Mamak For Lunch

The hubs and I had a quick lunch at the Mamak restaurant today to catch up on updates from each other sans the girls.

As usual, he ordered nasi briyani with side dishes of chicken curry, fish curry, salted egg, cabbage and mutton curry.

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I ordered my all-time favorite tosai rawa which is the ‘healthiest’ of all the Indian rotis. Tosai rawa is very light and thin unlike roti canai which is thicker and starchier.

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I tapau-ed a packet of potato and bean dhal for Cass’ lunch. She had the dhal with with toasted multi-grain bread, which is a healthier alternative to roti canai. She slathered a thick layer of dhal on her toast and topped it with some cool kyuri. Whenever there is something spicy for her, she’ll swoon. The spices in the curry seem to do wonders to stimulate the papillae in her mouth.  She can whack down rice / noodles / bread / crackers with just dhal or curry. Low maintenance girl 😀

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To add to her lunch enjoyment is a good book in hand…

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Book Worm

Cass is a book worm. She reads ALL sorts of novels and magazines, even Reader’s Digest.

During spring cleaning of the house just before CNY, the hubs fished out a drawer full of books. They were mostly my old novels. I left the pile of books in a box  to be given away.  And the little worm inched her way to the box, ransacked it and fished out a collection of novels from Reader’s Digest. It is a 4-in-1  Select Editions by Reader’s Digest. I had received the book as complimentary gift when I renewed my Reader’s Digest subscription many, many moons back.

I was not even aware that the little book worm singled out this book until I saw her all wrapped up in this book for days. I took a closer look at the book and I could not believe that she was actually reading my novel, which is meant for young adults!  And she actually got so obsessed with the book that she read it for hours on end during the CNY holiday.

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Cass reading the novel during lunch at home…

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She brought it along with her when we went out for breakfast…

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And she even stashed the book in her backpack and read it on the train during our ride back to Ipoh over CNY.

I can’t believe this girl has such strong interest in war stories dated way back to 1941 as she bombarded me incessantly with questions regarding the war.  And Nicholas Sparks’s romance stories too. Oh my oh my!!  She’s such a voracious reader, she’s definitely stacking up to her 2 older sisters and even her mum!


Samo The Samoyed

Cass looks forward to Saturdays.  After piano lesson in the evening, it is now a norm that we walk to the pet shop next door to visit Samo, the Samoyed dog. We have named this pup Samo 🙂  At less than a year old, Samo is already as tall and probably heavier than Cass when standing on her hind legs. We both adore Samo so very much as she’s such a charmer – so cute, so smart and so friendly. And oh yes, she’s a fluff ball with thick white fur like snow.

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Samo loves to play with Cass, though they are separated by a glass panel.

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Samo is such a beauty and this is why she is with a price tag of almost RM8,000!! And this is why even after more than half a year, she is still an item in the pet shop. Had she been priced half the cost of what she is now, I am pretty sure some dog lovers would have brought her home to spoil her rotten.  I would too if we weren’t staying in a condo.  Would you spend RM8k on an imported pedigree dog?

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Cass always tells me that her ambition is to earn lots of money (we’ll see!), buy a big house with spacious land and buy three dogs for us- a Samoyed, a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. She says my job will be to care for the dogs when she’s at work. We love talking about her dreams and ambition together in the car after piano lesson on our way home every Saturday evening 🙂



School Holiday Activities

Since yesterday, Cass has been spending hours on end learning how to sew. I have been too busy to teach her sewing and grandma isn’t feeling well. But so determined is this little fella to learn how to sew that she asked her grandma for old cloth scraps and rummaged through her drawers to hunt for worn out clothes and socks and then learned how to sew on her own.  She cut out shapes (hearts and circles) from the old cloth scraps, then sewed them together to form it into a cushion / bag like structure. Then she rummaged through my drawers to find cotton wool to stuff inside  before sewing them up. She made a miniature heart shape cushion, a little bean bag and even sewed up her torn skirt.   I asked her how she did it and she nonchalantly replied “just sew up and down only la, to close all the gaps.”  She used the big head needles that I bought from Daiso on Sunday.  And I think she went to You Tube for tutorials too.  Not bad at all!  When I have the time tomorrow, I shall take pix of her sewn products. I am mighty proud of my baby girl. When mummy is too busy, she can be really independent and learned a new skill on her own, which is a survival skill for her in future.

Cass Goes Up The Stage

Hubs and I were in school this morning to cheer on  our baby girl who went up the stage to receive a trophy.  The top ten students from standard 1 through 6 in the academic year get to receive a trophy.

