Apple Juice + Cranberry Juice For Baby C

Our nephrologist said that cranberry juice is good for preventing UTI and even recommended it to Baby C but Baby C hates it coz it’s darn sour! Most of the time, she would almost puke when she drinks the diluted cranberry juice. So what I do now is that IΒ mix some sweet fresh apple juice into the cranberry juice. But she still hates it coz inside the mixture of juice, I add in a capsule of powdered probiotics. It tastes ok but with the powdered stuff inside her juice, I would say it’s yucky too but what choice does she have? She has to eat these yucky stuff in the hope that it can prevent another UTI attack.

That’s how I make apple juice – by grating the apple on a grater. I then sieve the juice and use a dropper to squirt the juice into her mouth.

This brat now knows how to purse her lips so that I can’t squirt in water, medicine or juice into her mouth!

After feeding her the apple+cranberry juice+probiotics, I reward her by letting her suck on an apple and boy, she loves it!

And guess who snapped this pic?Β  It’s Alycia and it’s her first try in using my digital camera. Not bad huh?

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11 thoughts on “Apple Juice + Cranberry Juice For Baby C

  1. Very dedicated mum..willing to make pure apple juice rather than the easy way of getting it off the shelf which is rich in sugar content.

    Clever cheh cher.

  2. Wow that’s a handful, some more using your lap. Maybe you should put her on a seat. It is easier if you got eye contact with her.

    I would suggest to use the dropper on her favorite juices and next on her not so favorite juice…hehehe…try confusing her. πŸ˜›

  3. How I wish my Ryan would suck or bite an apple or any fruits! He doesn’t like fruits at all!He’ll push the fruit and turn his face away.

    Baby C is so adorable! Love her chubby face! Hope she’s doing fine πŸ™‚

  4. hey, i was just reading up on e coli in urine and in blood tests, as my 3 month old daughter just got out of hospital with this, she has had 3 uti’s(with e coli) already and this one now infected blood (with e coli)as well, they did ultrasound on kidney’s but found nothin adnormal, i want them to send her to a kidney specialist so we can get some answers but in stead they want to stick her on antibiotics for 6 months.any suggestions? as im really concerned. ty Ene.

  5. nice shot of mom n baby (thanks to Alycia πŸ˜‰

    okie, back to the subject of taking “new” introduce food or fruits, baby tends to spit out whatever they had because their reflex of pushing the food to the down the throat and they are merely adjusting it and over the time, they will become more expert.

    and bear in mind that babies don’t know what taste good n bad n oso sweet bitter or sour…this is because their taste buds are still developing and please do not spoilt their innocent little taste buds by giving them adult food….heheh

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