Health And Wellness 101: Strategies For Success

Once you make the connection between great health and optimized living, it’s time to begin implementing wellness techniques that will help you take your life to the next level. Below you’ll find two health strategies that will empower you to lead the life of extraordinary wellness you deserve to have:

1. Incorporate More Veggies And Fruits Into Your Diet
One strategy you can implement to make wellness your new normal is incorporating more veggies and fruits into your diet. This strategy will help ensure that you don’t have any nutritional gaps that preclude your body from completing important regulatory functions quickly and correctly. Note that there are a wide range of nutrient-dense fruits and veggies you can start integrating into your daily meals so that your body can function optimally. One of them is broccoli. Some of the nutrients that abound in broccoli include vitamin K, chromium, vitamin C, fiber, folate, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6. One fruit you might want to consider consuming in larger quantities is grapes. Grapes have ample amounts of vitamin K, copper, and vitamin B2. Another fruit that will provide you with stellar nutritional support is bananas. Bananas come chock full of vitamin B6, manganese, and vitamin C.

As you begin your process of optimizing your eating habits, note that there are a wide range of products and services you can utilize to eliminate behavioral modalities that don’t serve you. An example would be overeating, a reality which can lead to unwanted outcomes such as weight gain, diabetes, and depression. Luckily, there are several natural remedies for overeating. Note that health practitioners such as Dr. Kshamica Nimalasuryia provide people with a wide range of all natural herbal supplements that can help them address and resolve their overeating issues.

2. Exercise Regularly
Another strategy you can implement to get healthy is exercising regularly. This technique will empower you to attain a wide range of wonderful wellness outcomes. Some of them include improved body composition, increased aerobic capacity, increased respiratory capacity, and decreased blood pressure (amongst individuals who have moderate hypertension). Some forms of exercise you can engage in to attain these outcomes include jump rope, cycling, and weight-lifting!

You deserve to lead an incredible life in which you have tons of energy and the mood stability necessary to complete your professional and personal goals with ease and passion. To get on the road to life optimization right now, start using one or both of the wellness techniques listed here!

11 Weight Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes

Many of us are thinking about trying to lose a little weight before Christmas. In most cases so that we can gain it back again with all of the holiday eating. But, then when January hits, you might want to start thinking about a more long-term plan. Losing weight, leading healthier lifestyle or toning up are typical new year’s resolutions.  Even those that are usually happy with their figures can be tempted to try and lose a little weight following some heavy festive overindulgence. Most people fail. We spend our years drifting from one diet to another, losing a few pounds only to put it straight back on again, never quite happy with the results or how we look. That’s because most of us are making at least some, if not all, of these 11 mistakes.


Setting Unrealistic Goals
The main reason we fail when it comes to losing weight is not setting realistic targets. We announce that we want to lose a huge amount of weight for a specific date, which is either too close to be realistic, or that far away that we’ve got no real motivation.

If you are a relatively fit and healthy person, you should aim to lose around 1lb per week. That’s about 3500 calories. So, to lose that one pound, you need to eat 3500 calories less than you use up. Which means cutting 500 calories a day, or burning off 500 extra with exercise.

A combination of both is for the best
Setting a weekly goal, while working towards a larger goal gives you a realistic, measurable target. While one pound a month doesn’t sound like much, it’s something that you can achieve, and quickly starts to become a noticeable amount.

Weighing in Too Often
A huge mistake people make is weighing in every day, sometimes twice a day. If you are only going to lose 1lb per week, daily you might not notice a change. So, you’ll be disappointed and much more likely to give up or overindulge. Instead, weigh in once a week to measure your success.

Not Exercising Enough
Cutting 500 calories a day can be a lot. And, even if you do manage it, it might not work for long. Or if it does, you’ll be left with a soft, flabby body. To lose weight consistently and look fantastic, you need to exercise. Home Improvement loans can give you the option to install a home gym if you don’t fancy exercising in public, but there are plenty of options, so you are sure to find an exercise regime that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Making too Many Changes
Crash dieting is always a mistake. Making too many changes to your diet isn’t sustainable, and you’ll put all of the weight back on as soon as you stop. Instead make a few simple changes to your diet such as cutting sugar, switching to brown rice, pasta and bread and drinking more water. Cutting entire food groups is unlikely to help you lose weight and could affect your health.

