Every Reason To Be Thankful

All my 3 kids were expensive babies, with Alycia being the most expensive baby as she was a baby conceived via IUI, a type of artificial insemination.   Sherilyn and Baby C were DIY (do-it-yourself J) babies but they were still expensive coz I took loads of hormone drugs and jabs to sustain the pregnancies and those hormone drugs cost us a fortune.  I am considered very, very lucky that Alycia was conceived after just 1 cycle of IUI, despite all the challenges that hubs and I were facing.  Our fertility specialist is a very careful and patient doctor, who always pays attention to even the minute of details.  Couples who consult this doctor suffer from a whole range of infertility problems ranging from PCOS to endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, low sperm count and in one case, the husband had ED problem and could not take Kamagra as he was also suffering from several medical problems.

Many people have asked me to try for a boy (via sex selection) but I always tell them that I am content with 3 angels.  Moreover, I am not going to go against nature just to get a baby boy and it’s against my principles and religion too.  6 years ago, I was desperate just to get one baby of my own when the chances of getting one seemed so remote then.  Now I have 3 beautiful girls and for this, I have every reason to be really happy and thankful to God for them, though they may drive me bonkers many a times.   

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5 thoughts on “Every Reason To Be Thankful

  1. I have to agree with you Dr. Chung is really a good doc.
    I count my blessing too! From no chance to get pregnant to one try and get twin boys, although I like girls a lot, but two is enough for me.

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