Original Or Fake Crocs?

Barb, you wanted to see Alycia’s Crocs which I bought from the pasar malam? Well, here you go:

So do you all think it’s the original Crocs or fake one? Sold at RM35 (I persistently bargained and got it at RM30, see how Ah Sou I was muahahaha!), it was a good grab and I really do think it is original. When I went home and compared it with the gals’ original Crocs, almost every part looked the same, especially the logo. The man who sold the Crocs to me at the pasar malam told me that the Crocs were rejected by the factory that produces original Crocs, so they are like goods sold at FOS or Reject Shop.  There were even Crocs for adults and I was really tempted to buy a pair but the hubs stopped me and we were also running out of time (had to pick Sherilyn up from her ballet class).  If I see the man selling the Crocs again this week, perhaps I will get a pair for myself 😀

The Crocs even came with Pooh Bear, Dora, Carz and Mickey Mouse jibbitz.   What da ya all think?  Original or fake Crocs?

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  1. I’ve bought myself a pair of Malindi Crocs from a blogshop 2mths ago, RM90 with 4 jibbitz. it is original crocs with money back guarantee. I read somewhere about identifying the original and the fake one (can’t remember where i found this article) and it says that the crocs logo should be clear while the fake one is a bit blur. RM35 for a pair of original crocs is definitely a good buy!

  2. i’d think the crocs shoes u bought looks almost like original except for the crocs logo on the side & also the jibbitz. btw can u pull out the jibbitz??

  3. But I heard that some fake crocs are not so comfortable and can cause blisters. That’s why I only buy original ones for my daughter and also got myself a pair of Olivia 😉 And it’s really so comfy but makes my feet a bit sweaty.

  4. Hi, I got one for Victoria two weeks back also from the pasar malam. They claimed it was original, and opened price at RM28 for kids, and RM38 for adults shoes. Vic bought a dark blue, with white strap and a Mickey Mouse pin. Looks every bit original. I checked mine which is an original, and it looked similar. That weekend I went to Crocs to check out the kids original and the two looked similar too.

    The following week I went to the pasar malam and wanted to buy more, but realised that they have mixed in a bunch of ciplaks/fakes so just be careful lar. Btw, I heard from a friend that Crocs is closing down.

  5. hey shireen. thanks for posting this up…hahahahaha. the crocs look real eh? i paid rm28 for ashley’s. the adults are going for rm38. Don’t know if it’s the same stall or they got them from the same source but at my place, i didn’t see this colour 🙂 you didn’t get one for your middle child? hehehehehehehe

  6. It looks like a real to me ….. by the way, if rejected by Crocs is that mean there is something ‘not right’ about the shoe??? (i.e. material, design for comfort, chemical used, safety, etc)??? That’s why I am so hesitated to get them in the pasar malam but the price is so tempting!!!!

    It does looks original to me though ….. does it comes with the original tag too??? Good buy, definitely a good buy!!

  7. wei wei wei! which pasar malam? does he go to ss2 pasar malam or not? if u see him can u ask him or not if he goes to ss2? i wanna buy leh!!

  8. i think you can tell by the number of shoes he sells. If there are many sizes for the same design, and only one or 2 designs that he sells, chances are it’s fake. If there’s many designs and with limited sizes, it’s ori. Anyway, for RM30, I don’t care if it’s fake. Nobody’s gonna squint to take a look. We’ve had a few pairs of ori and they do wear out after a couple of weeks. Both hubs and I slipped and fell wearing ori. The anti-slip wears off after a while .

  9. Who cares whether its fake as long as it looks pretty and feels comfy. We got some from Carefourre previously and they are comfy and have lasted a few years now. lol.

  10. I was very tempted to buy one too, after mine got stolen right from my doorstep! Which pasar malam did u buy this from, Shireen? I saw the same ones (mostly Dora) from the Tmn Megah (PJ) pasar malam selling at RM20 only!

  11. Wen and Toddler C… it’s at the Tmn Desa pasar malam.

    Barb… my middle child can wear her jie jie’s old Crocs 🙂

    Elaine… there were many designs and sizes too.

    2ma… the jibbitz cannot be removed. I think this is the give-away that it may not be original.