Not Allowing Treats
Dieting doesn’t have to mean that you can’t have the occasional treat. Allowing yourself to have a little of what you love will help you to stick to a diet and see great results. If you try to stop yourself completely, you are more likely to give in and have a huge binge.

Eating the Wrong Things
Dieting isn’t just about cutting calories. If you are aiming to eat 1500 calories a day, then it’s important to realise that not all calories are equal. 1500 calories of nutritious and healthy food, such as brown pasta, salads, cereal and grilled meat can fill you up easily. 1500 calories of junk food and treats won’t seem half as filling.

Missing Breakfast
People think that cutting breakfast is the easiest way to cut calories from their diet. But, failing to eat breakfast can see you eating more calories throughout the day. Instead, opt for a healthy and filling breakfast such as eggs or porridge to start your day right.

Overestimating Exercise
When you diet, it’s important to track your calories. Sounds easy enough but when you are exercising and cooking your own meals, it can be hard to figure out. Overestimating the number of calories your exercise burns can allow you to think it’s safe to eat more than you should. A fitness tracker can help but as a guide, a 150lb person jogging at a 12-minute mile pace for one hour burns around 475 calories.

Underestimating Calories
Another common mistake people make is underestimating how much they eat. Portion control can be a massive problem for dieters. If a 50g Portion has 200 calories, you need to make sure you only have 50g to be able to record 200 calories. It can be useful to weigh your food or use a portion plate to help.

Drinking Too Much
Dieters often fail to track the calories from any drinks they consume. Fizzy drinks, alcohol and high-fat drinks such as milkshakes, contain as many calories as some meals. Try to avoid them and stick to water instead but if you do drink something else, track the calories accurately.

Going Low-Fat
Fat, in small quantities, can actually be very good for you. Low-fat foods often contain more sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. So, instead of switching to low-fat thinking you are making a healthy change, just try to eat smaller quantities of full-fat products.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult. With so much advice and so many different guidelines on what you should be doing or eating it can be easy to get confused and try to take everything to the extreme. But, for most of us, this won’t lead to lasting results. Instead, you need to make a few simple changes like eating less sugar, drinking more water and exercising more. Focus on eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and getting regular exercise, and you’ll soon find the lbs dropping off.

If you want to lose more than 10% of your body weight, it can be a good idea to chat with your doctor or a nutritionist to get help

Healthy Diet

If working out and not eating your favorite treats doesn’t seem to pay off in your weight loss efforts, you may need to change a few habits. Exercise and making healthier eating choices are essential practical tips for weight management Nevada. Yet for many people, losing weight is not the problem. Keeping the pounds off is most challenging.

A vast majority manage to gain weight back within a few months or years. Still, all is not lost. With just a few simple lifestyle changes, your seemingly heroic efforts can lead to losing those extra pounds long-term.

Don’t Skip Meals
A reflexive response to losing weight is to avoid eating all together. Breakfast is the number one meal people incorrectly forego. While this may seem like a good solution, it actually works against any weight loss efforts. Three meals per day are essential because food fuels your body to work properly. Healthy snacks between meals are also important to manage your weight.


Eat Most Calories Early in Your Day
Because your body is a fuel-burning engine, it is a good idea to eat most calories during the first half of your day. Doing this can help you keep hunger under control and avoid those late night snack runs. Besides, you are most active during the day, which means you can burn calories that would otherwise go to sleep with you at night when you begin to feel sluggish.

plate lunch pork ginger and eggs

Eat Smaller Portions
Just because your body burns more calories during the day, this does not mean you should eat heavy meals. Stay calorie conscious about how much you are consuming as much as what you choose to eat.

