Handy Girl

Thank God I have someone who is pretty hands-on with fixing and installing stuff at home. When daddy the handy manny is not around, I can always rely on Drama Queen. She is always ever willing to help me install electrical gadgets and DIY furniture.

The hubs bought me a new micro hi-fi audio system but I was too busy to get it set up. I’ve got a complex about meddling with complex stuff. I just do not have the patience for such stuff.  And thank God for good daughters!

After an hour or two on the floor with full concentration and with all the components and instructions manual scattered, the micro hi-fi system was good to go. Though she did monkey around and made me furiuos, I am nonetheless very thankful that Drama Queen took the initiative to help me set up the audio system.

Stress Over High Schools

Today is a day of mixed emotions for me.  The results for acceptance into the Chinese private high school for Drama Queen are out today.  Drama Queen’s name is not listed in the acceptance list when I checked the results at the school’s website.  While the hubs ain’t too happy, I, on the other hand am very relieved.  From the very beginning, I have been trying hard to convince the hubs against sending Drama Queen to this school. Although this high school was voted best Chinese private high school in our country, but it is very academic driven. Alycia is still surviving there, thank God. But Drama Queen does not have the materials of a Chinese school student. Thank God she survived 6 years in a Chinese high prestige primary school, albeit struggled in Chinese. Both she and Cass hate Chinese. They often query me on why they have to be forced to study in a Chinese school.  Drama Queen would fare well in an English medium school, which means sending her to an international school or home schooling center.  But the hubs is strongly against home schooling centers and international schools are out of our budget.

Drama Queen would definitely be accepted by the Feeder school, which is an SMK in our neighborhood.  The hubs is 101% steadfast against sending any of his daughter to this school. He says that this school has high incidences of truancy and gangsterism.

What’s next then?

Wait for the UPSR results to be announced come mid November. And wait for the letter from MoE on the allocated school.  Then pop in to the said school and request for a transfer of school.  Next, we would have to make a trip to JPN (Jabatan Pendidikan Negara) Selangor in Shah Alam to submit our request.

The school that I have in mind for Drama Queen is a Cluster School of Excellence and located in Selangor. We are in KL. Priority will be given to feeder schools in Selangor and straight As students. Next batch of acceptance will be for schools out of Selangor and students with good UPSR results.

Tough luck I know. But I will try to submit the transfer application and if it’s rejected, I will appeal.  So I am on tenterhooks now and feeling pretty stressed out over high schools for Drama Queen.

What if the application for our school of choice is still rejected despite several appeals?

We’ll cross the bridge when we reach it. Hopefully by then the hubs would have hit the Jackpot and become an instant millionaire.  And our 3 girls would get the opportunity to study in a good international school. End of headache and stress. Hah!

Who knows? Miracle does happen and it has happened to me not once but many times.

Today is the 16th day of the 8th month on the Chinese calendar (Moon Festival was yesterday). And the moon tonight is still exceptionally huge and bright, thanks to a heavy down pour earlier which cleared the skies.

At 7 p.m. today (below), the moon could be seen hanging majestically on the cloudy sky:

And it’s still there, at the same spot, big and bright at 7:30 pm (below):

Hopefully all my wishes made on this special day with a big bright moon would materialize.


Easy Chocolate Brownies

Today Drama Queen embarked on her first post-UPSR baking. It’s chocolate brownies using Kris Jenner’s (Kim Kardashian’s mother) recipe.  She Googled for the recipe, watched it briefly on You Tube and then darted to the kitchen to start work. This time, mess was minimal. After baking, she washed all the gadgets and even mopped the floor. Trophy daughter, hey? 💗

The recipe wasn’t followed to a tee.  Drama Queen tweaked it to our preference.  Sugar was reduced by half and mashed bananas were added too. And the outcome was superb. The chocolate brownie was awesome and the moment it was  taken out of the oven, we scarfed down a big chunk of the cake even before it was fully cooled down.


Drama Queen likes her brownies with a scoop of Sunnyside Farms Cookies N Cream ice-cream.

Everything about this chocolate brownies was perfect, from the texture to the level of sweetness, the color (not overly brown/black) to the taste.

Perfection!  This girl’s got talent. I rate this brownies 9/10.

New project – our best-in-the world umami meat pie.


Precious Locks Finally Chopped

16 August 2017: Today in history, my second daughter was willing to have her beloved hair at almost waist length cut short.

