are they bff, their birthdays are 1 day apart and I think they have some slight resemblance in facial features too!



After shopping for gifts, we brought Sherilyn to Toys R Us and got her a Power Surfer.



Back home, the girls had a cake cutting session and played till the late evening…


Sherilyn and B – the two birthday girls who have been besties since they were 3 years old. May they be blessed with perpetual friendship.

I wonder what they wished for!

Happy birthday Sherilyn.  I hope and pray for good health, wisdom and happiness for you always!



Happening Weekend – Cousin’s Wedding & Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

Our weekend was one of happening, spent with my family. My parents came from Ipoh on Friday.  My eldest brother and his family came from Singapore the next day.  The purpose of this grand reunion of sort was to celebrate my cousin, Nic’s wedding.  The Yong family had not had a wedding for yonks already.  It was great catching up with my aunts, uncles and cousins, some of which I have not seen for years.

On Saturday morning, the foodie hubs was in an adventurous mood and drove the whole jing gang to Klang for ba kut teh for breakfast. There were 8 of us in his MPV.


Restoran Teluk Pulai (Claypot) Ba Kut Teh dishes up one of the tastiest ba ku teh in Klang and in the Klang Valley.  In the vicinity, there are several others ba ku teh shops but this Teluk Pulai one is always seen bursting with customers while the others have lukewarm business, evident from the taste and price.


Delish porky bones in claypot to savour, complete with such trimmings as foo chok (fried bean curd sheets), puffed tofu, golden needle mushrooms, button mushrooms, lettuce and plates of yau char kwai / you tiao (deep fried Chinese crullers).


This braised pork trotters with cuttlefish and ginger was super tasty!


Someone was satisfied to the max after wolfing down chunks of porky meat like a feral dog, haha!


After our protein overload indulgence, hubs dragged us to his friend’s newly opened cafe in Klang to have his fix of gourmet coffee.



Our family portrait at Nic’s wedding dinner @ the Noble House, PJ.   Check out Miss Drama Queen’s halloween dress, which is a piano dress with hands playing the piano 😀


The tea ceremony just before the dinner…


My Princess Anna…


The hubby and I being served tea by Nic and his pretty wife.   How time flies.  Nic is my favorite baby cousin.  My brothers and I used to play with him whenever we were back to my papa’s shophouse in Cameron Highlands.   Nic is 10 years younger than me.


The next morning (Sunday), we celebrated my parents’ 44th wedding anniversary at Oriental Pavillion @ Jaya 33 PJ.


May God bless my parents with many more blissful years together.





Papa’s 71st Birthday Celebration in KL (16 – 17 August 2014)

My beloved papa celebrated his 71st birthday with us in KL this year.  His birthday was yesterday, 19 August but he and mum came to KL on Saturday to have a small celebration with us.  We make it a point to go back to Ipoh to celebrate his birthday almost every year but this year, his birthday week did not coincide with any public holiday or school holiday, unlike previous years.  Initially we wanted to make a trip back to Ipoh on Saturday and return to KL on Sunday but dad being the ever loving and sacrificing dad said that it would be too hectic for us as the girls had to go to school on Monday. So, he volunteered to drive down to KL.  My 71-year old dad driving his car on the highway – that actually got me worrying about him.  Thank God he and mum reached KL safely and returned to Ipoh safely the next day.

The chocolate fudge birthday cake is from Les Deux Garcons Patisserie.  The cake was very chocolaty, moist and not overly sweet nor cloy.  Simplicity and elegance best describe this chocolate cake, baked by a French baker.


My parents with their ‘chan kar’ – my mil.  Picture is cropped coz my MIL does not want her face to appear in the world wide web 😀


The birthday dinner was held at Pik Wah (MABA) Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu.

The Four Seasons dish… which was enough to fill our tummies up with just this dish alone.


There was also a bowl of sharks fins soup, fried chicken with prawn crackers, veggie and this must-have longevity noodles.


Dad, mum, Cass and my youngest brother, Roy.  Isn’t he good-looking? Well, he is still available (ahem), holds a good-paying job, holds degree from a UK uni, is a fitness freak with six packs and has everything a girl wants.  *clears throat*   I hope Roy, who is in his late 30s does not read this post else he will be ballistic and fuming mad with me for ‘advertising’ his availability lol!

Cass looks mopey in the picture as she was down with a slight runny nose that night.