  12. Looks so nice, I just couldn’t get this crocs seller in the morning market i went…you got a good buy there…and a good bargain too…bargaining is not an Ah Sou act…it is save and thrifty…i always do this…muahaha…

  13. I don’t know how to see if it’s original or not but I guess as long as is comfortable and the price is decent there is no harm in buying them in Pasar Malam right?

    I can’t believe crocs is so popular in Malaysia until my parents also looking for crocs..*faint* I already bought them a few pairs already 🙂

  14. Hi, get to know u guys talking bout how to differentiate real or fake crocs.
    Yesterday i pay a visit to ChaoYang pasar malam thinking if the crocs is same as original, y waste so much to buy from outlet? Wanna get 1 more pair for myself. I use my hand to carry the crocs.. but I can confirm is fake. Coz I everyday wearing original crocs and use to carry my crocs bk to shelf.. so use to its weight. The pasar malam crocs just too light compare the original. Even 1 original crocs is heavier than 1pair of fake. The real crocs is not heavy.. but it got a certain weight also.. can feel 1.
    So, pls dun be cheated by the pasar malam seller if they say is overrun production. But if u opt for RM30+ shoe .. wear for style and let ppl see as u wear branded.. then is good buy. But if wanna go for real comfy.. better dun.
    I would suggest u buy asadi rather than tis fake crocs.. coz asadi at least is real shoe factory. This fake crocs dunno where it comes from .. who knows might produce by toy factory in china.

  15. Hi, i stumbled upon your blog while browsing the net and noticed that u were discussing about crocs. I also sells authentic crocs at my blog & at my weekly carboot sale in serdang at a cheaper price…and i can tell you how to differentiate between ori & fake crocs..hehe. there are actually a few things that u can check to determine whether it’s ori or not. 1) ori crocs comes with a hanger attached(unless it went missing when my customers tried it on); 2) the logo of ori crocs is clear & shiny; 3) the sizing for ori crocs is put as W5, W7, M8, M9, C10/11, C6/7 & so on but not put as size 32 or size 40 etc; 4) the writings at the sole is ‘boulder,colorado’ not ‘boulder.colorado’; 5) jibbitz are all removable. as for jibbitz, ori jibbitz will have prints at the back about choking hazards, patent pending among other things but fake jibbitz will not have the prints and will also be of a different material. there you go..hope my explanation will do some good to everyone.

  16. Hmm everybody is really into crocs. I bought about 10 pairs from guangzhou and i was told it’s original but believe me that those sold at pasar malam and the ones i bought back from GZ are imitations but here again – they are so comfortable so who cares! i have been wearing it since early august 09 but only yesterday i had a small blister on my left foot. cant say if its the crocs or my own foot has some other allergies. but dont buy what the pasar malam guy tells you – that they are original. buy becos u think they are cheap and comfy.

  17. dear ladies original crocs at RM35 is fake RM50 is fake.If it is found in pasar malam it;s fake if they tell you factory shutting down it’s fake…. i know as consumers it’s a bargain but it’s not real and the guys who are behind this are the same guys who are behind fake cds and dvds, fake car parts, fake medicine, coca cola, ajinomoto, livita etc. CRIMINALS! organized criminal groups so the next time u spend rm30 think who you are enriching. Coz this money will go to financing the bigger projects like drugs and human trafficking. I know i was an ex cop.

  18. It is definately a Fake Crocs, i work with Crocs in Malaysia since it was first bought in. I can see the difference easily. Especially the Jibbitz, the Dora stick out like a sour thumb.

    However like what some of you says, what the heck? Why not use a pair of fake? I guess it does not really matters as long as you are not con in to believing it is the real stuff.

    So far i have not heard of Crocs having any reject stock sales. Also you can check out Sole United programme in America, Crocs is recycleable.

  19. Actually what I heard was that Crocs USA was unable to pay the factories in China for their inventories and so the factories released the stocks onto the market to recuperate some money.

  20. Hi..
    i wan to buy a crocs shoes for myself n hubby..
    hmmm.. mind to share which location pasar malam u guys mentioned??
    i hope to get one oso as soon as possible leh..
    hope u guys help..

  21. Hi guys..please see my blog to view what’s the genuine crocs look like. Original crocs is made of croslite material and its not just fake plastics. Its no harm to try fake ones as other good brands have imitation too. Its selling everywhere in the worldwide including european market, Australia, States etc.. and it’s affordable and trendy too.

