Update on Alycia

Daddy brought Alycia to the clinic this morning and the paed said that she has ulcer in her throat. Oh dear, how did this happen? She’s been drinking plain water and barley like a camel but how can she still be getting ulcers? I guess she just cannot tolerate crackers and biscuits as she’s been eating quite a bit of them lately.

She has no appetite today and is only eating very little plain porridge, Watercress soup, watermelon, cool organic juice and barley. Daddy also bought her a plain chiffon cake and banana muffins in the evening, which she loves. 

She’s still having fever now and I’m praying that she’ll get better tomorrow.

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I Want To Buy A Jogger

I still have quite a long way to go before my due date but I’m already starting to worry how I’m going about to go for my morning jogs when the baby arrives. What I have in mind is to purchase a jogger to put the little one in whilst I go jogging in the park in the morning. I’ve already started visiting a few online baby shops to search for one that’s sturdy yet affordable but there are so many brands available and so many types of joggers. So I went to Lilaguide.com and I had some good reads on reviews on all the different types of joggers available. Based on the reviews, I think I will most likely get an all-terrain jogger. Though the all-terrain jogger is pretty costly, but it is still cheaper than buying a treadmill!

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PR4 For My Blog!

I got a surprise of my life today when Hui Sia sent me a text message at around noon  informing me that the Google PR of my blog http://healthfreakmommy.blogspot.com has been promoted to PR4!  I just could not believe her and I could not check it myself as my computer was still at the shop.  When my computer finally came back, I quickly did a check on a few Google PR checker tools and it’s true, my blog indeed has been promoted to PR4. I can’t believe it, it’s just too good to be true.

This blog of mine is only 6 months old and it has far exceeded its performance beyond my expectation. I’ve worked very hard and I’ve sacrificed many things to achieve this ranking. But I can’t be too happy either as this Google PR thingy is fleeting and for all I know, my PR may be demoted in the next exercise just like what had happened to most bloggers in the most recent Google update exercise.

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Finally Got My Computer Back

The computer guy finally sent my computer back. I was told that my computer was badly invaded by virus!! No wonder it keeps hanging and acting so strangely lately. He had installed an AVG anti-virus software into my computer.

He had also installed the new version of Internet Explorer, version 7 into my computer and consequently, my Blogspot blog went haywire. The header is still distorted now and I have to get if fixed soon.

The computer guy also told me that the motherboard in my CPU is in a terrible state and it will conk out anytime. OMG, this means I have to buy a new CPU and that’s going to cost me RM1,500+.  Well, I hope I get to earn more now that my ranking has gone up so that I can replace my CPU before it pulls the plug on me.

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My Insurance Agent Desperately Needs Sales Leads

My insurance agent was even more excited than I am when she found out that I am pregnant with my third baby. But of course, there’s always an ulterior motive and I know she’ll be the first few people to visit me after my delivery as she’s desperate to get hubby and me to purchase an insurance from her for our new baby. Sales has been pretty bad for her lately and she told me that she desperately needs a couple of new buy lists to generate prospect leads so that she is able to meet her sales target. Her boss has given her the ultimatum that if she is unable to meet her sales target in 3 months, she’ll get the sack! I told her to check out MartinWorldwide.net for assistance and I hope she gets what she wants.

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Updates For Today

Internet connection has been super duper bad today. I’ve wasted so much time trying to sign into Blogger, then have to wait like forever for the page to download and I can’t even upload pictures to my posts.  To make matters worse, my gmail is down and I can only view my mails in HTML mode. The stupid guy from Streamyx Help Desk yesterday directed me to delete some files and cookies from my computer and since then, my computer has been acting so wierd.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to send my computer to the shop for repair. Double whammy!!