Ideally, one-quarter of your plate should include a lean protein. Add unrefined grains to another quarter. The remaining half should consist of colorful vegetables.

Get a Double Dose of Fiber
Some people fail to consume the recommended daily dose of fiber. A good way to boost your amount of fiber is to eat whole wheat instead of white rice or pasta. Breads and cereals high in fiber are more good sources. You fill up faster when eating fiber, which helps to curb your hunger so you eat less.

With these and other lifestyle changes, it is equally important to be patient with yourself. Gaining weight is easier than losing, but it is not impossible. In time, your cravings for a successful weight level will override poor food choices. You will begin to see and feel confidence boosting results that improve your health.

Isagenix vs 21-Day Fix Shake

If you decide to buy a meal replacement (MR), do no rush into picking your choice. An improper shake can lead to contrary effects than what is expected. For example, if you expect to shed some weight, a wrong choice of MR solution can result in gaining excessive weight. Besides, there are many products in the market that can cause negative side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, digestion issues and other health problems.

Therefore, it is quite important to use a profound approach in selecting a meal replacement product. You are  also advised to pay attention to comparison of various brands. The following review of Isagenix Shake versus 21-Day Fix reveals the strengths and weaknesses of these products.

Actually, 21-Day Fix is not a meal replacement supplement but a diet program consisting of workout plan and eating plan. The consumers receive two DVDs with special 30-minutes-workouts. Each of this workout is aimed at specific muscles and training.

In the beginning of the program, users are offered to train once a day. During the last week, users have to train twice a day.


Isagenix Shake is a meal replacement, which is not designed especially for weight losing purposes. In fact, the nutrition value of the product makes it a bad choice for those who need to reduce fat in the body. The shake is rather natural and does not contain harmful ingredients except for fructose.

The intended purpose of the shake is to substitute a full meal. It is a perfect solution for the people who lack of time to prepare meal or to eat wholesome food. Due to the large amount of calories, Isagenix supplement is a good hunger suppressant. The energy value of the shake is 240 calories. The main ingredients in this shake are fiber and protein. The content of the first is 8 grams in each serving of the shake.

The protein is represented by three soy-free dairy sources. The quality of protein is rather good. Each serving of the product contain 24 grams of this essential component. Moreover, Isagenix provides a special bonus for vegetarians containing 22 grams of plant-based protein.


As for the eating in 21-Day Fix, there is a special diet plan that focuses on appropriate ration of a user. The solution offers seven food containers of various colors. Each container provides a special portion control regarding the type of food. For example, red container is designed for proteins and is rated for ¾ of a cup.

The implementation of meal plan starts with calculation of target caloric intake. After that a user understands the number of containers to be used in the diet. The program is very simple and clear. Users do not need to count calories. They just use the proper containers instead.

When comparing these two brands, we must understand that Isagenix is a meal replacement, while 21 Day Fix is a diet program. However, each of these products are aimed at providing benefits for the customers. 21 Day Fix is a very effective and healthy way to manage weight. Isagenix is designed to suppress hunger and replace meal.

Determination And Hard Work To Stay Slim Again

As I was ransacking the storeroom to look for a Malay-English dictionary for Alycia last week, I stumbled upon some of the books that I had bought aeons ago on low-carb diet, including one on Atkins Diet. My attention diverted from the dictionary to the diet books immediately. I brought out the book on Atkins Diet from the storeroom and began to read. Reading the Atkin Diet book brought me back to the year 2001 when I was diagnosed with PCOS and had to battle weight gain and infertility.

Through my own research and reading, I managed to shed the 6kg that I had gained in 2 months as a result of PCOS. I also joined a low carb forum and several other PCOS forums to read experiences and stories of other sufferers. But I did not loose the 6kg in a month or two. It was through lots and lots of hard work, sacrifices, determination and about a year later that I managed to shed off the pounds I had gained. I had to give up many of my favorite food, comprising mainly of carbs like cakes, pastries, noodles and white flour products. Sacrificing my favorite food was secondary. It was the sheer determination of finding the time to exercise that was hard-hitting. I wonder if anyone could do what I did – I exercised twice a day though I held a job which required me to work long hours. I ran round the neighborhood at 6am every morning and even when it rained, with an umbrella in hand!