Dim Sum brunch at Oriental Pavillion @ Jaya 33 PJ the next day.   Cass sticks to my mum like bee to honey and calls her granny ‘best buddy’ :)


The Rainbow Loom bracelets that Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass made for koong koong for his birthday :)


After brunch at Oriental Pavillion, we did some shopping at Jaya Grocer before adjourning to Doifee Cafe @ Taman Desa for some nice coffee and cakes.




I pray that God will bestow my papa with the best of health, razor sharp mental acuity and impeccable physical mobility always.  Happy birthday papa and may you be blessed with many, many more birthdays :)



Father’s Day Lunch At Bankara Ramen @ Avenue K

Today is Father’s Day and we spent our day at Avenue K.

In the morning, the girls gave their daddy their own-made cards and drawings. Sherilyn bought a pack of chewing gum for her daddy.

We had lunch at our favorite Japanese noodle house, Bankara Ramen at Avenue K.

Bankara Ramen is a Tokyo-based noodle chain that made its presence in Kuala Lumpur early this year. We first tasted Bankara Ramen’s noodles about a month back and have since fallen in love with their lusciously thick and rich soup-based noodles. For someone who tries to steer clear from the oodles of high-carb (and fattening) noodles, I tend to loose it and drown myself in Bankara Ramen’s noodles. What makes Bankara Ramen’s noodles stand out from the rest is the soup, which is thick, rich and very flavorful. Every bowl of noodles comes with a hefty topping of finely chopped spring onions. I especially love Bankara’s signature broth (RM27++ with four chunky pieces of chashu). The A+ rating soup (HFM’s rating) is made with pork bones infused with refined shoyu.



 photo bankararamen1_zps04a657ab.jpg


 photo bankararamen2_zps1497e597.jpg

We ordered a bowl of rice specially for the rice-addict of the family!
 photo bankararamen4_zps3e469168.jpg


 photo bankararamen3_zpscd5acb6e.jpg


On every table is a generous serving of complimentary fresh garlic that customers can press for themselves using a garlic presser, pickled ginger and a bottle of toasted sesame seeds. Thus, with these additional aromatic and flavorful toppings, our noodles were absolutely  delish and tasty to the last strand!

 photo bankararamen5_zps675dc6e1.jpg


After lunch, hubs brought the girls to Black Bull [Kitchen • Bar • Lounge] to play bowling, pool and darts, while I indulged myself in some retail therapy. Nothing gives me more pleasure than shopping kekeke 😀

 photo bowling1_zps21f4cf13.jpg



 photo 20140615_123336_zpsd42hxlep.jpg


 photo 20140615_123256_zpssin6584s.jpg


 photo bowling3_zpsb5638e0c.jpg


After retail therapy for moi and play therapy for the girls, hubs headed to Library to wind down with some waffles with ice-cream and coffee. While I get my pleasure from buying stuff, the girls get their pleasure from play, the foodie hubs gets his from food!

Today marks the end of the girls’ 2.5 weeks of school holiday. Tomorrow will be back to reality. Back to the grind and rut. It is a fusion of emotions for me – happy yet sad. Happy that my days are more structured again and I get back my me time in the morning. And sad at the same time that I am going to be heavily indebted again – to my beauty sleep. That’s motherhood and motherhood is all about riding on a roller-coaster. You have  ups and you have downs.



Mother’s Day 2014

It was two days straight of digging into glorious food at new eateries, starting from Saturday nite through Sunday. For the hubs, there is always no better way to celebrate an occasion than to do it and to show it with good food with his loved ones. On Saturday nite, he brought us to Muugu Garden Bistro, Off Bukit Bintang for dinner. It was a rainy nite and because it was pretty dark and wet that night, it took hubs about 20 minutes making countless rounds at the vicinity of Bukit Bintang to finally locate Muugu. This hidden bungalow restaurant was opened recently near Bukit Bintang and is set in a spacious and serene sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of the city in the heart of KL. I shall post more pix of our dinner in a separate post, but here’s a picture of Cass and her daddy taken at Muugu on the eve of Mother’s Day…  photo Muugu10_zpsa9246a6d.jpg


On Sunday morning, Sherilyn woke up early to whip up a surprise for grandma and me. It was her signature egg dish with onions and cucumber.

