Baby C Eats Fruits From A Food Feeder

Baby C loves apples.  On some days, I would reward her by letting her suck on an apple after she had taken her antibiotics.  The other day, I finally brought out the Munchkin food feeder which had been kept in a Tupperware container in the freezer for almost 3 years… untouched and not used and it still looked new!  It once belonged to Sherilyn.  I had to wash the feeder many times as it smelled of the freezer… yucks!

I then cut up some apples…

and placed them into the food feeder and locked the feeder….

and let Baby C hold the food feeder. Oh gawd, she was so ‘kan cheong’ when she saw the food feeder. But she got really frustrated and upset when she couldn’t eat the apples inside the net. She was screaming and yelling and fussing away, till I removed the food feeder from her. She must have felt really ‘mung chung’ (frustrated) that she couldn’t eat anything….can feel but cannot eat anything!  Next time, I am going to put juicier fruits inside the food feeder like grapes, pears and oranges so that she can actually drink the juice of the fruits.  I may try putting some baby Rusks inside for her to chew one of these days.

I find the food feeder really useful and I used to feed Alycia and Sherilyn by placing the fruits and biscuits inside the net. I stopped using the food feeder when they had enough teeth to bite their food.  The food feeder prevents choking in a baby and I find it a must-have, especially when we eat out.  Whilst we had our meals, Aly and Sher also had their snacks, placed inside the food feeder. 

This is not a paid post k!

On a side note, the urine culture test today revealed that there is scanty E Coli bacteria in Baby C’s urine. I spoke to our pediatric surgeon and he was really blasé about it and said that I should not worry.  Do check out my new health blog to read on.

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Dinner At Prince Hotel

We had dinner with hubby’s relatives at the Chinese restaurant of Prince Hotel last night.   There is a 50% discount off a-la-carte menus on-going, which will end soon. We ordered one whole Peking duck, stir-fried venison, a very tasty cod fish, a unique dish of grilled eel, chicken, 2 plates of veggie and some gastronomical desserts.

While we were eating, the kids played ‘choot choot train’ and London Bridge Is Falling Down

Alycia and Sherilyn with their little aunty (hub’s 5 y.o cousin)…

Baby C with daddy.  She fussed big time throughout dinner and I had to nurse her in the toilet, which had such strong air freshener that I almost suffocated…. and I had to quickly nurse her and bring her out of the toilet!

This is one of the best desserts I have ever tasted – white almond milk double boiled inside a whole coconut, served with ‘lui sar tong yuen’ (black sesame filled glutinous rice balls). Everyone loved this dessert. I love it too and I am now dreaming of gorging on another round of this sinful carbo!

Do check out my other blog tomorrow to see pix of the other dishes and gastronomical desserts that we ate.

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Alycia’s First Ballet Concert

Today was Alycia’s first ballet concert and her first ever concert in her life.  Alycia has only been attending 8 months of ballet lessons and she joined her other classmates who have been learning ballet for 1-2 years in the concert.

It’s a shame I couldn’t attend the concert as the entire concert lasted around 2 hours.  This included the performance by other performers like pianists, violinists, etc who took lessons from the center.  I didn’t want a situation where Baby C fussed or cried and caused a stir in the studio. I made sure daddy brought along the camera and camcorder.

Alycia did not smile throughout the concert as she felt uncomfortable with the sticky lipstick on her lips…. which was also the first time she had lipstick applied on her lips.  She told me that her teacher even sprinkled some silver dust on her lips and she dared not close her mouth throughout the concert ….. which made her look kinda stiff and grouchy lol!

Alycia has been telling me that she doesn’t like to attend ballet classes.  That’s because I can no longer accompany her to the classes like I used to before Baby C’s arrival.  Most of the parents there accompany their daughters throughout the ballet lesson.  I told her that once baby’s a little grown up, I can accompany her to her classes every week…. which made her happier!

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Online Degree

When I was feeding Baby C her antibiotics at our garden yesterday, I chit-chatted with my neighbor, a grandmother in her 70s. Though I have been staying in this neighborhood for 2 years, we rarely talk to each other, safe for saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when we meet. But yesterday, this grand old dame was in a chatty mood. I can see that she is one very proud mother as 8 of her 10 children are graduates. She told me proudly that her 8 children have degrees from universities abroad. I was really amazed with how her late husband (who was only working as a Manager in a plantation) had paid for the university course fees for their 8 children. Maybe some of her children pursued an online degree from universities such as Capella University, a fully accredited online university. Studying online for a degree is much cheaper than going abroad to pursue the degree. I hope the hubs will be able to send our 3 girls abroad to study in future. However, if he cannot afford it, I really don’t mind our girls pursuing an online degree from universities such as Capella University.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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Sher’s Yet Another Pee Accident

Maybe Sherilyn is just not ready to be off diapers when she naps during the day. A few days ago, she went upstairs to her mah mah’s bedroom and napped with her. My mil had forgotten to put a plastic sheet under Sherilyn. I was busy with Baby C. I had wanted to go up to ensure that the plastic changing mat and plastic sheets are all laid but Baby C was fussing and I had soon forgotten all about it.  In fact, I have been so consumed with Baby C’s daily feeding and cleaning regimen that I have neglected my 2 older girls quite a bit lately. I’ll blog about Baby C’s tedious regimen of feeding her antibiotics, probitiotics, cranberry juice and other supplements later.