    Fake crocs has grade A , Grade B and C too! Those who are allergy to plastic and cheap rubber materials their skin will definitely get infected easily i.e. Eczema skin disease (that doesn’t mean it’s from fake crocs)

    If u google search in any ebay market, they are europeans and americans selling Original crocs too. Believe me or not, its really the over production issue we are seeing. Authentic crocs are able to float on the water whereas fake crocs can’t. Another tip is u may try it on your ORI crocs at home, pour some boiling water on your authentic crocs, any marks on it will be removed..Im stating “marks” and not “stains…: Try it, it will not be ruined, trust me. As for anyone who has Tideline, Santa Cruz..please check your insole padding, take it out and squeeze it hard, if it hurts your palm, that shows your crocs is fake. Original Tideline Canvas or leather and Santa Cruz Canvas or leather the padding insole must be soft when u remove to squeeze it.
    Please visit my blog to view the unbelievable but REAL Crocs. THanks all for reading.

  22. dear all,
    i wish to buy a crocs shoe for myself. my wish list is either Tideline Leather or cove model.

    1. hope to share which location pasar malam u guys mentioned.
    2. & the main issue is the price or RM? how much? the ori is about US$59.99.
    3. i hope to get one asap.. dah tak sabar nak pakai. hope u guys help..

    tqvm. zainorina, bandar baru bangi

  23. Woo now a day pasar malam at Tmn Muda on Friday and morning market Tmn OUG also sell fake crocs at 1 pair is RM15.00. for adults or kids.

  24. i saw in pasar malam rm10 also got… but not at those popular pasar malam… i got mine original crocs from uk… cost me only rm45 because the shop is shifting… the diff between ori n fake is how comfortable it is… and mine is the only one i saw “MADE IN ITALY” other usually “MADE IN CHINA” however some originals are “MADE IN CHINA” the fake one material is kinda hard compared to those originals

    no need so exp le… if ur at bangi u can go to cheras selatan jusco or the mines to get it… should cost about rm70+ depends on what design u wan…

  25. here are some real good tips…

    if you want a real original crocs just head to the crocs butique and pay that price…
    it is comfirmed original and not fake.

    If you want a fake… just head to the pasar malam…. you will got it for RM30-40… and its fake…
    Even you buy crocs from butique is MADE IN CHINA…. and in CHINA there are hundreds factory making crocs…. and just few of them only have licensed making crocs… i know i’ve been there…. i am doing business in malaysia and taking good from china…. but i am not selling crocs…. i just wear it and i bought it from beijing last year… if you want to know…. the fake crocs i buy from china just cost me about RM5-20… and the orginal still the same with butique price….

  26. hey… i just bought a new pair of crocs last week from aus… its a crocs beach… see… i think the ori is more comfortable than the ciplak… its not berkedut when we have a long walk… my foot are less sweaty when i use the ori one… just buy an ori one… its just about rm150… huhu~ it is only if u want the comfort… if appearence is the best for u, the buy the ciplak la… only cost rm15…

  27. I bought an original Croc for myself and a ciplak one from the market (only RM18 now) for my daughter who is 2. Both our feet became sweaty causing the shoe to stink and we were both uncomfortable. I stopped wearing mine after a few days and I had to wash my daughter’s almost everyday!

  28. There are no “rejects” from crocs, that is just what some of you want to hear so that you believe you are buying the real croc at a fake price. The same goes with closing factories stocks. Fakes are discarded to maintain quality. There are some truths to crocs being in trouble and that is largely due to the crocs durability causing a long cycle before clients re-purchased a pair.
    You can’t have “crocslite” material in fakes, too much RnD committed to make it safe, comfortable and its what true crocs is.
    The fakes? just another plastic and i wonder why some posts here says they cant differentiate it, the quality on the fakes are so bad and finishing are plain inferior, anyone would be able to spot it.

  29. do you wanna know a fake crocs?
    theres a lot of thing you can try :

    1-Try smell it (if it smell like a plactic, it is fake one)
    2-Original crocs is soft (fake is hard)
    3-See the logo at side of your crocs (the black with a white logo). If the logo is pearl white, it is original (if the color is brownish, it is fake). if the logo is very shiny, it is fake.
    4-The price
    5-The comfort

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