The Ultimate Website For Health and Fitness Freaks

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Ever since I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) almost 9 years ago, my life turned around (for the better, though I went through a lot of struggles) as I have learned to follow a disciplined exercise regime and eat a healthy diet. After the first diagnostic at the gynae’s office, my life revolves around surfing the internet for answers, treatments and natural remedies to help me overcome the disorder. That was how I transformed into a health freak. For those of you who suffer from PCOS, you will know that losing weight is the hardest thing to do. But with persistence, determination and sacrifices, I managed to lose the 6kg I gained due to PCOS, albeit it was slow.

During the height of my PCOS disorder, I had surfed hundreds of websites for answers and had printed articles from the internet that filled up more than 3 thick arch files! I found out that there is no cure for PCOS but the symptoms like weight gain, acne, infertility, among others can be treated. I also found out that with a healthy lifestyle, I can get relief for the symptoms. For example I need to exercise regularly and stay away from carbs and white flour products to lose weight. With regular exercise and cutting down on refined white flour products, the acne also went away.

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Choosing The Best Diet Pill

A good friend of mine once bought a very expensive brand of diet pill to help her lose the 15kg that she had gained after the birth of her second baby. Whilst the diet pill had helped her shed some of the weight, one of the nasty side effects of the pill is that it caused her lots of flatulence, purging and embarrassing moments. Everyday when she was on the diet pill, she would purge after every meal. Sometimes she could not control herself and would dirty her pants . She got so fed up of the embarrassing moments that she stopped popping the diet pills.

There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of diet pills in the market. Before choosing a diet pill, it is advisable to consult your doctor first. You may also want to read up on some diet pill reviews at, a website that has information on the best diet pills and diet pills that work. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you here with a couple of YouTube videos on the best way to lose weight. These videos might give you some inspiration to lose weight if you’ve been in your weight-loss journey too.


A Diet That Lets You Eat Food You Enjoy And Yet Lose Weight

Eight years ago, when my weight skyrocketed from 43kg to 48kg in just two months, I knew that something was really wrong with my body. Though I went on a diet, my weight just couldn’t go down. That prompted me to consult a gynecologist who later diagnosed me as suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder and women who suffer from PCOS have a hard time controlling their weight. Many women who have PCOS are obese but thankfully I wasn’t. After tons of reading from the internet, I found out that PCOS sufferers are resistant to insulin. One of the ways to lose weight is to go on a high protein low carb diet and of course to exercise. Without any delay, I bought an Atkin’s Diet book, followed his diet strictly and exercised rigorously everyday without fail, rain or shine. Slowly but surely, my weight dropped and I continued to stick to a low carb high protein diet up until today.

After the birth of Baby C, my third child 4.5 months ago, my tummy now still looks as if I were 3 months pregnant. Despite exercising everyday, I have a tough time removing this ‘excess baggage’. That’s because I have a hard time staying away from carbs. Ever since I started breastfeeding Baby C, I have started to eat carbs again, thinking that breastfeeding will help me burn those extra calories. But in actual fact, I shouldn’t be eating more calories than my body can burn. All I need is perhaps an extra of 2 slices of bread a day to give me that extra calories for breastfeeding.

Today I discovered from The Fat Loss Guru that I can actually eat more and still lose fat! The Fat Loss Guru has strategies and tips in his book that will teach dieters how to continue eating many of the foods that we enjoy and experience permanent and lasting weight loss. There are also ways to manipulate our hormones to burn fat faster. His weight loss strategies are even better than the Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig diet. It is really great to know that his diet can also fix chronic illnesses like diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hormonal problems and much more. I am really tempted to purchase The Ultimate Diet Handbook, written by The Fat Loss Guru. His diet strategies sound pretty convincing to me. If I can lose weight and continue to eat food that I like, what is spending $39 on his diet handbook, right?