This afternoon, Alycia told me that her head was painful and when I touched it, it was HOT.  When I checked her temperature, it was 38.6 degree celsius. I gave her some syrup paracetamol but she puked. I then immediately gave her a Voltaren suppository. When she woke up from her nap, her fever subsided and she was active again.  We cooked porridge for her for dinner but she only ate a few spoonfulls.  I then gave her some cold pears and cold organic juice.  Minutes later, when I checked her temperature, I was shocked to see that it has shot up to 39.6 degrees celsius. I immediately sponged her body. I’m going to give her a bath now and give her another Voltaren suppository.  I’m praying that her fever will subside coz I really want to attend the bloggers’ gathering this Sunday. I’ve missed the last one and this time, I really don’t want to miss it again. 

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Eating Cereal With Milo

Remember the organic cereal that I had bought earlier? Well, after eating them several times, I just feel like they smell like dog food and chicken feed. Maybe that’s because they contain very little sugar and there are no food additives to make them taste good.  It could be due to my raging hormones that are making my taste bud go haywire. But I can’t throw them away coz they are so costly (around RM17 per box). So I bought another brand of cereal that tastes better and sweeter with pecans and mix the 2 brands of cereal together.

Then pour some fresh mik into the bowl of mixed cereal and add a teaspoon of Milo into the cereal. The result? They taste so much better!

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Food’s The Great Motivator

That’s Alycia’s mid-morning snack in school today. It’s toasted black sesame and wheatgerm bread (2 slices) with boiled chicken ham (I only buy deli meat once in a blue moon coz it’s not very healthy), cheese and crispy seaweed.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Alycia has extra Mandarin class after school from 11:45am – 12:45pm. So on these days, I’ll prepare something more filling for her like sandwiches or fried meehoon (put inside a tiny Thermos flask).  Her lunch box is something that motivates her to go to school coz she just loves eating!

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Sunflower Seeds

After tasting a couple of sunflower seeds that were meant for Alycia and Sherilyn’s paper sunflower craft at Sunday School last Sunday, I was hooked on the seeds. The next day, I went to the grocery shop to buy a packet which only cost RM1-00.

This brand of sunflower seeds has a tinge of herbal taste and even the 2 brats liked it.  The packet of sunflower seeds was finished within 2 days and today, I bought another packet to munch on!

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Affordable Email Marketing Software

A friend of mine who runs an organic shop is looking for ways to increase the turnover and profit of her business. She has already created a website for her shop and is now planning to reach out to more people to create awareness on her organic shop.

She found out that there is a very affordable email marketing software that enables her to market her shop through email. Through this software, she will be able to email her existing clients as well as new clients whenever there are new products or promotional items at her shop. She will definitely give this software a go since there is a free trial period and no credit card is required! With this free trial, she can send a free email campaign to not more than 30 contacts each month. Maybe I should also ask hubby to consider trying out this email marketing software for his catering business.

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I’m Hooked On Steak

This baby must be a meat lover, especially beef, pork ribs,  mutton and curry chicken. I am really crazy over steak and hubby is more than happy to know that coz he loves steaks too and now, he has even more excuses to buy steaks. Each week, we will shop for our steaks at Village Grocer or Cold Storage as they have better quality steaks there. Better quality meaning the meat are from cows that are fed with good quality grains and the texture of the steaks are more tender and not tough. We tried buying cheaper quality steaks but the steak turned out hard and tough and I chewed till I nearly had locked-jaw and in the end, the steak ended up in the bin.

And oh yes, I got a tip from hubby. In order to have softer and more tender meat, pound the meat before frying it either with a meat pounder or the back of a meat chopper. It really makes a big difference. Some people use meat tenderizer but I have doubts using such chemical. I’ve also read that papaya juice is a natural meat tenderizer but I haven’t tried that yet – I don’t want my piece of steak to taste like papaya! Hubby likes the steak lightly marinated with salt and a dash of Lea & Perrin sauce or HP sauce.

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Pre-Natal Vitamins

These are the pre-natal vitamins that I am currently popping :

Vitamin E, Multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium Lactate and 

I have recently started to pop Neuro Gain, a kind of fish oil that’s supposedly good and recommended by gynaes too. It’s very expensive costing almost RM2 per capsule.  It’s known to aid in the baby’s brain development. I hate the taste of it when I burp, eeuuuu…. so fishy.