Everyone was in disbelief when Drama Queen announced last week that she wanted to cut her hair to chin-length to donate it to Locks of Hope. In the past, she would bawl like a baby and create a big scene at the hair salon each time she was forced and dragged to the salon by her dad and grandma. She created so much drama, fuss and river of tears at the salon till her dad and grandma gave up. The hairdresser who cut her hair felt so bad and was almost in tears too on seeing how utterly shattered the little sobbing girl was . After the 2 ugly scenes at the hair salon, Drama Queen learned how to cut her hair on her own. I only found out that she’s been cutting her hair herself when I saw traces of bits of hair scattered in the bathroom. Upon grilling her relentlessly, she finally admitted. And I must say that she’s really good at cutting her own hair; layered some more! Drama Queen hated hair salons and hated all the hairdressers at our neighborhood. She loved her long precious locks too much to let anyone cut it. She told me that she didn’t trust any hairdresser with her hair as there isn’t a single time that she’s totally satisfied after the hair cut.

So what made Drama Queen make an about-turn? From pro-long hair to pro-short hair?

1. Her long time desire to donate her hair so that some cancer patients could have a wig made from her hair.
2. A few years ago at the height of coercing her to cut short her hair, her grandma threw her a challenge – that if she agreed to have her hair cut short, she would get 10 novels of her choice from grandma.
3. A challenge by her friend in a Truth or Dare game

I kept asking Drama Queen if she was absolutely certain on her decision to have her hair cut short as there is no turning back except to wait for a year for the hair to grow long again, to which she reassured me that she will have zilch regret. For days, she kept bugging me to bring her to the hair salon. She even prepared a brand new Ziplock bag to keep her hair.

And so here she is, fresh from her hair cut at the hair salon. And she’s so proud of herself for taking this leap of faith.

Here’s a hundred brownie points to you my dear Sherilyn. I’m proud of you. I know you have been waiting anxiously to see this post 😉

Our Sunday – 9 July 2017

I had a no-rest day week last week. Every single day including Sunday was a full ‘working day’ for me, without any chance of sleeping in or napping during the day.  Drama Queen had to be in school over the weekend for a UPSR exam motivation camp. My day started at 5 a.m. even on a glorious Sunday. After the hubs sent her to school, I quickly completed some chores before getting Alycia and Cass ready for church.

After church, we had a quick lunch at Les Deux Garcons (LDG) before hubs rushed back to his office and shop to continue working. This week is set to be a super hectic week for him as he’s got several mega corporate Hari Raya Open House functions to cater to.

After a super quick grocery shopping trip, I sped off to school to fetch Drama Queen back. Her ankle is still swollen and she still needs to walk around with a pair of crutches.

Drama Queen’s left swollen foot is bandaged and on slipper and the right good foot  on sports shoe does the bulk of the hopping. She’s been hopping around on one leg like a lame bunny for 4 days already, since Thursday last week. Despite having one foot lamed, she’s still bursting with energy and didn’t skip a day of school.

Despite a no-rest day week with lots of chauffeuring, drama, screaming (must learn to tone down despite being faced with challenges at home) and cooking again, I’ve received blessings from the Lord in a few areas. I’m very thankful to Him for answering my prayers and pray that he will continue to bless me and my loved ones abundantly  💓💓

Lightning Does Strike Twice

On 25 July last year, Drama Queen created a drama when she missed a few steps and fell from the stairs in school and needed me to bring her to the hospital for an X-Ray of her left foot. On that day, her grandma had just flown off to Hong Kong. Thankfully there was no major injury to the foot, except for a sprain on the ankle.

Fast forward to almost a year later – yesterday on 6 July 2017. Drama Queen’s grandma had flown off to Hawaii just a day earlier. And guess what? The exact same drama happened to Drama Queen!! When I saw how fast she had ran down the stairs at our condo lobby in the morning carrying a box of newspapers for her school’s recycling project, I warned her not to run down the stairs. And several hours later, she called me from school breaking the news to me – “mum, I fell down from the stairs and my ankle is swollen”

On 25 July last year, the exact situation happened in the morning. We had to walk down to the lobby using the stairs as the lifts were all jammed up. Drama Queen had ran down the stairs and I warned her not to run hastily down the stairs. And several hours later, she called me from school to inform me that she had missed a few steps on the stairs and fell.

CREEPY! How could an accident duplicate itself in exact form and happen again a year later?! To the same person.  At the same place.

Forget about the adage that says lighting doesn’t strike twice. It does!

When I arrived at the sick bay in the teacher’s room, I saw Drama Queen’s teacher using a packet of ice cubes to apply on her swollen ankle.  When I brought Drama Queen downstairs to the car, her teacher helped to carry the school bag. Her teacher knows that I had just gone for a surgery and could not carry anything heavy. I was insistent in carrying the bag for Drama Queen but she kept offering to hold the bag. Another teacher quickly fetched a crutch for Drama Queen.