Mighty proud of our baby girl 🙂 🙂

After we left school, hubs and I had a quick lunch, then sped home to send Alycia off with her aunt Krystle from Hong Kong (hubs’ sister) for a short holiday.  For the first time, Alycia will be going for a holiday without her parents or grandma.  Her aunt Krystle came back from Hong Kong for a short holiday and will spend the weekend in Ipoh and Penang.  Alycia, her aunt Krystle and Krystle’s friend will be visiting Ipoh and Penang for 5 days 4 nights. Gawd, that’s pretty long for my soon-to-be teenager to be away from her mummy and cosy home. Hopefully she’ll remember the long list of reminders that I’d asked her to do each day. Just 10 days shy of entering teenage-hood, I am constantly thinking of this girl now and wonder if she’s enjoying herself or missing home. Is she drinking enough water? Is she gobbling down junk food and fried food? Will she get separated from her aunt and get lost in a foreign place?  Hubs keeps telling me that she’s not a baby anymore, she’s a big girl now and capable of taking care of herself.  But still, she’s only 12 and still a baby in my eyes.


Heart-Stopping Moment

I had a heart-stopping moment today.

At around the time when I was supposed to go down to the lobby to wait for Cass to arrive home, I received a call from her class teacher.  OH. NO!! Calls from the schools and teachers are NEVER good. Never once good.

My heart literally stopped for a few seconds… until I heard Cass’ voice.

Cass – hi mum. I am still in school. Aunty Jane left without me.

Me – HUH??? What happened? Were you punished by the teacher and asked to stay back?

Cass – No. When I went  there (the same place where Aunty Jane parks her van), she wasn’t there anymore.

And then the line went dead.

I panicked with heart in my mouth.

I quickly called back Cass’ teacher’s number.  And then called the van driver to find out what happened.

I knew that the van driver was in a haste to send off this batch of students so that she could rush off to pick up another batch of students. She’s a single mum with college-going kids struggling to make ends meet and has been ferrying students from dawn till dusk.  This is the same van driver who had left Alycia behind in school when Alycia was Cass’ age now 5 years ago.  The situation was much worse with Alycia. When Aunty Jane reached my condo, she called me to inform me that she could not see Alycia in the van. Can you imagine my shock on hearing the news?

Back to Cass. When I called Aunty Jane to find out what happened, she was too embarrassed to admit that she left my daughter behind again but later admitted. It was her second time for Pete’s sake.  She told me that half way through the journey, she realized that Cass wasn’t in the van and she made a U-turn to pick her up.  I chided her and again asked her how she could have left out my child again. Doesn’t she do roll-calling anymore? Check-list of names?  I suggested all these safety measures to her 5 years ago after she left Alycia behind in school. And she did it again now! Sigh!!

Long story short, I was so so glad and relieved to see Cass when she alighted from the van today. I gave her hugs and kisses. And I pray that this will never happen to any of my daughters ever again.

Picture taken last Saturday. My baby girl did the tough job of hammering crab shells to de-shell crab meat to feed me!  She knows I hate getting my hands dirty and stinky from deshelling crabs and has since years ago volunteered to go at it hammer and tongs deshelling crab shells for her beloved mummy 🙂

And the chunkiest claw meat, the best part of the crab goes to me! 😀

Good-Bye Teacher Kaitlyn

Cass’ piano teacher is a 19-year old girl who teaches part-time while studying in college.  Although teacher Kaitlyn is very strict and has a tendency to blow up if her students produce crap during lessons, Cass still loves her. Yes, there had been many times when Cass was chided when she got on teacher Kaitlyn’s nerves.  Cass can be as stubborn as a mule.  Her bullheadedness can drive me bonkers to the point I want to strangle her.   But there is just a special chemistry between them and no matter how badly she got chided, she still loves teacher Kaitlyn.  She just clicks with her teacher Kaitlyn.

Teacher Kaitlyn has informed us since the beginning of this year that she will be leaving Yamaha to pursue her degree in Law.  When Cass first heard the news, she was really really upset.  With 9 months to let the reality sink inside her, Cass has mentally  accepted the fact.  Last Saturday was teacher Kaitlyn’s last day at Yamaha.

At the end of the class, teacher Kaitlyn gave Cass a gift.  Cass was awestruck when she saw the gift.  Her eyes lit up and she gasped in disbelief.  For a moment, she was so thrilled that she froze there staring at the gift. Teacher Kaitlyn and I burst out laughing seeing how she beamed in delight when she saw the gift.  It was what she has been bugging me to get her – Season 5 Shopkins, which was released in Australia, US and Canada sometime in May / June this year.

Cass and I are already missing Kaitlyn. She’s a very talented pianist who is smart and funny at the same time. We hope that Cass’ new teacher will be a very patient teacher and most importantly have good chemistry with Cass too. I strongly believe that a child will excel in anything if he/she has a very good teacher whom he/she idolizes.



Random Conversation With Cass

Yesterday Cass informed me of her class and standard position for the second term exam.  Though the position dropped 3 notches down, she is still within top 10 in class and in the whole standard of about 300 Year 2 pupils in her school.

Next came the request for reward!

Cass – mummy, remember you promised me that you will buy me more Shopkins if my standard position is within 15? 

Me – Yes I do but you can only claim it when we go shopping ok? And why do you still need Shopkins? You hardly look at them after buying them!

Cass – because I want to collect all of ’em!  

Me – *rolled my eyes*  Your daddy and I are not so rich to buy you the entire collection of Shopkins remember that ok?

At night, she made an about-turn in her claim for reward!