An hour later, Sher came downstairs and as usual, announced to me nonchalantly “mummy, my shirt is wet...” My maid had to carry the daytime-napping-mattress down and out to the porch to have it washed as it was soaked with stinky pee.

The mattress that was just washed, hanging in the porch.

After this pee accident, I told myself that maybe Sher just ain’t ready to be off diapers during her nap. Though many times I had brought her to pee half-way through her nap, she would still pee in her pants later. The pee accidents and cleaning up part are really draining me out….. and I am already very very frazzled with Baby C’s daily feeding and cleaning regimen. So with a white flag, I regressed and put a diaper on Sher again during her naptime on days when I feel too exhausted to wake (and drag/force her up from bed!) Sher up to pee.

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Shopping On A Monday Evening

On Monday, Alycia’s teacher informed us that there will be a concert rehearsal at a rented public hall in town on Tuesday.  The actual concert will be held next month.  All participating students are to wear white shoes and white socks. A school bus will ferry the students from the kindergarten to the hall on Tuesday. I remembered Alycia had 2 pairs of white shoes and quickly searched the shoe cabinet for them. I found them but Alycia had outgrown the old pair of white shoes and as for the new one, it looks like a pair of ballerina shoes and was not quite appropriate for the concert. So daddy brought all of us to Mid Valley to shop for a pair of white shoes for Alycia. We left the house after dinner and reached Mid Valley at around 7:30pm. Whilst I shopped for baby stuff, daddy brought Alycia to the Tree House to shop for her white shoes.

I managed to get everything for Baby C quite fast. As daddy was still at the shoe shop with Alycia, I went to the ladies department. I had wanted to get myself a pair of jogging shoes and Craghoppers but the sizes that I was looking for were all sold out.   After shopping, we had supper at Tin Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant @ Gardens. We reached home at 10ish pm. I quickly fed Baby C her daily antibiotics and showered the 2 older girls and all 3 of them went to bed soundly by 11pm. What a hectic day it was for me.

Our supper at Tin Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant.

The pair of white shoes from Tree House for Alycia’s concert.

Baby C wearing the new hairband that I bought her.

Alycia helping me entertain Baby C whilst I ate my supper.

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The Pacific Elixir

The pediatric surgeon whom we are consulting now has advised us to increase the prophylactics antibiotics intake for Baby C to twice a day. He told us to do that for 2 weeks and thereafter, to do another urine culture test to see if there are still bacteria in Baby C’s urine. I am really worried of the effects the antibiotics will have on Baby C because she has to take the antibiotics for several years or until the Kidney Reflux resolves by itself. If I were living in the Pacific, the Hawaiians would have given kava kava to Baby C. Kava kava is called the Pacific elixir and is known to help cure a broad range of ailments. Kava kava is certified by the FDA to be safe. I am just wondering if this Pacific elixir can help prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

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My mil is a coffee lover, so much so that she even has a special coffee grinder to grind coffee beans so that she has a cup of very aromatic coffee every morning.

This is the coffee-maker / coffee bean grinder

Whenever Alycia and Sher see mah mah grinding the coffee beans, they will surely fight to lend a helping hand.

The ground coffee powder is collected in a little drawer in the coffee-maker.

The coffee powder is then poured into a disposable paper sieve put on top of a special funnel. Hot water is then poured on the coffee powder.

Even her coffee beans are kept in a special container that is air-tight, which my mil uses a special pump to pump out all the air (on the cover of the container) before she keeps them in the fridge!

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Get Free Habbo Credits at metaRL

I always hear my teenage cousins talk about Habbo and at a party last week, I asked my cousin what Habbo is. Habbo is a global, online social network aimed specifically at teenagers. It features a large number of “rooms” where users can get together, and the whole thing is presented as if taking place in a huge, virtual hotel. Individual users known as Habbo have their own private spaces and homepages and they are able to share content, create groups, chat and play games together.

If you are a Habbo fan, do you know that you can earn free habbo credits at metaRL, a portal for everyone who visits virtual worlds? At metaRL, you can participate in games, surveys, tasks and contests and earn virtual world currency. Here at metaRL, you earn metaPoints which you can then transfer into your account whether it’s free lindens for SecondLife, free peds for Entropia, free imvu credits for IMVU, and even free Habbo Credits for! The best part is metaRL is FREE to use! No wonder they have over 160,000 members!

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Baby C Can Sit!

Baby C has been trying hard to get up on all fours to crawl for the past 1 week or so. Last night, I put her in a sitting position on the bed and she managed to sit on her own by supporting her weight with her 2 hands forward on the bed…. like a bear in a sitting position, so so cute!

Today, I left her on the gym mat (her favorite place now). Minutes later, my maid shouted to Alycia “Alycia, ask mummy, ask mummy… baby duduk sendiri” (she meant to say “call mummy” to see baby sitting) excitedly.