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Check Out This Health Site

Being a heath freak, I just love reading magazines, books and articles that are health related. It all started many years ago when I constantly fell ill and had all types of ailments from head to toe from headache to heartburn, gastric, persistent throat infection, nose allergy, PCOS, infertility, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many more ailments. My ailments were mostly contributed by work-related stress. I did a lot of research and reading from the internet to get information on my ailments and the treatments and remedies available. This has spurred my interest in reading health related articles up until today. I have just discovered a health site that provides free health information on many types of ailments. There are also very informative articles on healthy foods,  living healthily, obesity and weight loss,  health 2.0 and much more articles that you would find really interesting and beneficial for your reading.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from ailments like diabetes, asthma, snoring, hemorrhoids, eczema, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or just about any other common disorders or if you’d like to get some really handy tips on healthy living, I strongly recommend you to check out FurtherHealth.com and bookmark this informative health site.

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I hate plain water…no thanks to my wacky hormones

Eversince I got my first bout of morning sickness since week 8 of the pregnancy, I never liked drinking plain water. The sight of plain water sends nausea down my guts instantly.  I only like flavored water but it must be unsweetened water coz anything that’s sweet also made me nauseas.  So what I do now everyday is put sliced lemon, fresh strawberries or fresh ‘kam quat’  in my mug of water so that the water has a fruity smell and taste.

From gulping down 16 glasses of plain water a day pre-pregnancy, I can only force myself to drink a max of 8-9 glasses of water now. No wonder I’ve got so much zits on my face now. Also, without sweating and exercising, all the toxins are not released from my body.  How I hate those ugly zits on my face that’s once flawless and smooth!

I also like to drink diluted unsweetened organic cranberry juice and promegranate juice with acai berries, goji berries, cherries and other berries.  Occasionally, I drink decaffienated tea like Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea and Citrus Lemon tea. 

I’m into my 15th week of pregnancy now and the morning sickness has subsided but I still feel nauseated after each meal, when I’m hungry or when I’m tired or sleepy. I just can’t wait for the 38th week to arrive. If everything goes smoothly, it’s going to be another elective c-section for me at week 38 as I’ve had c-section for my 2 previous pregnancies too.

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Lunch at Gardens, Mid Valley City

We were at Gardens @ Mid Valley City yesterday afternoon after church. Hubby wanted to bring us to a Taiwanese Restaurant (Fong Lye) located on one of the top floors. We entered the restaurant, ordered some dishes but were later told that there were no baby chairs. As the regular adult chairs were too low, we had to cancel our order and leave the place. I was rather disappointed coz the dishes there looked really mouth-watering and I really wanted to sink my teeth into those dishes. We will definitely go there again the next time, when the baby chairs arrive.

We then went to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant and the gals were so thrilled to have bumped into their Sunday school teachers, a lovely young couple who had just tied the knot.

The restaurant was classy and the service was good. Price is almost the same as any other Japanese restaurants and the food was good too. This is what we ordered :

Even Miss Spity Spat who doesn’t like to eat meat gobbled the chicken teriyaki and rice and ate 1.5 cups of Chawan Mushi (Japanese egg custard).

I so wanted to sink my teeth into the delicious fresh sashimi but gotta try hard to refrain myself from doing so.  Well, just wait for another 6-7 more months and I’ll get to indulge myself in raw fish again.

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Cheap Flights To Dubai

My parents who are planning a trip to Spain next year would like to have a stopover in Dubai for a couple of days as they’ve heard so much about the fantastic shopping in Dubai. My brother who is a seasoned traveler told my parents that they can get cheap flights to Dubai if they book their air tickets online at DialAFlight.com. Let me check their website to find out the cost of the air tickets. If they are really cheap, I can even consider a short trip to Dubai for some retail therapy!

This post is brought to you by DialAFlight.com.

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