This teacher should win the ‘Most Caring Teacher’ award. She has always been a very caring and thoughtful teacher, always willing to help whenever she can.

At the A&E of the hospital, waiting to see the doctor.

Deja vu.  X-ray again!

The same doctor attended to Drama Queen at the A&E and the same radiologist attended to her at the X-ray room!

Can you tell me what the probability is for an exact accident to happen to the same person  almost a year later? The exact same part of the body got injured. The same doctor and radiologist attended to the same victim. The the sequence of events on the day of the accident was almost identical too!

This is just unbelievably spooky, as if it was a yearly jinx, said the girls.


Sports Day Saturday – 20 May 2017

I was up by 5 a.m. on a glorious Saturday morning today. It was raining and chilly. I was dying to hop back onto my glorious  and inviting bed and sleep till the sun comes out but hard luck. I had to get the laundry done, wake the girls up, put some food on the table and Uber them to school early, just so I get a nice parking spot just outside the school so that we don’t have to walk  so far in the rain.  Alycia followed her sisters back to her old alma mater to meet up with her old school mates and to join in the convivial atmosphere of sports day in school. She still misses her old school a lot.

I heated up a slice of mushroom and chicken pizza that I had bought from Ficelle the day before for breakfast and the girls drank a packet of Izumio to power charge them for a long and strenuous day at the tracks.

Thankfully the rain stopped at 8-ish a.m. and the participants could start off with the marching and aerobic dance.

I left early at 10-ish a.m. with Cass and Alycia and brought them for breakfast at our neighborhood cafe.

We had sushi, red bean black glutinous rice ‘tong sui’ and curry noodles.

I Uber-ed Drama Queen back from school at 2pm after the Sports Day was over.  As this is her last year in the school, she stayed on till the entire event was over and had a whale of a time camwhoring with her besties. I was surprised that Drama Queen came in 2nd and 3rd placing in two running events.

A very happy and proud Sherilyn with her medals

Home-Cooked Food For School

Drama Queen likes bringing home cooked food to school. This year, she has to stay back in school every day for UPSR exam preparation classes. When there are extra dishes and rice from dinner, she will keep them in the fridge. The next morning, she will wake up 5 minutes earlier to reheat the food to bring to school. When she’s in the mood, she will cook something up in the evening, for school the next day.

Below is the turmeric fried rice that she cooked on her own without any help form us adults.  The ground turmeric oil is from the turmeric chicken that we had for dinner. As there was quite a bit of ground turmeric and shallot oil left on the platter, she used the oil to fry some rice, along with some chopped carrots, long beans and 2 eggs.  The fried rice was not only aromatic and yummy, it’s very healthy too.  The fried rice was enough for her and Cass to bring to school.

Our Sunday – 26 February 2017

Our Sunday was mostly spent at home as Drama Queen had to revise for an exam this week. It’s her UPSR trial exam #1. She will have to sit for several trial exams before the actual UPSR exam in September. This fella hardly does her revision and even at the eleventh hour on the eve of her exam, she is still super calm. Even when the storm lashes out, she would still be as cool as a cucumber! I always wonder what’s going on in her mind. Why doesn’t she feel panicky and worried? She doesn’t seem to give a rat’s patootie even if she doesn’t score well. Hmmm, I wasn’t like that at all when I was a student and still am not like that. Who does she take after, I wonder? 😟

Do you have a child like this?

BM revision to her means that the laptop must be switched on and revision on Tatabahasa and sample Karangan done mostly from the internet.  She seems to get  more motivated when she studies from the laptop or on the bed (bed is a big NO NO for me. I’ll snooze off for sure!). Her mind tends to wander off too when she starts to get bored.

She perked up when her daddy announced yesterday that he was going to bring us out to eat lunch. And darted into the kitchen before dinner to help to fry eggs and slice cucumbers. That’s her way of de-stressing and getting away from her books.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and laptop


Trip To Dentist

Someone has been complaining of painful and bleeding gums. After school yesterday, off we went to the dentist.  Mr dentist checked the gums and said that the second permanent molar is cutting out soon. The gums surrounding the tooth are a tad inflamed plus she really needs a good dental scaling done too… with numbing spray.

And the total cost of damage for the 15-20 minute procedure was RM180!

What a way to end the year of the cheeky monkey. Within a short span of 1.5 weeks, I spent over RM2,000 on medical bills.

Never mind, I am positive the year of the rooster will be a better one for me 🙏🙏😊