Alycia’s Diaper-Free Night (1st Night)

It went well.  Even before the alarm clock rang at 2am, I had already woken up to check on Alycia.  The first thing I did was to quickly touch her pants.  Phew…. it wasn’t wet.  I quickly woke her up and it wasn’t easy to pull her up from bed.  She was groggy, did not appear to know what’s going on and why mummy was pulling her up from bed and didn’t want to get up.  I told her that she had to pee as there wasn’t any diaper on.  Then as she slowly got to her senses, she walked with me to the bathroom and pee.  She then went back to bed herself.  

At 6:30am, I woke her up again.  This time, she told me she didn’t want to pee and I let it be.  She then went back to sleep before she woke up at 8am. I gave her lots of praises and hugs and told her that she has to do it again tonight and she gave me a proud nod and smile.  Thank God!

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  1. Nicole went diaper free since the begining of this year…she would have been about 30 months old…and the trick is, I stop giving her milk or water after 9pm…she sleeps about 11pm these days before she goes to bed, she would have emptied her times, when she insists on having milk after 930pm, then that is when accidents happen. 🙁

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