She also bought me a stalk of fake rose from her school at 60sen a stalk and painted this picture in school for me  ♥♥  photo MothersDay2014_zps9d4178b4.jpg

After breakfast at home, we headed to Avenue K.  This time, we decided to try Grandeur Teppanyaki at the Taste Enclave food court and there was not a bit of regret. It was a beautiful dining experience for us and by far the best food court experience sans the heat and oily smoke.  Dining at Taste Enclave gets you to taste the best of hawkers fare and international cuisine in a nice and comfy ambience.  Taste Enclave offers every one of all ages a smorgasbord of menu and taste. We enjoyed every dish whipped up by the Teppanyaki chef. Hubs also ordered items from other stalls and we had a feast of sort at the classy food court. Here’s Cass enjoying her seafood teppanyaki.  photo GrandeurTeppan1_zps753a69d1.jpg


Errr, it was not my idea for Cass to bring along her Math book but entirely her idea as she’s going to sit for her mid-term exam next week. After lunch, we popped over at Popular Bookstore to get Alycia some books. I had promised her that for every 90/100 mark that she gets in her mid-term test papers, she gets a book. And the highlight of the day for the girls was their dinosaur-search experience at Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live at Discoveria. Hubs brought the girls to their dino adventure whilst the mil and I went our separate ways doing some retail therapy :) These pictures of the girls at Dinoscovery were snapped by hubs and Whatsapp-ed to me while I was shopping 😀


 photo Dinoscovery1_zpsb469099d.jpg    photo Dinoscovery3_zps84d9800c.jpg      photo Dinoscovery2_zps11b12751.jpg


After the dino-search adventure and shopping, we went to Johnny Rockets to sample their famed hamburgers and hotdogs but we left feeling a tad disappointed as there was really nothing to shout about. Had I closed my eyes and ate a burger from Burger King or McD and a burger from Johnny Rockets, I really couldn’t tell the difference o_O After we left Johnny Rockets, the foodie hubs then hopped over next door to Library to have waffles with ice-creams and coffee *BURPS*!!  photo library_zpsc34ffd9b.jpg


Dinner was homemade Vietnamese beef noodles, made by hubs’ uncle.  And the last highlight for Mother’s Day was the cake, which we only had room in our tummies to eat at 9:30pm, after which I hurried the girls to go to bed as it is a school day the next day. How was your Mother’s Day celebration? Hope you had a swell one too. Here’s wishing my dearest mother, MIL and all you fantastic mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day :)

Cassandra’s 6th Birthday – 9 April 2014

This year will be the final year Cass gets to celebrate her birthday in school with her classmates. When she goes to primary school next year, it is serious business, seriously no birthday celebrations in class, what more in a Chinese school. What to do, hubster is 101% resolute that all his kids MUST go to a Chinese school, haiz…

After a super hectic morning running errands and doing the laundry (had to wash everything that needed to be washed as today is the 2nd and last day of water-on day. Tomorrow and Friday are water-off days), I managed to collect the birthday cake from the bakery and zoomed to Cass’ kindie, reaching there at 9:40am, just on time to coincide with the recess break.

So here’s Cass’ selection. Whatcha think? Cute?  I don’t know what made her choose Snoopy. When the baker could not find a picture of Snoopy in her album, we asked her to choose other characters but she was downright steadfast and said she wanted no other but Snoopy. Whose stubborn character did she inherit, I wonder, hmmmm!

 photo Cass6thbday-Snoopycake_zpsfc48b152.jpg


After 15 minutes flipping through the baker’s album and not being to find a sample Snoopy character cake, the baker had to use her son’s iPad to Google for a picture of Snoopy and she chose a dancing Snoopy, which I find too cute. Snoopy the Beagle was once my favorite cartoon character too :)

 photo Cass6thbday1_zps058a4698.jpg



When the entire class sang Happy Birthday to her, Cass got a tad emotional and I think she almost wanted to shed one or two drops of happy tears…


 photo Cass6thbday2_zpsf31ba305.jpg

After school, I brought Cass to the Japanese restaurant at our condo and treated her to lunch.  She chose a potato salad, a cup of Chawan Mushi and a bowl of sweet tofu Udon, which were all her favorite Japanese food.   And I chose a grilled giant squid, which I could not finish and had to pack it back for Alycia to snack  on after she returned from school.

 photo CasseatsJaps_zps9733c136.jpg


The birthday girl rules.  Her wishes were my command today 😀

I pray that God will bestow Cass with an abundance of good health, wisdom, happiness and a wonderful personality.