I ran out from the kitchen excitedly and quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping away….

My little tough cookie has reached an important milestone today. She managed to pull herself up to sit on her own at just 5.5 months. Despite all the challenges she has been dealing with, my little tough nut has unflinching determination and spirit to reach all her milestones. She is just as tough in spirit and determination like her mummy!

A victorious smile! Way to go baby girl!

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Every Reason To Be Thankful

All my 3 kids were expensive babies, with Alycia being the most expensive baby as she was a baby conceived via IUI, a type of artificial insemination.   Sherilyn and Baby C were DIY (do-it-yourself J) babies but they were still expensive coz I took loads of hormone drugs and jabs to sustain the pregnancies and those hormone drugs cost us a fortune.  I am considered very, very lucky that Alycia was conceived after just 1 cycle of IUI, despite all the challenges that hubs and I were facing.  Our fertility specialist is a very careful and patient doctor, who always pays attention to even the minute of details.  Couples who consult this doctor suffer from a whole range of infertility problems ranging from PCOS to endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, low sperm count and in one case, the husband had ED problem and could not take Kamagra as he was also suffering from several medical problems.

Many people have asked me to try for a boy (via sex selection) but I always tell them that I am content with 3 angels.  Moreover, I am not going to go against nature just to get a baby boy and it’s against my principles and religion too.  6 years ago, I was desperate just to get one baby of my own when the chances of getting one seemed so remote then.  Now I have 3 beautiful girls and for this, I have every reason to be really happy and thankful to God for them, though they may drive me bonkers many a times.   

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Yucky Goo Goo

Sherilyn has a bad runny nose. She hardly has runny nose but this time, it has been quite bad. I had expected her to get frequent colds as she has just started pre-school. For the past 2 weeks, thick goo has been flowing out from her nostrils like worms…. and they really do look gross, especially when she licks the goo or plays with it with her fingers….. eeesshhh!!   I normally lose my appetite to eat when I see those goo shooting out during mealtimes lol!

The other day, she did something really disgusting, yet hilarious…. which is something very typical of my brat, who seems to have lots of bright and silly ideas.  After she had sneezed, goo started to ooze out from her nostrils and instead of wiping the goo, she ran to the mirror at the side of our split-level stairs, climbed up the stairs and stared at her herself!  Oh gawd, she really looked hilarious coz she kept staring at herself for a good 1 minute or so….

Oh gawd, that looks really terrible, really gross and really revolting, lol!

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Unable To Go For A Vacation

Hubby and I will be unable to go for a vacation for a very long time. Even if we have the time and money, it would be very difficult for us to travel because of Baby C’s medical condition. Currently, I have to spend a couple of hours every day feeding her antibiotics and the different types of yucky tasting nutritional supplements. I know I will not be able to enjoy myself fully even if I went for an all inclusive mexico vacation, a cruise vacation or any other vacation if I have to care for Baby C during the vacation. We will have to wait until Baby C is a little grown up and hopefully, her Kidney Reflux problem will resolve spontaneously over time.

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Baby C Loves Watching ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCD

It amazes me that Baby C loves watching the ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCDs. Each time the VCD is put on, she will watch with great intent and chuckles on her own when she sees the kids on the VCD in action.

Baby C never fails to smile when she sees Aleka (pic of girl on TV), the daughter of Prof Robert Titzer on TV. Maybe Aleka spots some resemblance to her Alycia cheh cheh and she thinks that Aleka is her cheh cheh?

The VCD can entertain Baby C for at least 15-20 minutes, during which I would have to finish off my shower and do my poopie business hurriedly, as if meeting some life-and-death deadlines lol!

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Apple Juice + Cranberry Juice For Baby C

Our nephrologist said that cranberry juice is good for preventing UTI and even recommended it to Baby C but Baby C hates it coz it’s darn sour! Most of the time, she would almost puke when she drinks the diluted cranberry juice. So what I do now is that I mix some sweet fresh apple juice into the cranberry juice. But she still hates it coz inside the mixture of juice, I add in a capsule of powdered probiotics. It tastes ok but with the powdered stuff inside her juice, I would say it’s yucky too but what choice does she have? She has to eat these yucky stuff in the hope that it can prevent another UTI attack.

That’s how I make apple juice – by grating the apple on a grater. I then sieve the juice and use a dropper to squirt the juice into her mouth.

This brat now knows how to purse her lips so that I can’t squirt in water, medicine or juice into her mouth!

After feeding her the apple+cranberry juice+probiotics, I reward her by letting her suck on an apple and boy, she loves it!

And guess who snapped this pic?  It’s Alycia and it’s her first try in using my digital camera. Not bad huh?

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Tea For Two

We had dinner at Tea For Two @ Bangsar last Friday.  I ordered an oxtail soup which was very tasty.  The meat was very tender and flavorful.  I also had a large bowl of salad with lots of olives, bacon bites and grilled chicken breast.

This restaurant serves Western food and has quite a cosy ambience inside the restaurant. Do check out what other items we ordered here.

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