Cass – mummy, I think I want to change my mind. Would you promise me if I asked you for something else instead?

Me – WHAT? Something more expensive? I am really broke la!

Cass – can you promise me that you will live until 100 years old please? Then I don’t want my Shopkins.

Awwwwwww, that was so so so sweet of my baby girl… but I told her that this wish of hers is beyond my control. She will have to ask Jesus for this wish.

Cass at 8 years 8 months

Our Saturday – 30 July 2016

Today is the day that both Cass and Drama Queen have been waiting for. They have spent many days practising for their sports day.

We reached school at 7am. After roll-calling, we had a quick bite at the canteen before rushing off to the running track.

Marching event…


Perfect shot of Cass’ team mate passing the baton to her in the relay event.

One of the boys in her team made a boo boo and the entire relay event was disqualified.  They did a rerun.  Her team did not win and Cass was really, really disappointed.

Drama Queen had to give up running in 3 events today as she is still nursing a sprained foot. Nonetheless, she still participated in marching and dancing.

Cass recharging her batteries with Izumio hydrogen water after the run.

As expected, yours truly the Puteri Lilin had a throbbing head after being grilled by the sun for 4 hours.  The morning sun today was ferocious and torched us mercilessly.  But after downing a packet of Izumio, I was all perked up and the headache gradually subsided. Izumio rocks!!

After a torturous morning standing under the sun waiting and cheering for Cass, we went to Glasshouse  to enjoy the air-conditioning while tucking into brunch of big breakfast, lasagna and chicken pie. Desserts were delectable cakes.

Delectable By Su’s cafe is located on the second floor of Glasshouse at Seputeh.

Located just a few metres from the popular Siu Siu Restaurant, Glasshouse is surrounded by lush greenery.  Stepping into the restaurant gives you the feeling that you are inside a modern cottage cafe set inside the woods.  The impressive building boasts of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow you 360-degree views of its green surroundings. Its raw brick walls and cement floors also make it the perfect backdrop for any event. Even the roof structure is see-through, allowing natural sunlight to pour in or give you a peek of twinkling stars at night.  Glasshouse at Seputeh is ideal for parties or corporate events.

Glasshouse at Seputeh offers sweeping views of the greenery around and natural light in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned space.






Glasshouse at Seputeh
Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Taman Seputeh, KL

For more details, visit their website:,

Tomorrow my day will start early again. I will have to tumble out of bed by 7am to get some chores done before attending a training session by Naturally Plus at their office.  This week has been a hectic and tiring one for me, with no chance to sleep in on any day. Hopefully I’ll get to catch up on my beauty sleep next weekend. I miss moseying around the house on weekends with absolute nothing to rush into and no where to sprint to by a certain time.

What about you? I hope you had a funtastic Saturday and a relaxing Sunday awaits you for you to recharge your batteries to full bar to face another new week with gusto.

Happy weekend!



Parents’ Day

My Saturday started very early today – at 4:45am.

After Alycia left the house at 6:20am, I woke Drama Queen and Cass up.  It’s Parents’ Day cum report card collection day today!

The hubs left the house very early too. His client’s event is in Rawang, thus he was not able to follow me to see the girls’ teachers.

I left the house at 7:30am and thought that we were still early and would at least get parking easily but no.  The roads leading to the school were jam packed with cars. I dropped Drama Queen at the road side so that she could walk into school to get the queue numbers. I had to make a U-turn and drive out again. I managed to find a not-so-nice spot at the road side and took a long walk into the school. Thank God the weather has been gloomy and chilly the past 2 days and I didn’t mind the long walk.

While waiting for our turn to see the teachers, Cass had breakfast at the canteen.

After a long 3 hours wait, I was done meeting the teachers. Had I reached school a minute later, I would have to wait at least half an hour more. I was the last to see Cass’ teacher before the teachers went for their break.

Cass has done pretty well in this exam and I’m so proud of her!!  Will she remain consistently good in her marks up until Primary 6? It’s really hard to tell. It is not easy to study Chinese and it’s not easy to get this girl to be passionate about her studies as she hates studying in Chinese.  It is not easy for yellow banana kids to grasp the Chinese language when both the parents are not Chinese educated.   Plus the syllabus and marking scheme have recently changed. There are now more subjective questions and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions.

Drama Queen has shown improvement in her standard position as well but still has lots to brush up.  She has one more year of preparation before she sits for the UPSR exam.

Next Saturday will be another parents’ day attendance for us and this time to collect the big girl’s report card! It will be her first report card in junior high school. I know she didn’t fare very well in her exam.  This girl with a temperament as cool as a cucumber was way too relaxed in her recent exam. I have never seen her so laid-back in her 6 years of primary schooling. Perhaps she thinks that this is her ‘honeymoon year’.   Wait till next year comes when she’s in her sophomore year, which is the year before her PT3 exam and I’m pretty sure she will be stuffed with more homework from school and pushed to work harder.

It wasn’t long ago that the girls sat for their exams and guess what? It will be exactly 1 more month before they sit for another exam! Stress stress stress!!